My Dragonwrath

After finishing my legendary, I took a look back through my screenshots.  Five months before, we’d begun Firelands and the legendary process; the night before Patch 4.3 dropped, we finished the legendary.  To be fair, I was the third choice and recipient for the Eternal Embers (the first collection step), and as our first two choices left the server or game, it took me a fair bit to catch up (September / October is when I really started).  Regardless, a lot of hard work and perseverance — through progression hurdles and the attendance boss — went into making the legendary & tier happen.

The reason the pictures are so huge is I was contemplating making a new banner from my legendary equipment.  I’ve decided to keep my old one, but kept the pictures as sort of a gallery-story or a comic I guess.  To help with loading, the 76 pictures (!) are divided into 8 pages of 10 max pictures each.  I also can’t label things properly (I forgot 46-49), so rather than deal with a headache of reordering everything, page 5 is just shorter.  Each page is made of just pictures, and I’ve included the previous & next pages at the top and bottom for better navigation.

Intro | Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6 | Page 7 | Page 8

Some of the pictures deal with Firelands progression, some are just goofy, and some deal with the legendary.  It all goes in order.   Below I’ve separated out the pages with their content dates (pulled from the screenshots I used) and what’s going on in each, in case anyone is interested.

Table of Contents

All of July + First Half of August
Shannox 25
Rhyolith 25 progression
Occuthar 25
Rhyolith 25

Second Half August
Beth’tilac 25
Baleroc 10
Alysrazor 10
Baleroc 25
Majordomo 10

Most of September
Baleroc 25
Alysrazor 25
Ragnaros 10 progression

Last Week of September
Ragnaros 10
Branch of Nordrassil
Legendary Cinematic (Emergency Extraction)

First Week of October
Legendary Cinematic (Emergency Extraction)
Heroic Shannox 25
Ragnaros 25 progression
Not an Ambi-Turner

Half of October
Share the Pain
Ragnaros 25 progression
Ragnaros 25

Other Half of October + Most of November
Legendary Cinematic (Alignment)
Runestaff siphoning
Hallow’s End Costume Contest
Avengers of Hyjal
Almost finished with the Legendary

Last Days of Patch 4.2 
Just Rag left
Turning it in
Owner of Dragonwrath


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