Making Things

This isn’t a warlock post, but it’s highly relevant to me.

The Oatmeal made it.

I typed a bunch about my thoughts relating to it and how this is how it works with me on Blood Pact and yada yada yada…

You don’t need to hear that. Go read the comic.

Here’s some things I wanted to mention anyway.

I love this quote:

Inspiration is more like food poisoning: it sprays out uncontrollably when you need it the least.

which is why writers tend to carry a pen and some paper or some other means of writing absolutely everywhere. Shower tip: Go get those washable crayons for bathtime for kids that work on bathroom tiles. Regular crayons if you’re a cheapo like me.

The notebook looks a lot like my notebooks, than I have everywhere. Lots of arrows. Lots of random remarks and even “LOL” on things. Underlining. Writing in different directions because I ran out of room on the page but it’s relevant so I can’t just turn the page over. Yep.

This quote:

If you have done all of these things and you still don’t have anything to write about, then you shouldn’t be a writer.

reminds me of this scene from Sister Act 2 (up to 1:32):

Writing is usually the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, so I figure. (Sometimes I think of WoW first. Welp.)

And the comments thing. I have yet to learn that I need to not really read/consider the comments on Blood Pact. But I’m almost out of the funk from the hit post shitstorm.

But I’ll work that one while I work on other self-goals for my writing.

Making Things

2 thoughts on “Making Things

  1. Oh, Pon! What a neat comic link! Thank you for that.

    I totally agree with you and Oatmeal on inspirations and the ups and downs of writing… especially the comments/trolls part. I do not flip over to my old blog much, but I still get notifications for it. Not too long ago, I received a random troll comment on a post I wrote well over 6 months. After all my followers, Twitter, our guildies, my blogging friends, my RL friends – all it took was that one comment to make me feel pretty crumby. 😦

    But we have to steel ourselves, and remember that the trolls do not matter.

    ~ Effy

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