You found a warlock blog!


One that’s written by Megan O’Neill, aka Poneria. Grats?

You can’t kill me for loot, though — I’m friendly. Plus, the warlock columnist curse already tried and failed…twice.

I’ve got the usual About Me page, and you can read my resume of things I’ve written since I started blogging at Fel Concentration. Or you can skip straight to the blog below to read some more current(-ish?) writing. I might write Diablo 3 things.

If you’re looking for a general introductory warlock guide, Wowhead’s Warlock guides for patch 6.2 have been split into the three specs — Affliction, Demonology, Destruction — and the guide has been taken over by Ryndar of US-Sargeras’s Bear Retirement Home.

You found a warlock blog!