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My writing is important to me. I’ve been doing it since at least elementary school, whether it was fiction, roleplay, school essays, poetry, or game guides for myself and others. I’ve also grown over the years I’ve been writing, and I’ve even gotten paid for some of it.

This is a resume of sorts of stuff I’ve written. Since this is a World of Warcraft blog, most of these deal with WoW, though I won’t restrict the list in the future to that.


Blizzard Watch, Contributor
February 2015 – Present

Blizzard Watch is the reborn WoW Insider.

I currently write two Warlock columns (Blood Pact) a month. From April to October 2015 I wrote a weekly Diablo 3 column. I also occasionally write news topics.

Find me there:

Fel Concentration, Personal WoW blog
March 2014 – Present

I still occasionally write at my warlock blog when I wish to publish WoW content that doesn’t relate to a current job. I might also write Diablo 3 stuff.


Warlords of Draenor Official Strategy Guide, Contributor
July 2014 – October 2014
Published November 13, 2014

I was approached by then-Brady Games, now-Prima Games to write the warlock section of the official strategy guide, led by Anne Stickney who was familiar to me as a senior contributor/editor from WoW Insider.

I covered the class from the perspective of someone brand new to the game, or perhaps coming back after an extended absence. I wrote from compiled experience from the Warlords of Draenor beta as well as information from the developing theorycrafting and player feedback. I finished writing around early October 2014 before the release of the pre-expansion patch onto live realms, though the guide wasn’t to be published until the release of Warlords on November 13, 2014.

The section is nearly 10,000 words, though some words are tooltip information from Wowhead or in-game tooltips.

Prima Games link:

Amazon link:

Wowhead, Contributed text for Level 100 Warlock guide
October 2014

I updated the warlock class guide for level 100s in Warlords of Draenor, along with a section for pre-expansion patch 6.0 level 90 content.

Closer to 3000 words were written this time around. Like the previous level 90 version, the guide is informal and heavily bulleted, written with brevity in mind.


Final Boss TV, Episode summary writer
Sentry Totem, Contributor
March 2014 – July 2014

I compiled my notes on the live stream with show notes to highlight points in each episode of the “WoW Endgame Raiding Show.” Episodes generally consisted of a thematic topic (e.g., a certain class & spec) with two special guests in an interview Q&A format. Occasionally the show spotlighted community members or took part in longer & more concentrated interviews with Blizzard developers regarding alphas, betas, or patches on the public test realm (PTR).

I joined the show to write the summary for “Episode #32: The Wrath of Retribution” and wrote up to “Episode #48: Sentry Totem!”. In April, I contributed my summaries to Sentry Totem as part of a partnership between Sentry Totem and Final Boss TV.

Episode summaries are typically 200-300 words each, with community spotlights sometimes reaching 1000 words and developer interviews reaching 2000+ words.


Wowhead, Contributed text for Boosted 90 Warlock guide
March 2014

As the boosted 90 service for World of Warcraft went live, Wowhead and other sites prepared basic guides to playing a class at level 90 (max level at the time of publication). I contributed information in text form for a warlock guide with all three specs aimed at the brand new warlock alt, primarily for PvE content.

Approximately 2000 words were written for the guide. The guide is informal and heavily bulleted, written with brevity in mind.


WoW Insider, Contributing columnist
March 2012 – March 2014

I wrote a weekly column on warlocks, mostly applicable to PvE content on all three specs. I researched specs and new patches as best I could and wrote various guides for different areas of play. Some non-guide columns were written as informative coverage of patch notes, while others attempted to show off a topic through fun narrative.

Occasionally I wrote non-warlock topics in the form of shorter articles for the site in general.

The warlock column was typically 1000-1500 words, though I sometimes went over the suggested maxmium. Shorter one-off articles were 750 words or less.

Despite beating the warlock columnist curse, I was the last warlock columnist for the site as the class columns were canceled due to budget cuts. You can see all my posts at WI, or you can look at some of my favorites and statistics under my time with the column.

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Go Mog Yourself, Contributor
February 2012

After transmogrification debuted in World of Warcraft, I contributed some of my sets to a player-organized blog of transmogs.

Posts feed:

Fel Concentration (early blogging)
December 2009 – March 2012

Before I started writing semi-professionally, I wrote my own blog about warlocks or whatever was going on in my gaming life. I largely consider this section of the blog to be less mature than my more recent writing.

My past entries are under the “Uncategorized” tag, or also located by using the archives in the sidebar.



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