Felpuppy Love

So…since Blizz buffed the felpuppy, I’ve been using him more instead of the imp.  Except in certain cases like Keristrazsa where he dies in the first few seconds because the AI doesn’t jump.

Seriously, Blizz needs to fix that. Or at least let all pet-owning classes get an instant-cast summon pet spell like the DK’s.  It’s really retarded when I get chewed out for not dpsing trash due to having to summon my idiot felhound for the billionth time.

So, I finally decided to give up Dark Pact and go for Improved Felhound.  I’m trying this spec out in my 1st random (UK) and it’s cool, but my stupid Life Tap buff Power Aura wouldn’t show up.  I was about to ask for a sec to /reloadui but then I realized…I forgot the glyphs.

>.< /facepalm And go figure, there were no Glyphs of Life Tap anywhere to be found on the AH.  Luckily, a guildy did a mats to glyph trade via the gbank for me.  So now my armory’s stuck with two 56/0/15 affliction specs.  I swear they’re different!

What I miss from my old spec (which I’ve had since the beginning of 80, practically)?  Dark Pact. I press (-) too much and then realize I should stop Health Funneling to a 100% health pet.  Yayyyyy keybinds.  Also, I feel like I have to LT more.  It annoys me. Every other rotation or something, life tapping, even when I have 20s left on the glyph buff.  With the 2/2 Imp. Life Tap…you could basically go the whole 40s and be okay mana-wise.

Felpuppy Love

Nibuca pwns & other link love

Forget whatever I was about to do with my Affliction Lock Endgame Basics thing.  Nibuca at Mystic Chicanery just completely owns affliction warlocking and said everything better in just one post.

Though I might post a “raiding etiquette” or something, concerning warlocks.  I’ve been told I’m a good warlock by guild healers as opposed to other warlocks who life tap at odd times or whatever “not so cool” things they do.  Unless Nibuca just completely pwns that category too.

There’s been a string of awesome WoW blogposts I’m read recently.  Before I spam the trackbacks field, here’s my favorite of late:

  • Brajana’s perfect post about GS.  Honestly, THIS is how GS should be used.  Don’t blame the addon for idiots, please.
  • Miss Medicina’s right again: standing up when you did bad.
  • Ironically, I think Miss Medicina and some others got trolled by a goblin when the Spitfire post came out on World of Matticus.  But she posted this just before the fire sparked.
  • A friendly reminder from Lissana about account security after a guild hacking.  My guild got hacked several times in a row, all with officer who had access to a fair chunk of the guild bank.  We’ve even watched hacks-in-progress online.  Fortunately, it was before the care package requirement and people managed to get their stuff and the guild’s stuff back.  But go get a keyfob or app if you can.
  • Tam explains against WoW “addiction.” This really struck me since I had to essentially do the same thing and completely give up on a friendship because she degraded my WoW friends/guildies over my “real” friends.  Friends are friends, to me.
  • The Guildwatch column, now called “The Classifieds,” at WoW.com is now dramaless! Honestly, with all the group hate and distrust that 3.3 suddenly brought out of the shadows, I’m ecstatic about this.  Yeah, the drama column was kind of cathartic in a way, but I’m glad it’s gone.  Especially loving the shout-outs for awesome pugs at the end!
  • Raiding is band class all over again!  Angelya plays the cello, I play the clarinet, but we both agree.  I particularly learned from band class that you may not hear the clarinet’s particular voice, but without it, the trumpets sound all brassy and rough (and half of them didn’t know the part without us, anyway).  You don’t need to stand out to help the group succeed or fail, raiding or orchestra.
  • If Cass ever finishes all the not-in-game instance maps this way, I might just ditch Atlas once and for all.

Some of the comments on these posts are also excellent in advice or pure opinion.  I try to read all the comments on posts, especially since other WoW bloggers I like read each others’ blogs.  Yeah, sometimes, like on the WoM Spitfire post, it takes about 2 hrs to read them all, but it’s worth it most of the time.  Happy reading! 🙂

Nibuca pwns & other link love

ALEB: Talents & Glyphs

About & Resources

This post is part of my Affliction Lock Endgame Basics (ALEB) series.  These are my choices on talents & glyphs for affliction warlocking at level 80.  I’ve seen variations, but I’ve tried to pick out what I believe are the core talents every affliction warlock should have, and then I’ll explain some of the optional ones I’ve taken or others have taken.  The major glyphs are practically unanimous in the affylock community, and the minor glyphs are unanimously a joke for the most part.

If you’d like to see other warlocks’ perspectives and advice on talents & glyphs, check out these: Killing Them Slowly (Fulgaris), Mystic Chicanery (Nibuca).


I rock deep affliction with shadow bolt support from destruction.  I’ve rocked this spec since I was leveling, and I have barely changed it since I broke 80.  Click the picture to see it bigger.  The green boxes signify what I think are the important or core talents of affliction raiding.  The purple boxes show talents I’ve taken or have seen taken, because they’re useful but you had a couple of points left to throw around.  There’s also glyphs in the picture (since I screenshotted the WowHead Talent Calculator), but I’ll discuss those later.  For those who can’t see the picture for whatever reason, here’s a link to the WHTC I used.

Talents - AffyLock

Important Talents:

  • Aff Tier 1 — All: Improved Curse of Agony buffs the “damage” curse affliction locks use; the other curse we like to use is Curse of the Elements, which helps all spellcasters on the target.  Suppression is important because it decreases the amount of hit rating you need on your gear to reach the hit cap.  Improved Corruption is just one buff of many to the staple spell of affliction.
  • Aff Tier 2 — Imp DS & SS: This tier tricks out Drain Soul for you.  Improved Drain Soul helps your mana if you use it as a finishing move on even trash and it reduces our ridiculously generated threat by a chunk.  Soul Siphon ups Drain Soul from a mere utility spell (shard generation) to a real damaging spell by buffing it according to however many Affliction buffs you have on the target.
  • Aff Tier 3 — Amplify Curse: This is the only useful spell in this tier for PvE action.  It means you can cast other things faster because your GCD for your curse is smaller.
  • Aff Tier 4 — Nightfall & Emp. Corr: Nightfall is the warlock version of the shammy Elemental Mastery.  Your Corruption ticks can proc an instant Shadow Bolt, which is awesome.  Empowered Corruption increases the spellpower coefficient of your Corruption: aka, more oomph per point of spellpower.
  • Aff Tier 5 — Sh. Emb. & SL: Shadow Embrace is a twice-stacking debuff applied by Haunt & Shadow Bolt that buffs all your shadow DoT damage on the target.  Siphon Life used to be a spell by itself, but is now a passive part of Corruption.  It drains health back to you as Corruption damages the target.  This is an excellent tool for soloing, but also gives warlocks a unique edge in helping out healers.
  • Aff Tier 6 — Shadow Mastery: This is a straight buff to your shadow spells and a bit of a buff to the Felhunter minion.  Rumor has it Blizzard is trying to bring back the felpuppy as the token affliction pet.
  • Aff Tier 7 — Erad. & Contg.: Eradication is amazing when it procs; when it does, this is a cue for you to spam Shadow Bolts, since even with moderate haste, you can see cast times under 2s.  Contagion is a buff to Corruption, Seed of Corruption, and Curse of Agony, and also provides the PvP dispell resist.
  • Aff Tier 8 — Malediction: This used to be a buff to others on only the Curse of Elements spell, but it’s now a straight buff to your spell damage and spell crit.
  • Aff Tier 9 — All: Death’s Embrace helps you out when your health is low, but it’s taken more because of the execute phase it defines.  At 35% target health, all your shadow spells do more damage.  Unstable Affliction is a staple DoT in the affliction rotation, as well as a powerful PvP spell if dispelled.  Pandemic is crit-ical (/groan): it allows Corr and UA ticks to crit, and it lets Haunt crit for twice the damage.
  • Aff Tier 10 — Everlasting Affliction: EA gives your Corruption infinite life while you work your rotation.  This is especially important if your take the Quick Decay glyph, since moderate haste could allow Corr to fall off if you didn’t have the arsenal of refreshing spells.
  • Aff Tier 11 — Haunt: This is the other talent-gained spell in the affliction rotation.  It buffs your shadow damage on the target as long as its debuff is applied and in tandem with Siphon Life, its heal offsets your Life Tap health drops.
  • Destro Tier 1 — All: Improved Shadow Bolt buffs the SB spell, since it’s one of the only non-Affliction tree spells you will use.  Bane makes casting SB less time-consuming.
  • Destro Tier 3 — Ruin: This is Destro’s Pandemic: it allows your SB (and the imp’s FB) to crit for twice the normal damage.

Optional Talents:

  • Aff Tier 2 — Improved Life Tap: I’ve taken this because it buffs the mana I get from Life Tap.  Less LTing means more SBing for me.
  • Aff Tier 3 — Fel Concentration: Despite being my blog’s name, this talent is useless in PvE.  However, I’ve seen PvP warlocks take it.
  • Aff Tier 6 — Improved Felhunter: Blizzard is trying to bring back the felpuppy as the affliction token pet; this talent buffs your Felhunter a bit.  If you use the FH a lot, it’s a good talent; however, I find the FH dies too much to party/raid damage for these 2 points to be useful to me.
  • Aff Tier 7 — Dark Pact: This lets you steal your pet’s mana instead of your own.  Prime use is with a phase imp buffed with Blessing of Wisdom, so you have your own regenerative, reusable mana pot.  Dark Pact will also proc the Life Tap glyph buff, which I find handy when healers have their hands full or a big party/raid-wide damage is incoming.
  • Demo Tier 1 — Imp. HS & Dem. Emb. & Fel Syn: Improved Healthstone buffs the amount of health returned by using a healthstone; this is a utility talent that other classes like.  Demonic Embrace increases your Stamina, which is important for survivability, but it’s also a buff to your mana pool through Life Tap.  Fel Synergy makes more sense since, as suggested by KoalaBear21, heals your pet for a portion of the damage you do.  Good stuff for those felpuppies who stubbornly stand in whatever AoE is behind the boss.  I’m too lazy to redo the picture right now–it’s the far-right one on tier 1.
  • Destro Tier 2 — Cataclysm: I took this once as throwaway talent points; it takes off a tiny bit of mana for using Shadow Bolt or Rain of Fire.  It’s a negligible difference for Shadow Bolt, but Rain of Fire, as typical AoE spells do, uses a massive chunk of mana.
  • Destro Tier 4 — Destructive Reach: Some warlocks take this in tandem with affliction’s Grim Reach to increase the range of all spells to 40 yds.  I think it’s mostly taken for the threat reduction on Destro spells, however.


The WowHead Talent Calculator also lets you pick glyphs, and it awesomely lists the description of the glyph along with what main talent tree the glyph affects.  Here’s a screenshot of the affliction major glyphs (QD hasn’t yet been classified as affliction, but it is). Click for the bigger picture.

Affliction Major Glyphs

The three you want to take are Quick Decay, Haunt, and Life Tap.  The Glyph of Haunt is a straight buff to Haunt’s debuff, which itself buffs your shadow damage on the target.  The Glyph of Life Tap gives you almost a second Fel Armor buff for 40 seconds.  All ranks of Life Tap and Dark Pact can trigger this buff, so it’s not uncommon for a warlock to use Life Tap (Rank 1) at the beginning of a fight.   The Glyph of Quick Decay applies your haste to your Corruption ticks.  You get faster ticks, which is more damage per second in the long run.  For more information on how QD works, revisit my post on the glyph.

The minor glyphs available for warlocks are more or less a joke.  Only Drain Soul is moderately useful: a small proc chance of generating two shards instead of just one off a Drain Soul tick.  The rest, well…just pick two more or leave them blank.  I picked Souls & Unending Breath: the former because at least I would use it and the latter because I’m lazy and wanted a hilarious “useful” buff to cast on people as thanks for casting a buff on me.

Questions & Comments?

As always, I welcome constructive criticism, question, suggestions, and opinions from other affy locks out there–new or old. 🙂  This post is currently updated for Patch 3.3.0a.

ALEB: Talents & Glyphs

Affliction Lock Endgame Basics

Kergguz is just starting out and, by the looks of it, he has barely a clue to some of it (which is perfectly OKAY) and wants to find out more.  WowWiki does a nice job in the class pages (“Starting a Warlock,” “What Warlocks Want New Warlocks To Know,” etc.), but it doesn’t have all the min/maxing that you can get out of Elitist Jerks, if you can find it in there.  EJ is a great resource, but their organization of information honestly sucks.  You have to end up reading through pages and pages of posts to get anywhere because the top post was getting updated but stopped back in May ’08, because it was originally posted a year or two ago and they decided to just keep going.  Or it’s just one giant megathread of every subtopic possible in one spec, and you just want to know one thing about one spell or piece of gear or rotation quirk.  It’s daunting, to say the least, to wade through all of that for one answer.  When you finally find what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance the material is not current anymore.  I’m still trying to learn some of the theorycrafting mechanics, but it’s kind of hard to do when their compendium on theorycrafting is half-stuck in the BC era thinking 70 is the level cap and wtf is Haunt.

So I’ll post a series that covers some basics of playing an affliction lock in the endgame, maybe a little min/maxing, for the new affliction warlock in the current patch.  This is, of course, pulled from my experience and playing style, so it’s not the only way nor THE way to do things.  Think of it more as my personal advice to new affliction locks.  I’ll link back to this post and fill in these links as I write them:

Opinions & constructive criticism are welcome in comments or in email, from new or from old locks.

Affliction Lock Endgame Basics

Gear Jerks, Part 2

Need, Greed, and DE

As an enchanter myself, I was originally annoyed that enchanters would be outted in a group by the DE button. On my warlock enchanter I used to not say anything, take the items I luckily greeded and DE’d them later.  Once I was outted as a DE’r in the previous LFG system, it was like I got to have these mats waved in my face as I DE’d them and then watch them be given away, even if it was a fair roll that won it.  Enchanting is a profession that requires other people to help me get my raw materials, and it felt both right and wrong that I’d give away these raw materials to those people who helped me.  But I’ve tried it, and frankly, it’s a lot easier. Especially since most people aren’t needing things from UK or VH or HoL, unless they’re new, and then it goes to good use.  And Abyssal Shatter?  Holy crap, the amount of dust and essence I get from that is amazing.  When I run out of mats I…go LFG some more. To get more abyss crystals.  Which helps out people who want emblems, people who want abyss crystals for Berserking, and newly dinged 80s who want gear.  Win-win, I think.  I love the DE system now.

The Need & Greed/DE are apparently the problems.  People who can wear more than one armor class are annoyed they can’t roll on clear upgrades because it’s not the highest armor class.  They propose switching to a Main Spec / Off Spec / DE system OR letting Greed not share the same level as disenchanting.

That’s dumb.  Don’t be a lazy tard, but look up what upgrades for you drop in a dungeon and ask if people will pass before the party gets started killing things.  Really, is it so hard to do?  If it’s a regular instance and somebody is vying for a piece you also are, offer to run it again so you both can get it.  It happened all the time in ToC5 pugs because of the Black Heart or Mercy’s HoldAnd people were nice about it! People would talk it out while rolling.  Yes, the others who had no interest would pass if there was a DE’r present or roll greed if there wasn’t.  Which becomes a problem now if you are stuck not being able to Need something.  But…dude…you waited through all this trash and after the first boss before saying something?  I might feel bad for DE’ing something you could have used, but I don’t feel horrible since you didn’t give any heads up that you wanted something.

When you ask for people to pass on a lower armor class for you, ask for a specific item.  A resto shammy saying, “Hey, pass all leather/cloth pieces so I can look at them” is just begging for a ninja label. What, you want me to pass so at the last minute you can roll need/greed?  PFFFFFFFFFFT.

My Comments on Comments

Also, some of my thoughts on some comments from BBB’s thread:

Myrx:  * Make it impossible to vote-kick between the time that a boss fight starts, and the time that all loot from that boss is distributed.

This is a good idea. I personally haven’t been kicked or part of a kicking effort during a boss fight.  I think I was in a group that kicked a guy because he zoned in afk and continued to be afk for five minutes.  But there are nasty stories going on about being kicked like this.  I can’t yet find a flaw within this.  Readers, can you?

Myrx: * Allow toons with higher armor grades (Plate or Mail) to roll need on items of lower armor grades – but ONLY if a) it fits their current main spec, b) there are no toons present and rolling need who can only wear cloth (or leather, etc.).

He’s using his resto shammy as an example.  Point A has one major flaw: out of combat, you can change your spec.  So say an enhancement shammy contributes to killing a boss and notices a nice cloth healing piece drops.  He switches his spec to his resto healing set, and thus can roll need, because it’s now his MAIN SPEC.  And then he can beat out the priest or warlock or mage or whichever clothy actually wanted and could have used it in the spec they were performing.

You can’t make it so that you’re in combat while looting or just before looting, because then how will you resurrect people who die?  A delay in changing your spec, maybe?  Doesn’t sound really plausible to implement.  The game takes notice of your “main spec” as that which you enter the fight as?  I could see people starting the spec-switching cast just before entering combat as somebody else pulls.  Unless entering combat could break the cast.

Point B has its problem too. What if you have an Enh shammy with a resto off-spec rolling against a Resto shammy who healed the fight?  No toons of the cloth or leather restricted are present, so they both roll if the Enh switched into Resto for the loot roll?  So the Main Spec Resto shammy can lose a healing piece to an Off Spec Resto shammy.

I think this could be solved better and more permanently by walking in saying, “Hey, I could use Tattered Glacial-Woven Hood for my resto set.  If it drops, will you guys please pass if you don’t need it?” than lazily relying on game mechanics to fix people’s manners for you.

Ninja looting is not a disease of the game.  It’s a disease of every game.  Why?  Because it’s a disease festered and spread by people, not by programming.  Treating the game but not the people doesn’t solve anything.  It’s like needing on Frozen Orbs.  I greed.  Even as I watch you needing it like a jerk, I’m pressing greed.  Blizzard can’t “fix” it by defaulting Frozen Orbs to Greed, because then you WOULD see people being kicked just before the Orb gets looted.  And then what, Orbs just won’t drop at all.  Because the children won’t play nicely with each other.

Play nicely, people.  That’s all the game really needs to be “fixed.”

Gear Jerks, Part 2

Gear Jerks, Part 1

Green isn’t working very well. How about orange? Or purple? Druid & warlock, heh, heh.

I’m having issues with some of the topics cropping up in blogs now.  Particularly the “Worst PuG Ever” or the “LFG sucks because” posts.  Because they generally deal with problems between people, but it gets blamed on some addon or the game mechanics of Blizzard’s new Dungeon Finder.  I swear, it’s a people problem, guys.


I use GearScoreLite. It puts the GearScore in the tooltip when I mouseover your toon’s unit, and I’ve chosen to put in the average ilvl as well.  Honestly, I wish I could turn off the GS and just use the average ilvl.  But there’s no option for that.

Originally I started using it in raid as a warlock.  I would see other warlocks or dps specs beating me in the Repeencount and I wanted to know if I was sucking or if I was merely outgeared. Unfortunately, people like to move in raids.  I’d try to catch a moment to inspect somebody, but really only the tier pieces are recognizable by icon.  Often someone would move before I could catch what the name was or the tooltip that said where it dropped.  I had a vague idea of how ilvl corresponded to where it dropped.  200 for Naxx10/OS/EoE/t7 10 & purples in heroics.  213 for Naxx25/OS/EoE/t7.5.  226 for Ulduar10/t8.  Etc.  I had heard of GS, looked it up, and lo and behold, it had a Lite version that just put the ilvl in the tooltip.  Perfect.

I use the average ilvl in the opening 30 seconds of every pug. Y’know, before anyone says hello or before a mob pack gets pulled.  I use it to gauge how much I can goof off during a heroic.  Like answering IMs.  Really, chances are I’m talking enthusiatically in guild chat or with my friend on Pidgin while I’m healing your heroic.  Or tanking.  Or dpsing.

I don’t use it to judge your gear or your skill or your chances of winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  I just use it to gauge if I need to take a chill pill since the heroic isn’t going to be superfast because people are in heroics/Naxx10 gear (ilvl 200) or if that DK is in fact being a slob because there’s no way his ilvl 226 gear would be putting out under 2k dps.  The only times I recall negative thoughts in my head relating to GS is when somebody underperforms in their current gear. I really do not mind people in 187 ilvl gear in heroics with me.  That’s why heroics drop ilvl 200 gear.  DUH.  However, I do believe the 187 people should not be in ToC5+* or new ICC 5mans.  Why?  ToC5+ drops 219 gear.  Theoretically, 219 ilvl drops means you should be in mostly 200-213s, not fresh off the questing street.  232s from the new ICC 5mans were meant for the people like me who didn’t terribly raid ToC in patch 3.2 but who ground enough heroics to be decked out in the gear you can get from Conquest Emblem vendors (226 ilvl).  So what I do have a problem with are fresh 80s in blues & greens in an instance that drops 232 gear, because that’s a 2 tier gear difference.  Would you take someone in Uld10 normal mode gear to ICC raiding? No, you’d probably say go to ToCr for a few drops and then come back.  Maybe you wouldn’t majorly suck in that gear in that raid, but you wouldn’t be what most guilds are looking for in a member for that raid.

Yes, I realize you can get emblems to buy 232/245 gear just by doing heroics.  But you can’t just do one heroic and poof 232/245 emblem gear.  The lowest cost is 30 emblems for a non ranged-slot (idol, librarm, totem) piece.  30 emblems is about 6-8 heroics, depending on the heroic you get.  Per piece.  That’s enough time in between to learn how to play your class and role in endgame.  I believe gear doesn’t make you a better player. It just makes your output numbers bigger, is all.

Bottom line for me in letting a jerk intimidate you in group for a lacking gearscore is the same as letting them intimidate you for a low Recount spam rank.  It’s your problem if they bother you.  If you think you rock, then you rock. It’s also a problem when people don’t stand up for newbies being shamed for this.  I don’t tolerate people who chew other people out when they’re there to gear up and are honestly trying.  If someone is trying to be just carried along and play loot monkey, well…I don’t tolerate that either.  I’m there to get emblems, so more than likely I’ll continue to the group until it’s done, but you’re on my ignore list after that.

I use GearScoreLite, but lightly. It’s not a major factor in my opinion of a player; it’s lighter than fluff, actually.

* In my shorthand I use 5/10/25 for the size of the raid and + for heroic or hardmode.  So Uld10+ is hardmode Ulduar 10, OS+3 is 3 drakes, ToC5+ is Trial of the Champion heroic.

Gear Jerks, Part 1

Hasty Tasting

So I’ve had the chance to test out the new glyphs which let haste affect a spell or two.  One of them I like, and one of them, ehhh, not so much.

Wicked Corruption

Originally, I wasn’t sure about the warlock glyph, Quick Decay.  I got it as fast as I could grab one and went straight to the dummy to test it out.  And, well, Corruption kept falling OFF.  Mainly because it only lasted for about 15s, and even then, it felt like it only lasted for about 12s.  Normally, I refresh my Haunt as it dies, and every once in a while I miss it for like a second because I wanted to cast a Shadow Bolt instead.  So I would start casting by 3s left on Corruption and I’d normally be fine.  But Haunt would hit and Corruption would fall OFF.

WTF Warlock Troubled Face.

And I read somewhere later that it had to do with how the whole buff interface showing 3s are left when REALLY it’s something like 2.3s.  >.>  /annoyed  But it was okay, just start casting 1s earlier.  Except that wasn’t okay, because I barely had time to cast Shadow Bolt.  Maybe one got in before I had to refresh everything.

Then they fixed it so Shadow Bolt refreshes the duration, in addition to Drain Life, Haunt, and Drain Soul.  First, I was worried, because I thought resetting the duration  my Shadow Bolt means Corruption will never tick.  That I’d have to do some weird Shadow Bolt stopcasting dance around my Corruption ticks.  Then I read about the difference between the duration and ticking.  The ticks work off when the server registers whether there should be one.  The duration is just the, well, the BUFF, the state that allows the ticks to happen.  The refreshing doesn’t stop the tick tock ticking, it just lets the server know that the buff is still there, that ticks still need to be ticking.

And it works.  I’ve watched my target debuffs sit there and bounce through Corruption being reset–15s, 14, 13, 12, 15, 14, 15, 14, 13, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 15, etc.–and then I look at Recount, and Corruption is still a big chunk of my damage as it’s always been.

I like this glyph.  This is a keeper.

Quicksilver Rejuvenation

As a healer, I tend to stack more haste than I do on my warlock.  Neither of them, though, is anywhere close to “ridiculously fast” aka 1s GCD.  For Affliction, the only thing it really does is let me squeeze in one more Shadow Bolt, and now, more DPS via faster Corruption.  But squeezing in Shadow Bolts, it’s a discrete thing.  You can’t squeeze in half a Shadow Bolt casttime: it’s one or nil.  On the other hand of the haste v. crit deal, Pandemic is amazing, and so is crit.

My druid doesn’t have 7 bazillion haste on her, either.  I don’t really know why, maybe because I don’t do progression 10mans or 25mans, so I’m not under pressure and against odds to squeeze out more heals per second.  Since I transitioned from DoTs to HoTs when learning how to heal, and my affliction heart cried when they took away two DoTs from my rotation…I don’t find it too hard to keep track of 7 bazillion HoTs everywhere.  Vuhdo helps, certainly, but it’s not too difficult to keep a whole raid going of rejuvs and a few lifeblooms and some regrowths and a WG off cooldown.  I’m okay with rolling HoTs and letting them tick in rhythm with casttimes.

For my druid, I end up balanced.  I don’t really know which one is “better.”  I’ve read various resto druid blogs discussing it, and then I think…they’re all top raiders.  What do I do?  I do 5 mans for the most part, and a 10man every week or so.  The 10mans I do often aren’t the hardest I could be doing for my gear.  I’ve yet to see half of Ulduar, really, even though my gear says I could do ToC10 easily.  I’m not pressured to perform well for a raiding spot.  “Robes-style” means we take whoever wants to go, gear loosely permitting.

In the 10mans it depends on whether it’s a guild group or not.  I raid heal more often than not: in pugs, it’s my default assignment; in guild runs, if one of our holy priests is healing with me, I might actually get to tank heal.  In 5mans, I’m the only healer.  Duh.  Well what’s the dynamic of 5mans?  Especially now with the random LFG?  With the people in ICC gear pulling 5k dps on roic trash who like to do dungeons in under 15min so they can move on to the next and vacuum up the badgers?

It’s frakkin’ fast in 5mans. You have the sit down, buff up, drink some water in the beginning, but after that it’s go go go.  I’ve often rezzed someone with my brez just because it was faster and spammed my group buff while running.   Then you have the tanks who like to pull the next group while people are still looting, so they might start the next mob pack out of range of my heals. Or ranged dps who manage to spread out everywhere on Scourgelord Tyrannus.  Or melee who forget that the spinny weapon thing in Pit of Saron does damage.   In 5mans, I count on the fact that I have heals ticking when I can’t cast due to running or range or quick huge incoming party damage.  I don’t need to spam Nourish standing still unless people really push it.  I count on my HoTs ticking on the tank while he continues to run out of range.  Wild Growth often sees chained cooldowns because the glyphed version is enough to cover a party and a pet, so it’s a fast-casting, quick-acting AoE heal.  Tranquility even gets pumped every once in a while.

The hasted rejuv makes my HoTs fall off faster.  I found myself casting my heals more, but I didn’t need to.  I overhealed way more, and it was just wasting mana.  I kept having to Innervate myself.  In FIVE MANS.  Granted, in 5mans due to ridiculous pull rates, but I hardly Innerv myself.  I usually save it for the priests and shammies, and if I do use my own Innerv, I only do so when I get that “Not enough mana” error message and I’ve already potted.  Which usually only happens if I’m in a raid that’s challenging for my gear and/or I had to brez somebody.  Maybe it’s different in the 25mans and progression 10mans.  But my 2k Rejuv ticks were doing fine without haste, and my mana pool liked it more.

Those resto bloggers are right: I’m a 5man’r, a casual 10man’r.  Tenths of a second aren’t going to terribly matter to me.  This glyph ain’t for me, so I traded it back for my WG+1 splash.

Hasty Tasting

Quel’Delar: Horrible & Awesome

Battered Hilt should be BoP.  It recently threw my heart and head for a few loops while I fought with myself over whether I had rightfully and fairly won the roll or if I had “stolen” it from a guildy.  But it also brought me some heartful happiness, not just +200 spellpower.

Epic loot for my warlock

Long story short: a group of guildies had been trying to grind the elites in Pit of Saron for this epic drop.  One of the members keeps disconnecting, so he tells the other four on Vent to find somebody else; it’s obviously not working for him.  I answered the call for one more DPS in guild chat.  I come in, I haven’t done the quest to go to HoR, and the four tell me they’re grinding for the Hilt.  No prob, I’m just here for badgers more or less.   Something like the third elite I’m in there for, the Hilt drops.  I paused in case this was a run for a specific somebody.  Nope,  “all roll need,” and within 30 seconds, the Hilt was mine.

Wicked, huh?

The part that was throwing me for a loop was after I won it, some of the group was telling me to link it to another guildy.  I did.  Twice.  It wasn’t until this guildy told me that it was his spot I had taken when I felt like a total asshole for essentially though unintentionally waving the epic drop in his face.  And the other four were offering me gold or allowing me to trade the item if I felt so guilty.

I didn’t want to steal the item, especially not from a guildy.  The Robes are my online family.  But…I also don’t like being taken advantage of for something I had won fairly.  I told this to the group, and they said, no, it was a fair roll for all and I won it, so I kept it.

It should be BoP

Its state of BoE (Bind on Quest?), tradeable, SELLABLE–it’s complete bullshit.  It’s way too stressful deciding who gets it.  A RL friend mentioned in passing, which toon did I give it to?  My warlock or my druid?  I was appalled.  Decking out my druid with the mace when my warlock won the Hilt would feel like double rolling.  Then what, my druid can roll for my warlock next time it drops?  While WEARING the friggin mace?  Bullshit.  My warlock WON it, my warlock GETS it.

That’s rather like walking into a raid on my druid, and a cool enchant or that wicked pattern drops.  Is my druid allowed to roll on those and win, since my warlock can use them?  At least on Eonar, the answer is hell no.  Of the pugged raids I get into, many RLs will state that you must link your 450 profession and then learn it on the spot.

Then why is this epic item any different?  It’s not even legendary.  I mean, yes, the questline is pretty awesome, but it’s still only purple.

Lens of the Mind: Why do you want it?

Guildies, whom I trusted and who are good raiders, were willing to bribe me for it.  WTF.  No offense, I don’t get to raid much on my warlock anymore.  I’m usually pulled to come heal or tank.  It’s not like I’m going to be hitting up ICC anytime soon on Pone, unless I pick up a rep-grinding pug.  These four guildies? Three of them are in the guild’s top ten on WowHeroes.  Like, y’know, ToC25 is a “medium” raid difficulty for them.  So it’s not really like it was an “upgrade” deal.   The guy who bribed me gold for it was offering 5k, maybe 7k, for it.  I know it’s going on the AH for 19-20k.  Had I taken it, not only would I have sold a winning roll, but I’d have gotten thoroughly cheated out of it, too.

Really guys?  I almost didn’t want it anymore.  I figured much like the EoE key, I’d never get it on my warlock due to prioritizing tanks or healers.  It’s not worth stressing over, especially among guildmates.

But I got to see Sunwell

I started playing WoW in Feb 2008, and soloed my way up to 70 as I watched many raids go on in guild chat.  As they wrestled what’shisname in Karazhan, the satyr guy, I kept getting told I need to get to 70 NOW so they can have a good affliction warlock for that fight.  One of my dreams of integrating into the guild (since I got in by being a RL friend) was to finally raid with them, because then I’d be “one of them.”  Ironically I did get into Kara maybe once.  I remember I was at 69 or maybe I had just dinged.  I came as loot monkey, running around trying to enjoy the place while the other 9 people who had the place memorized were rushing ahead.  We got to the satyr guy where affliction warlocks are king, and I was told I was just going to SoC the shit out of the place, and I looked through my spellbook and…I didn’t have the spell yet.  Bummer.

I remember doing dailies in the Isle of Quel’Danas for a while to get myself ready to raid.  About two weeks of being 70, Wrath hits.  And I went back to soloing and leveling.  Again.  So I hurried my butt up to 80 so I could raid. FINALLY RAID. With my guild, my “family.”

Anyway, favorite WoW pasttime of mine is to go solo old content I never got to do.  For one it’s a good exercise for my class abilities.  Soloing Mechanar at level 80 is still pretty slow and deadly as an affliction warlock.  I don’t care if you think I’m doing it wrong, I never got to go there.  It’s fun.  Like, y’know, when I got to the Antechamber in Ulduar, I was excited that I got to pull Banish out of my spellbook and put it on my bar.  Because OMG I GET TO CC.  So here I am, at the waning end of the questline, about to go into SUNWELL PLATEAU.


I went in already Alt+Z’d and was snapping screenshots like a paparazzi.  Because I figure since none of the old farts want to go back (they just want moar epix), I might never see it again.  And I figure I will keep this sword forever, much like I still have the cloak some guildies mass-made for an Old World Wednesday old-level-60 Onyxia run.

Quel’Delar: Horrible & Awesome