Progression and Recruitment

My guild has reached a milestone where we’ve done heroic content before any nerf and actually been the first 25man guild on our server to hit up heroic content. Of course, there’s plenty of 10man guilds who have beaten the pants off us, but  if you prefer the 25man size, we’re actually pretty good for our schedule now.

We are recruiting! Now that we’re better than when we started out, we’re going to be a bit pickier than before, so here’s some things you might want to know.

What class/specs we want:

  • Ranged DPS: We’re looking for caster deeps, particularly warlocks (!) and (unfortunately) mages.

We are heavy on melee right now, full on our healer complement, and are working on a third/swing tank, but if you think you are awesome, feel free to apply. We’ll take a great player over a specific class.

Some info bits about us:

  • 25-man focus. We have a progression/gearing 10man, but the focus is on the 25man.
  • We’re 2/16 25H, with heroic Stone Guard and heroic Feng kills under our belts.
  • Required raid nights are Wednesday & Thursday, 8-11:00pm server/Eastern.
  • We use an out-of-game raid calendar, from which raid leads will approve 25 to go that week/day.
  • We start raid invites around 7:55pm server, and we usually invite by you whispering a codeword to the raid leader (who invites automatically via an addon). So be online and ready to go.
  • We end raids before or at 11:00pm server most days; it depends on pulls when exactly. Around 9:30pm is our halfway break (10-15min).
  • The guild provides food, pots, and flasks, but as a trial/applicant, bringing your own stuff helps out your app.
  • We use EPGP for loot. We’ve rarely had actual problems with it, and people are actually really generous with passing to help gear others.
  • A few guildmates PvP, but most of us don’t. Our server is heavily Alliance PvE.`

Regarding guild disposition:

  • As I put it: we derp a lot, and still kill things. So be prepared for derping, because it happens. Derpful kills are termed “UR-style kills.” We have had kills where the last member standing was the Greater Earth Elemental and/or our Blood DK.
  • As my GM put it: “we are a rule guild.” We have a lot of rules, but it’s mostly so we’re clear on our expectations and demands.
  • As my raid leader put it: “There’s really only two rules. One, don’t be a dick, both online in raid and offline on Twitter/elsewhere. Two: tell us if you have to leave or whatever.” (I may or may not violate One in offline mode occasionally, but I’m way better than I was.)

I have some tips on applying, particularly to my guild, from watching various applicants come and go.

Have some raid experience:

  • Bring a raid log: chances are, someone will ask for a World of Logs from you. If you have one to show off, bring it! Otherwise, we’ll likely pull you from raidbots.
  • Experience > gear: Even if you’ve taken a break from raiding, if you have past raid logs from Cataclysm or even Wrath, bring them.
  • Name your raiding alts: If you’ve raided on a different character for a while, even with the account-wide achievs active, name which alts you’ve played before & what roles (tanking/DPS/heals). We like to double-check backgrounds on raid progression.
  • Be prepared to explain your stuff. Guildmates are allowed to look at your app and comment on any oddities or differences they see in your app.

But gear is not unimportant:

  • Log out in your intended raiding spec and gear, please, so we can see you properly on the Armory. Even if you mess around with odd talents, please let your Armory reflect how you’re going to approach a general boss fight.
  • We’re moving into heroic modes starting with Mogu’shan Vaults, so while we admire dedication, being dressed in all LFR gear won’t get you very far. Some of the lower geared raiders we have are approximately 490 ilvl, so aim for that.
  • Professions! Be using your bonuses. Cooking is a great bonus, if you can make your own food.
  • I know my GM in particular likes to look at how well you’ve kept up with reputations; it’s a dedication thing but also if there’s good gear to be bought still.

Remember, it’s a 25-man environment:

  • Make sure your computer can handle all the graphical/combat log requirements. Anyone remember shamans + green healy thing on Ultraxion?! You don’t need top-of-the-line, but be able to raid on what you’ve got.
  • There’s more people. Be willing to work with more people, especially if you’re applying for healing. As far as DPS goes, feel free to talk to other raid members or your class or role. When it looked like we were going to get a third warlock, the other warlock and I made a warlock channel so we could all talk to each other during the fight (we whisper each other enough now).

And now, have some pretty progression pictures that I just posted of past kills. You can see other kills on my guild’s page here.

Progression and Recruitment

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