Items that are special to me

Every since the wardrobe was announced as a transmogrification feature for Legion, I’ve thought of going through me void storage and banks to see what I would keep and what would eventually get vendored or disenchanted because I just wanted it for its looks.

Then @roxiqt was wondering about special gear items on Twitter, and I’d already answered two things, and wanted to answer more, so here we go. It’s more or less in WoW item history order.


It’s not a gear item, but I got my Warlock-mount Dreadsteed the old way, through the long questline with all the items. TSR helped me out with most of the items at the time, and even did the paladin Charger questline at the same time, so I got to see both questlines before they went away.

I’m a little sad that Gorzeeki Wildeyes isn’t a Warlock class hall NPC for this reason.

Onyxia Scale Cloak

Back on Eonar, I remember that my first guild, <The Scarlet Robes> took me to Ony and then made me an Onyxia Scale Cloak when I hit max level (at the time, 70), even though Onyxia wasn’t really current content anymore. Later, when Onyxia was updated to 10-/25-man in Wrath of the Lich King, we did our first new Ony raid with our original cloaks on.


I got it in an end-of-expansion-so-who-cares run of Sunwell with TSR. It’s a 1H Sword, thus equippable by Warlocks, so I can use it in transmog if I want to. This is mostly the reason I’m annoyed when I can’t get a sword with nice secondary stats in current content (so I can transmog it) and also why I’m mad that for whatever reason, Blizzard won’t let Warlocks transmog between daggers and 1H swords (and wands, but wands are class-specific, so maybe that’s why wands don’t work).

My Felguard’s second cosmetic weapon option is usually Apolyon, because it looks closest to Muramasa while being wieldable through the minor glyph by my Felguard.


This cloak was the first “raid-ready” item I made for myself, and it’s also one of the cloaks I actually like wearing as a transmog because of its design.

Abyssal Bag

This soul shard bag was first thing that was not wearable that I saved up cooldowns to make for myself. I was rather upset when it got converted from 32 slots to 22 slots in Cataclysm when soul shards as items went away.

Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole

I love to fish. I even wrote about it sometimes when my guild really hated to do it. I still fish with this specific fishing pole, because I worked to get the reputation to get this pole, and I’ve done most of my for-the-hell-of-it fishing with it.

“of the Nightfall” + the Twilight Drake

Again, not an actual gear item, but “of the Nightfall” was the first title I really ever chased, because as an Affliction Warlock I thought it fit perfectly. The drake was the first raid-drop mount I really wanted, simply because it was blue and more or less guaranteed. I would later go on to want really badly the Azure drake (from Malygos), which I eventually got expansions later.

Quel’delar, Lens of the Mind

I got Quel’delar with TSR by joining a guild group that was trying to farm the sword. I just joined to help, but they let me roll, and I surprisingly won the roll! As I’d joined WoW just as Sunwell came out, I never really got to see the Burning Crusade instances except in really fast-paced retro raid runs where I was easily lost. Getting to do Quel’delar meant I could go at my own pace and opened me up to more retro soloing options (other than dungeons, which I’d been doing to learn how to tank).

Gunship Captain’s Mittens

I got these from Gunship, obviously, but they’re special because of what happened after I got the item.

I’d just transferred to Elune after my Eonar guild split, I was in this new guild, I’d never really progression-raided before, my computer was shitty on the graphics, … I was basically a little newbie to serious raiding and had no friends on Elune outside Lissanna (of Restokin), who had recruited me there through blogging/Twitter. A shadow priest in the guild offered to enchant my gloves right there, and then challenged me to a DPS race on the next boss, Saurfang.

I didn’t beat him, of course, but the race was thrilling and it felt really good to see someone have confidence in me and push me to my better limits in a fun way when I was previously afraid or too unsure of them myself.


This was the dagger from Magmaw that evaded me for almost the entire tier. I swear I was the last one in my current guild (<Undying Resolution> on Elune) to get it at the time. It always dropped when I wasn’t there or when I didn’t have the loot system priority for it, and never when I would have guaranteed gotten it.

Nevertheless, I did pretty good damage without it, so it helped prove to myself that I’m good regardless of important gear or even crappy class balance.

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest

I got to be my guild’s only Dragonwrath in Firelands. So I got to do a legendary when it was current and that was awesome. I wrote about the journey that lasted the entire tier, here.

I use Dragonwrath a lot in Timewalking, and I’ve carried it around in my bags ever since Firelands because who doesn’t want to occasionally mount up as a pretty blue dragon?

Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps

So in Dragon Soul, UR had ridiculous luck in looting Gurthalak from Madness of Deathwing. By “ridiculous” I mean, we started as a joke handing one out to every Hunter we had (it’s “Hunter loot,” right?), but then we kept getting more, so we ended up just handing out Gurths to random raiders, including healers, just because. To top it all off, we couldn’t get a Warrior — the class that had Gurth as its BiS — to stick with us at all; every app fell through in some way or another. And, to make matters funnier, every time a Warrior was in raid with us when we killed Madness, Gurth refused to drop.

So I have Gurthalak, and you see it mostly when my Felguard is out.

Items that are special to me

2 thoughts on “Items that are special to me

  1. Your experience with Incineratus mirrors mine with Legacy, a 2H axe that dropped in Kara. Even though Hunters can no longer equip the item, I’ve hung on to it, because I was *convinced* it didn’t exist until it finally dropped near the end of the BC expansion.

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