Maybe you remember these three posts.  Maybe you don’t.

I got to watch a guild exodus again.

Except this time, I was on the other side. The leaving side.

Split Ends

The GL had actually been gone for a bit.  He was taking a break until Cataclysm because the game just wasn’t interesting anymore.  That’s totally understandable.

On my level — granted, I didn’t log for much more than the raid times — I hadn’t really noticed anything splitting off.  But apparently it had been brewing for a while.  Long enough that before the actual spin-off, the new founders had been preparing a guild websites and guild bank and Vent server among other things.

So unlike my tattered Robes, this was a bit more planned and expected.  I was also told about it beforehand; though, I admit, I was still caught off guard because I didn’t think the announcement would happen the following raid night.  Especially since that following raid night was only a day later.

But I feel mostly surprise, not really shock. The surprise isn’t really bad surprise, just  “Oh! … well, okay.”  I have a feeling that had I been around as long as, say, Lissanna, I’d be having some more emotion about it.  I also might be having some more emotion if I had thought of the guild as a place to call home.

I’d mostly been there for raiding. I was still too hurt from the Robes and Real Life to really start trying to bond into another family again.  I mostly cared about how I could get up to Conspirator or Renegade rank or just not hug the bottom of the meters rather than just being Accomplice all the time.

Just as the summer ended, I was not really caring what my raider rank was anymore.  I could have been switched to Family & Friends and probably would not have cared or noticed.

Tonight in raid, I managed to get up on the visible portion of my Skada window several times.  Tonight, I didn’t come to down bosses, I didn’t come to try again for uber DPS, I didn’t come to wish my socks off that I could maneuver quickly in 5 fps.  Tonight, I came to play with 24+ other people whom I’ve now found are really fun to play with.

<Conspiracy> is still there, of course.  Amadruada is still in Conspiracy, but I haven’t logged on her in forever anyway.  I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with her.  If ever she becomes actively raiding again, she will probably come over to UR.

UR.  <Undying Resolution>.  That’s my new tag.


Now that I’m on the opposite of the exodus, I feel like I need to reflect.  Not just to make some blog post about it, or even to rage it all out. More to sort out where I’ve been, where I am, where I’m going. There’s change in the winds for the entire game, so I might as well.

As they quit the guild, they keep telling you they still love you.

So part of me wants to go, because it realizes I might not be happy here.

I don’t want to hurt the friends still here.  Because I would be saying I’m leaving and still loving them, but leaving doesn’t feel like loving at all.

Lines from a wall I wrote a while back on saying goodbye.  It still expresses how I feel about leaving.  These lines still stick out at me, over half a year later. But then I read the whole thing again.

I even cried some.  Again.  I also smiled some.

I still use my Dreadsteed.  Even when idling in Ruby Sanctum, everybody pulls out their awesome mounts. The Zulian Tiger.  Rivendare’s Horse.  Grand Ice Mammoths and Traveler’s Tundra Mammoths.  Motorcycles.

I’ve tried pulling out things like the Talbuks, my Zhevra (eww, its butt is STILL too big), but I always come back to my Dreadsteed. It just doesn’t feel right otherwise.

I also drool over the Twilight Drakes of guildies.  The Twilight Drake is my favorite flying mount in the game.  It’s SO PRETTY.  I’d still ride my Carpet, though, and save the Drake for special occasions or when it’s Special Mount Idling Time.  Actually, a guildy with the pretty drake reminded me tonight.

I was flying around the basement of Wyrmrest Temple after a Halion kill and found this guildy on the pretty drake.  I flew up to her (well, it’s a she draenei toon) and did the /drool emote.  She said in /say that she wanted my carpet like I wanted her drake. Thanks, Richochet. 🙂

Remembering my carpet and my dreadsteed reminded me of what I wrote a long time ago.  It’s the other part that sticks out now, but I had to really pay attention for it to pop out.

Well, it took me a while to figure out that raiding is not the actual end-game.  Not to me, anyway.  My guild is the end-game. Playing with people I care about, even though I’ve never met them beyond their online avatars.

That’s why I jumped ship.  I want to raid, and I love to raid with the people who left, so I’m going with them.  I’d already said how the RL (who is now my new GL) was one of the few RLs I’m comfortable asking stupid raid questions when I think of them.  Considering my current mental/emotional issues, that’s means a lot to me.

So no, I don’t terribly care if I kill the Lich King before Cataclysm drops.  It’s not the kills that I raid for.

The Road Goes Ever On

As the RL was explaining the about-to-leave situation on Vent, I noticed Murf was online via my RealID.  I told him I was finding myself at another guild exodus, except this time I was on the opposite side.  I told him it was mostly the raiders splitting off, and that the split seemed to originate (at least, from my perspective) from the officer core.

He told me that’s how the old Vanilla Robes split began. Not the split I witnessed, but one that happened before I even bought WoW.  One that a fair bit of the Robes I knew were present for.

I told him that I hope the friendships in <Conspiracy> and <Undying Resolution> are just as strong as the Robes’ were. Consider how the Robes survived for five years — FIVE YEARS under ONE guild tag — with multiple ex-Robes leaving and coming back again and again.  It still survives, I’m sure of it, if maybe not under that exact tag anymore.

So here’s to friends, old and new, same or different tag, playing or not.

Notes of Silly

I got my birthday entered right on the forums this time. (Last time, I switched the month & day by accident since the forum does it Europe-style.)

I’m still wearing my old Red Linen Shirt. Except during Gunship, of course.  Mothafockin Goblin Rocket Pack, gettin’ in my way.

The sad part is, my new guild tabard is TOTALLY CLASHING with my Red Linen Shirt. Blue?  Blue’s a really cool color, don’t get me wrong, but red is CLEARLY a better color for a tabard.  The gold?  Oh, the gold is just perfect.

I opened out with telling my guild about my blog. Previously, I’d just been sneaky and putting it in my guild signature.  But it’s obvious now.  (Also, ‘sup, Maer!)

I’m going to have to redo my toon/guild pages, again.  Oh, I’ll have fun, but just so you know when it changes on you.  I think I want to go back to emphasizing my realm-guild relationship. I was explaining to Lissanna on Twitter when I had a kerfluffle on Feathermoon that I’m pretty monogamous on servers when it comes to guilds. My alts are either in my main’s guild or they’re unguilded.  Even cross-faction; Sphaira, on Eonar, is guildless, because so far as I know, <The Gods of Eonar> don’t have a Horde doppelganger guild.  So if I ever say I’ve left a guild, but you know my toons haven’t moved from yours, you know it’s a whole ‘nother server that I’m talking about.

I’m quite aware that I posted yesterday about our Sindy 25 kill, and it’s got Conspiracy written all over it.  Well, Conspiracy totally did it, not UR, so it’s staying Conspiracy on the image forever.  The only other prettified kill shot I have for Conspiracy is Dreamwalker 25.  So here’s to great memories of killing Internet Dragons!

I’ve been talking more and logging on longer on Elune. I’m starting with just helping to stock the guild bank, mainly because I don’t find fishing as horrendously boring as my other guildies seem to.  I’m being social and liking it.  ZOMG!


Raid Prep

Was reading some Druid Main just now, and Icedragon had a post about raid prep IRL.  This is totally too long for a comment, but I can’t really mention parts about my raid prep.  It feels so wrong to not go through with the whole deal, which I guess is a good thing that it’s habit to do it all and not just parts of it.

Food Collection: Noms Away

My guild raids at 8.  Well, invites are at 8 anyway, but in order to accept an invite (or in this case, whisper it) you have to be at your computer, and then it’s only 10-15min to the first pull anyway.  So at 6, I plan to have dinner or be on my way to getting dinner.  7 is the absolute latest for pickup dinner food.

Why so early?  Because eating at my computer, although I kind of do it, is not cool.  I’m next to my computer, but I’ve got my chair turned or backed off from the desk or something so me being a clutz doesn’t affect my computer.  I hold my bottle of drinkage in one hand, the cap in the other, and the cap is only removed because my mouth is in contact with it.

“Food Collection” however is also snack food.  It’s making sure my IRL raid consumables are on my shelf in the kitchen. (Yeah, my shelf, it’s what happens when you share an apartment with people.)  My drink of choice tends to be Dr Pepper — I know water or milk or something would be better, but it’s got a bite to it that I like.  I also make sure I have cookies or crackers or a bagel or whatever I can just grab from running downstairs before I run back up again.

If I gotta go to the grocery store to grab snacks, I do it by 7. Just makes it easier when I’m not freaking out because I’m not quite hungry now, but there won’t be enough time to run to Subway in the middle of the raid.

Connection Stuff: Hey, I’m Tawkin’ Eer!

That sounds vague, but it’s stuff I need to connect my real life body to the in-game raid.

This means Vent.  I try to be logged into Vent a good 10-15min before the raid invites.  Just logged in, not necessarily in a channel, just on Vent.  So at worst, if I have to afk and come back late, I just have to drop into a channel.  No biggie.

Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I keep my main Vent info (my guild only, usually) crap together in a text file with Vent, and then it’s also in my password program holder thingy.  Along with things like my authenticator number doohickie and, y’know, passwords.  I keep PuG Vents, though I don’t log onto them except for a PuG raid with them.  If it’s a guild run mostly, it gets named after the guild; if it looks more like a personal Vent or not really a guild run, it gets named something stupid like TotC pug or Naxx pug 2 or whatever generic name.  Haven’t pugged a raid in a while, though.

Vent means…headsetKeep your headset somewhere consistent, in a drawer, on a shelf, wherever.  Mine’s on a hook on my desk now.  I’ve had a couple of nights where 5 min. before pulling I can’t find my headset, only to stumble upon it later during the afk break.

Connection Stuff also means my addons.  I make sure what I want to raid with is up to date, and I use Addon Control Panel to switch my personal profile to “Pone raid,” which loads only what I need for raiding.   So no AH addons, no Gearscore, not even Postal, no Lightheaded, no roleplaying addons, no addons I just downloaded to play with, etc.

Make sure if you use some sort of points loot system that you have the addon for it running.  For example, Conspiracy uses EPGP, so I make sure that’s loaded in my raid set of addons.

Finally “Connection Stuff” means my me-to-outside-world connection stuff I close Firefox and only open it for a few minutes if I want to check which raid group I’m in.  I close TweetDeck, and make sure it is closed / exited, not minimized to the taskbar.  All my computer health stuff — Spybot, MSSE, Malware Bytes, backup schedule, CCleaner, Defraggler, etc. — is scheduled for outside of raid time.  If the dumb Windows Update thingy pops up, I tell it not to talk to me for another 4 hours.  I make sure it’s just WoW, Vent, and my desktop.

A word on instant messengers: I used to just put myself as “Away.”  It worked most of the time.  Every once in a while, despite having a “Raiding” away message, somebody would send me an IM while raiding.  So the IM window pops in my face, on top of WoW, because I play WoW as maximized window mode.  (Yay small laptops.)

So I’d spend half the time going “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK STOP IT STOP IT GO AWAYYYYYYYYYY,” before the window would finally load into existence (wtb Windows not freezing), then I could click back to WoW, and then find somebody dead or myself dead or some raid leader wondering why the fuck I didn’t move out of the Malleable Goo right away.

Now I close Pidgin entirely, just like TweetDeck.  If they really need me, they’d call. Calling = incessant phone buzz; texting = bit of phone buzz.  It’s never failed yet.

Mental Zone: Time to Game

This tends to be more in-game than out-of-game, but I focus more on my toon being ready and it gets me ready.

Pee! Especially with a soda as my primary drink, I’m gonna wanna.  Yeah, any good raid will have an afk break or two, but start out on empty.

Consumables: Flasks / Elixirs, Pots, Fish Feasts, Personal Food.

I make sure I have enough to last both the entire raid time (~4 hrs worth of flasks covers it and maybe a weekly raid or something) and multiple wipes.  My druid makes the flasks: 2 for her, 4 for Pone, per raid.  Pots = at least a stack each of health, mana, speed, & wild magic. Usually there’s a few people in the raid also with Fish Feasts, but I try to have a stack of Feasts when I walk in.

I also have at least a stack of my personal food, but probably not more than 2 stacks.  Both specs, though I don’t raid on my druid right now, but I still keep around both tree food and bear food.  I also make sure I have a stack of non-strudel Strudels. Conjured Mana Strudel is 22.5k health & 19.2k mana; so are Grilled Bonescale, Sauteed Goby, or Smoked Rockin.  None of them require spices, and you get these fish while you’re out fishing for Feast fishies, so I really don’t care if the mage isn’t here.  I grab 80 actually-strudel Strudels when there is a table, but those are more habit from grabbing food for switching healers than actually needing them.

Yeah, I fish a lot.  I find it calming, actually.

On my warlock this also means having a full shard bag.  She’s a tailor, so it wasn’t hard to get myself a 32 shard bag.  I’ve gotten myself below 20 shards in a raid before, and aside from chain-questing for Loremaster, I’ve never really run out of bag space enough times to complain about OMG SHARDS DON’T STACK.

Gear: make sure it’s enchanted and gemmed properly.  Make sure it’s repaired. Also, make sure I have my Pawn scales up to date in case anything cool drops.  Look over some boss lists in case I have anything I want as possible drops.  I have an index card per boss, usually, with what I like that drops and how much I want it (major/minor upgrade, that sort of thing).

Sheesh, yes, I’m kinda paranoid when it comes to raid prep.

Boss mods: not just making sure DXE is loaded, but being mentally aware of what I’m supposed to do.  Knowing boss strategies or at least boss abilities.  Targeting macros (e.g. Putricide Oozes) and usable objects (e.g. Jetpack), make sure they’re still working and in easy to find locations.  I try out my oh shit keybinds (Demonic Teleport, Soulshatter, etc.); sometimes Bind Pad unbinds it for dumb unknown reasons.  Better to find out now than in raid when I need it.

Also be at the raid instance or on the way there.  For one, I’m a warlock, and with that stupid phase trick in Icecrown, having a warlock is awesome.  I don’t mind, I mean, I have 32 shards, it’s no biggie.  I really don’t mind summoning for guildies.

Fun Stuff: Iron Boot Flask, a stack of Noggenfogger Elixir, Blue Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer Controller, Pygmy Oil, Baby Spice, Unusual Compass, Old Spice sometimes, etc.  Things for trash pulls or for cheering up when Putricide is being an ass.  I /dance a lot, not because I’m spastic or because I’m being dumb, but because HEY CHEER UP IT’S A GAME ENJOY IT.  No need to be freaking out and grumpy the entire raid.

I’m saving for a train set, y’know.  Heh heh heh…

So long as it doesn’t terribly affect my raiding abilities, it’s good fun.  For example, Super Simian Sphere usually only gets pulled in heroics, because in order to use it, I have to trade one of my trinkets (hit trinket or Illustration of the Dragon Soul).  Bad idea on an ICC boss.  Outside of heroics, it gets pulled on downtime.  It only lasts 5 min anyway.

Actually /AFK: When it’s break time, regardless of whether I need to refill my snacks/drinks or maybe I don’t actually have to pee, I should get up and walk around.  Stretch your body, but also just don’t think about whatever is going wrong in the raid.  Relax. Breathe a bit.  Then come back (don’t be late!) and focus.

Post-Raid: Replenishment & Tranquility

I believe that raiding is like exercise in that just stopping after you do it is a bad thing.  You gotta warm up before you raid, and you gotta cool down after you raid.  Dailies (including the Random Heroic) are typically done before raid, but in case I didn’t, I’ll go do some dailies to wind down.

New Gear: go enchant and gem that new piece that just dropped.  My warlock enchants, and between my warlock and my druid, I can fund gem-buying.  Or I can go take the triumph emblems that I don’t need on my warlock and go buy uncut gems and search Trade or Guild for a JC with the cuts I like.

Boss Mods Recap: World of Logs or Recount/Skada or knowing the Malleable Goo was causing me issues, or having some trouble on this one strategy.  Look things up on the web, is what it comes down to.  What could I do better is my goal.

Flask Monkey: my druid goes and makes a batch every week for a week’s worth of raids plus a few backups for Pone.  She keeps a raid’s worth for herself (both specs) just in case, but it hasn’t happened yet.  She also makes the preferred battle/guardian elixirs for bear/tree in heroics.  Pots too, though she’s not pot-specced.

Go Fish: it really is calming. For me, anyway, some music, or a podcast, or a DVD stuck in my laptop, and…fishing.  It’s repetitive enough that I can think, ponder, percolate, but interactive enough to have to be awake to be productive with it.  Like flasks I tend to do the cooking as a week’s batch at a time, but I fish throughout the week.  Sometimes I just go see if I can catch Mr. Pinchy, or I go read the coins in the Dalaran fountain.

This seems like a lot. It’s not really.  The most bothersome is the consumables, because I make my own foods & flasks & pots & the enchanting part of enchants.  When new bosses come out, then yeah, it takes a bit to read up on them all and figure out what drops are cool, but that’s only for the first three or so nights you face them.

Raid Prep

First Conspiracy/ICC Raid was fun

Seriously, the only boss I’d seen as an avatar before was Marrowgar. XD

My highlights:

Marrowgar always follows me during Bone Storm.  I swear, I can’t get away from him.

I must have been watching the 25man versions of Lady Deathwhisper, because it was totally not as complicated on 10man as I thought.

Gunship: I was relieved that the jetpack has a target mechanic and doesn’t just boost your own jumping.  I’ve only failed once on Thaddius (due to massive lag) and I was determined not to fail-jump ship.  Except I stayed on the boat, so it’s good.

Saurfang = I got to CC!  Yay Demonic Portal for kiting.

Blue Gas Frogger = fail walking out first and just dying.  Then I realized it was Frogger 2.0.  Oops.

Precious & Stinky weren’t as awful as I’ve heard stories.  Then again, this is “only” 10man.

Festergut was cool, I got to cuddle with Jin & Liss whenever the spore came out and I vomited a few times.

Rotface was interesting, though I got debuffed in the middle of or just after a phase transition so I had a minor “OMFG WHERE IS THE OT” heart attack.

Putricide took a few wipes, partially because I hadn’t done it before.  On one of the wipes I died due to bad luck (bouncing ooze while I was green-ooze-linked = >.< FUCK), so Liss tried to brez me, but…uh…that gas phase thingy hit, and I rezzed into a DoT that wtfpwned me before I could hit the healthstone.  Sucky part = my healthstone got counted as used.  WTF BLIZZ.  But yeah…once I got the hang of all the moving and junk, Putricide was hilarious fun.  I could seriously do that fight all day and not get bored.

Blood Princes were a little frustrating in the beginning.  I had disco ball duty, and at first I thought the orange balls were part of the deal, but it’s just the white ones.  I also had issues when both balls appeared on my side of the room and I was supposed to get them because it just took a “little more effort.”  Yeah.  Felpuppies don’t run quickly, and the balls almost always spawned on the complete opposite side from me (i.e., I was at the top running away from the blast thing, the ball spawns near the door).  I eventually got it to siccing Bheez on the *far* or higher up ball while I ran to & SB’d the near ball.

Blood Queen…well, we ran out of time and had some funny dumb wipes, but from what I did of it, it sounds cool.  I was on the list to be bitten, but I never got bitten.  Though, I do need to check if the vehicle bar will pop up in Dominos — it usually does, but apparently this is where your biting ability comes up when you go nuts.   We got to phase 2 and had a MC’d pally running around.  I wondered if I could Fear him or what, but twas a wipe anyway.

They kept telling me to roll on stuff so I can gear up for 25mans.  I got Soulcleave Pendant & Bloodstained Surgeon’s Shoulders.  They kept trying to get me to take the wand, but Pawn & eyeballing it told me mine was better.  Sadface at Gunship not dropping the Icecrown Spire Sandals…it’s either those or me saving up for Sandals of Consecration (1+5 primordial saronite) in order to replace my Naxx 25 Boots of Persuasion.

First Conspiracy/ICC Raid was fun

What’s in a name…

The only other Poneria in the ENTIRE GAME is on…

Elune. The server I wish to transfer to.  WAT.

So…Pwneria, Ponneria, Ponerria, Ponerya, Ponerea, Ponera, Poneriia…

Fimlys came up with Pwneria, calling it Gr33k = Greek + 1337.

Ponera probably won’t work because I just *know* then there will be some kind of joke about why I call myself Ponera but I can’t make mana muffins…

Poniria…is not going to work.  I’m sorry, I’m a Latin nerd at heart, I just can’t handle my i’s next to my r’s like that.

I already have a Ponn on Elune, btw.

Amadruada, on the other hand, is completely unique.  Astrape is not so unique (there are lots of shamans named that, hmmm, maybe because it means LIGHTNING), but there are none on Elune.

Also, there will be a warrior of some sort named Aristeia for my future worgen.  Greek nerds should know why.

What’s in a name…

Farewell, TSR: you were fantastic to me

I applied to Lissanna’s guild, <Conspiracy> on Elune-US and they’ve given me a go-ahead to try to prove myself.  Conspiracy, I plan to transfer tonight after I’ve said my goodbyes.

And I posted my goodbye post on the TSR forums.  Probably the last post I will ever make there, but I really hope that isn’t true.  I’m leaving some toons on Eonar, taking mainly my raiding ones to Elune.

I’m saying goodbye to TSR in-game tonight.  They’ve been my family, I can’t just leave it with a forum post.  It doesn’t feel right.

I figure an update to my about page will occur at some point.

I’m so sorry, Robes,

– Meg, HoT Furry Meg, Ele-Meg-Tal, Undead Meg, Pone, the firecracker, flaskmaker, bad punner, Tig’s college buddy, “she used colors in her app”

Farewell, TSR: you were fantastic to me