Welcome to 6.0 – Warlock Guides

You might know that I provided the information in Wowhead’s warlock class guide when the boosted 90 feature came out in March. Wowhead came back to me to update the guide for level 100 with some tips for the pre-expac patch.

It’s mostly the same tips, except we obviously don’t have the level 100 talents or some of the balance from Draenor Perks.  The core mechanics are still the same whether you’re level 90 or level 100.

While I’d been writing my own guide (that we’ll see…llllllaaaaterrrrr…) concurrently, the warlock community’s opinions on various things (Which L100 talent? What stat priority? Etc.) recently started to solidify, so I did my best to double-check my advice for the Wowhead guide. It’s possible I still have some slightly incorrect top-end things, as I had to write & commit-to-submit* some things before the other warlock guides were published.

*By “commit-to-submit” I mean I may not have submitted the whole piece yet, but there’s a point where you have to call a section “finished” even though it’s not quite done yet because you don’t have time to both finish it AND completely write another section.

So here it is!

But Pon, you got things WRONG! OK, so tell me nicely & I’ll correct them. If you tell me nastily, I’ll probably still verify & correct them, but you’re still an asshole.

It’s always cool to know where other resources are if you don’t like my windy, wordy ways. The warlock theorycrafting community appears to be split more or less across either the Icy Veins or MMO-Champion forums. The EJ warlock forums have been pretty dead since 5.2. I’m still looking around to see what places pop back into activity with the new expansion.

  • Gahhdo is the main SimC warlock dev (that I know of) and Icy Veins’ Zagam did the Icy Veins guides that have updated for 6.0.2 (aff/demo/destro)
  • Lockybalboa/Zagam/Liquidsteel did stickied affliction/demonology/destruction guides (respectively) on the IV Warlock forums
  • On MMO-C Warlock forums, we have Cabana with the affliction guide and Woz aka @NotsWarlock with the demonology guide. Brusalk is usually the destro go-to on MMO-C forums, but there isn’t a destro stickied guide as of writing.
  • My guide on Wowhead is all three specs in one, but is a more general & condensed version than the above detailed spec guides.

Do you want a transition guide?

What’s Next?

I plan on doing guides for each spec on the level 100 Silver Proving Grounds gating mechanic for random heroic dungeons. I want to do the PGs as faithfully to a new player who just hit level 100 as I can, so I haven’t been doing them as much on beta as I’d like to partially because of the premade PvP gear that the beta experience was assuming you had.

I also had problems finding blocks of time when the servers were also up to do it. But I digress.

I’m of the opinion that just because I am a pure DPS class doesn’t mean that the Proving Grounds can stop at one spec for completion. It’s one thing to spec to complete the hardest of the hard content (e.g. Mythic raid content), but to spec just to complete a simple gating mechanic seems stupid. So while I’ll probably blow through with destro (it’s easiest), I want to do PG guides for all the warlock specs, possibly up to Endless.

“But, Pon” — you say — “Silver is pretty easy! You don’t need a guide!”

True, if you’re the type of player who knows how to find a guide online outside of the game, you probably already have enough smarts in your head to figure out Silver waves without needing a guide.

I’ve never been great at doing bleeding-edge kind of guides where you learn the best of the best way to do things, so I’m going back to what I’m good at and what I enjoy — doing guides for newer warlocks who are stepping up in skill. I plan on doing PG guides per spec that show off what this wave level shows you about your toolkit as a [spec] warlock. For example, Endless as destruction really teaches you about Havoc use.

Another thing I want to do is going back through all the retro raids — again, as each spec with an eye for non-warlocks learning on an alt. This seems like a massive project, and I don’t really have a timeline for it. It’s a thing on the bucket list more than it’s a thing on the project list. One difference is that I plan to take not only my main (fer mounts, duh!) but my quest-greens/boost-90 warlock through to see what you can do with a fresh alt versus the completely decked-out main.

Finally, a lot of vocal followers liked my prose-style gear lists, so I figure I will do those again for fun. I’ll start with heroic dungeon loot & maybe crafted pieces, and then move on to raids/world bosses.

Welcome to 6.0 – Warlock Guides

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