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Naming Scheme

When I first created my warlock, I grabbed a book off my desk to think of a name, since I like meanings in names rather than randomly generated names.  The book was my Ancient Greek textbook, and I flipped to the dictionary in the back.  Ever since then, I’ve used Anglicized phonetic version of Greek words that usually have something to do with the purpose or spec of the toon.


Poneria | alias Ponerya | Armory
nick Pon / Pone | πονηρια — wickedness
Affliction Addiction

Pon has been my first and main ever since Feb 2008.  I’ve played her as affliction ever since then, dipping into destro and demo seriously recently in Cataclysm.  My first toons are often made as alter egos to myself, so she is human and looks like me.  Except, she was rolled as Forsaken originally!  It was just that my IRL friend who got me into WoW played Alliance.

The majority of my raiding experience has been on Pon first and most often.  In Wrath, I raided on Ama and Pon interchangeably, but upon ICC, I found that I love my warlock more, so I prioritize her first.

When I moved from Eonar to Elune, there was apparently already a “Poneria” on Elune, so her in-game name is spelled Ponerya.  I’m too lazy to ask for a change back as I’m pretty sure Elune’s original Poneria is never coming back and/or is deleted by now.  I still spell it with an ‘i’ outside of game and when referring to my toon/myself.

Amadruada | Armory
nick Ama | αμαδρυαδα — druidess
Fulltime Feral (Bear preferred)

Ama was my first alt, and I leveled her with the help of heirlooms, 1-80, in a month.  She was originally leveled as cat, with the intent to become a tree druid upon hitting 80.  While Ulduar was out, the guild was doing a Naxx 10m, and they needed a third punching bag tank so the OT could handle the zombies.  Ever since then, Ama has had a bear spec.  She was resto through Wrath, and turned her resto spec into cat to become fulltime feral once Xeny was leveled up.

I enjoy her thoroughly as a bear druid, and my bear is often the 2nd thing to gear up after my warlock, to the point of almost concurrently (if partially a tier behind) with my warlock.  I consider Ama to be an almost-main, or a main-alt.

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I have many. 🙂 I tend to be faction-monogamous on servers; that is, I’ll go all Alliance or all Horde.  I love questing and primarily level through questing. I have also gotten into the idea of PvE twinking.  Listed are ones I’ve played a chunk of time on or still play.

Elune is my main server, and thus most of my alts are there. Ursin & Drenden are servers where I have social alts in other Twitter peeps’ guilds. Feathermoon I tried to RP on. Eonar was my original server. Zangarmarsh is where the WoW Insider-hosted It Came From The Blog events are done.

The table is my alts, levels and specs, and what their name means in Greek (or other purpose).

Xenychte, 85 moonkin/tree “night owl”
Charama, 85 holy/ret “dawn”/”aurora”
Machairi, 85 combat/subtlety “knives”
Muala, 85 arcane/frost “mind”/”brains”
Chobole, 85 destro/aff “ember”
Eremia, 70s beastermastery “wilderness”
Piste, 40s disc/holy “faith”
Erinya, 85 fury/prot Erinyes = the Furies
Tsekouri, 85 enh/resto “axes”
Panoukla, 60s blood/unholy “disease”
Sphaira, 85 shadow/disc “bubble”
Emmone, 10s beastmastery “persistence”
Astrape, 85 ele/resto “lightning”
Toxabele, 40s beastmastery “bows” = “arrows”
Elenni, 70s subtlety “bubble”
Poneria, <10 warlock toon for It Came From The Blog events

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