Undying Resolution is LFM Warlocks

We have 2 — myself and another fantastic warlock who will cream me on the meters if I don’t bring my A-game. The officers are looking for a third to fill out our 25man raiding since warlocks appear to be hot right now.

We’re also looking for a feral druid, a windwalker monk, and a shadow priest.

You can read more about our guild at our portal page or you can look through my page for the guild here on Fel Concentration. I try to keep that one updated with all the kills I’m there for, at least. We one-shot Stone Guard on our first time in there as 25man and we’re currently working on Feng, though I hope he topples over soon. Some raiders have been probing the Vaults on 10man and have gotten so far as 4/6 in the few weeks we’ve been in there.


We let our raiders comment on apps, particularly apps of their class. (Be prepared for my brutal honesty on warlock apps.)

We are raiding already in Mogu’shan Vaults, so officers will be looking for that caliber of gear & spec. Some tips based on past apps we’ve had:

  • Gear: Be at least raid-ready at the very least. This means heroic 5man gear, world boss pieces if you’re lucky, crafted gear if you can get it, and LFR gear.
  • Reps: Since we’re in the first tier of the new expansion, officers are looking at reputations to be done. We’re not expecting Exalted with everything, but be doing your part to reach the required Honored/Revered states.
  • Spec: Know it. We’re typically flexible about which spec you’d like to play so long as you can carry your weight or exceed typical expectations.
  • Raid experience: It’s great if you have some past experience, but not totally required. If you have it on other toons than the one you’re apping on, please link those & tell us what for.
  • Logs: Someone will ask you for one, since it’s easy to spout off the latest theorycraft but less so to actually perform it. So log an LFR if you can or give us current logs if you have those.

Raiding details

Days | Wednesday and Thursday nights are the main & required raids, being our 25man nights. We have 10man nights on Sunday and Monday; in early tier it’s likely a progression group, in late tier it’s likely an alt group.

The rest of the week is subjective to guild members doing various activities, but in the past we have done Old World raids on Tuesdays and casual PvP on Fridays or Saturdays.

Time | We’re on the Elune server which operates at Eastern US time and we have many members on the east coast, so we operate on Eastern US time. Raids start at 8pm server, with invites around 7:50-7:55, and end at approximately 11:00pm server, boss pulls cooperating. Scheduled activities can be whenever but they generally follow the pattern of raids, 8-11p.

Loot & Signups | We sign up for raids using an out-of-game calendar, and the officers/raid leads approve members for the raid. We use EPGP as our loot system.

Style of progression | We’re not looking to be server-first or even “hardcore.” I think the general consensus is to see all the content, and heroics if we can, while it is current, but we are always looking to push ourselves further. We finished 8/8 25H in Dragon Soul, and I think we’d like to see that repeated in T14.

As I tend to sum it up: we derp about as much as you can derp during the boss fight but we end up killing it anyway. There are “traditions” of UR to be killing things past the enrage or killing a progression boss with 20-23 people in raid or doing an achievement by accident. If you’re not so forgiving of us not doing it the Correct Way, then maybe we’re not a good fit for you, because we often have to adapt the Everybody Does It This Way strat to our own quirks.

Undying Resolution is LFM Warlocks

One thought on “Undying Resolution is LFM Warlocks

  1. elkagorasa says:

    Sounds wonderful! I’d love to. Just move the start time to 8pm PST, and I’ll be there.. Darn time zones.


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