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Last updated: 4 Jan 2015

Undying Resolution is a Heroic/Mythic raiding guild on US-Elune (Alliance), founded 30 Sept 2010. We aim to complete content (all Heroic modes) while content is current; Mythic modes are extra fun if we can push ourselves there. We’re not interested in server-firsts; we aim to finish at the very least, even if it’s the last day of the tier.

We seek positive, relaxed, mature players who will come to raid prepared to kick internet dragon ass on a 2-day weekly basis: Wednesdays &Thursdays, 8pm-11pm Eastern (US) time (which also happens to be server time!). We occasionally run old raids, dungeons, or do PvP in small groups, but we’re mainly all here to raid.

Our co-guildmasters are Ranico and Mindalen, and our officers include Lissanda and Zweibella. You can find us on Twitter at @UR_Guild or via Poneria’s guildmate list.

You can always find our updated recruitment needs on our guild homepage. If you’ve already talked to a guild member about applying or if you think you are exceptional, you can skip straight to applying on our guild forums.

— (T17) 7/7 N, 5/7 H Highmaul
— (T17) n/a Blackrock Foundry

– (T16) 12/14 25H Siege of Orgrimmar, pre-6.0; 14/14 M patch 6.0
– (T15) 5/13 25H Throne of Thunder
– (T14) 4/6 25H Mogu’shan Vaults + 6/6 25N Heart of Fear + 4/4 25N Terrace of the Endless Spring
– (T13) 8/8 25H Dragon Soul + 3x Fangs of the Father (Cataha, Trusker, Djent)
– (T12) 1/7 25H Firelands + 1x Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest (Ponerya)
– (T11) 6/6 25N Blackwing Descent + 4/4 25N Bastion of Twilight + 2/2 25N Throne of the Four Winds
– (T10) 11/12 25N Icecrown Citadel

Here are some kill screenshots of older tiers that I took. Not all kills are necessarily pictured here.


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