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World of Warcraft I still main my first toon, a warlock, since just before Sunwell (early 2008). You can read about my toons and my raiding guild elsewhere on my blog.

Diablo III The first toon I play and gear up is often a witch doctor, though I will likely have one of everything to 70. Before Reaper of Souls I had one of everything to 60 in softcore and had just gotten my hardcore WD to 60. I’m going to try for a 70 sextet on both cores, now. I got D3 with the Annual Pass and have been a casual player of it since.

Starcraft II I’m still learning how to play this. I’m not very good. I like to play with people more than playing with the campaign.

Guild Wars 2 I occasionally play this. My favored character depends, but my highest is a human necromancer. I mostly play this for the jumping puzzles and vistas. My GW2 tag thing is Poneria.2930.

Steam I’ve played Skyrim, Trine/Trine 2, Portal, and Bastion, but never finished any of them.

As Player

I’m Megan O’Neill, though I usually go by my warlock’s name Poneria when it comes to WoW-related stuff that doesn’t require a real name. My actual in-game toon has it spelled differently because of a name conflict when I transferred years ago to my current server. I haven’t felt like fighting to get my name back from an AFK DK. @slowpoker came from a nickname college friends gave to me.

I have social anxiety and depression, and WoW has helped me work on that along the way, so WoW and the friendships in it are very important to me. I’ve raid-led numerous alt runs before as a bear, both in Wrath of the Lich King and in Catalcysm, but now I just continue to main my warlock in a 25-man guild. I also happen to help on things like raid strats or being a marker/caller-outer for raids. I was my guild’s Dragonwrath, and I am a founding member of my guild. I’ve only ever been in 2 other guilds, so guild commitment is important as well to me.

I’ve written a couple of pages if you want to read more about my guild or my personal raiding history.

The Blog

I technically started Fel Concentration at the back end of December 2009. There was already a “Dark Pact” blog out there, so I went with another now-defunct affliction talent called Fel Concentration that reduced pushback when casting spells. It sounded cool, but I would hope my writings here help push back against frustrations when playing a warlock.

From my WoW beginnings in Feb 2008 to Cataclysm, I loved affliction and often played it exclusively in raid content. In late Dragon Soul and Mists of Pandaria I played more demonology and destruction. I can play demonology decently, but I’m not a total fan of the spec. I currently prefer destruction’s playstyle, as I feel affliction has fallen to spam sin.

If you want to know what’s up with all the colors, here’s an old why. As I started writing for WoW Insider, I’ve toned down my quantity of color use. I’m now using more images and formatting (bold, italics, etc.) to break up text than colorful text.

As of July 2012: Links are purple (except that), with just orange for textual highlights.
I changed my blog theme again, so links are blue (this link doesn’t go anywhere) and various bolded or thematic stuff is a fel green color.
I went back to purple, OK.