Charms: Warlock Soloing Regular Throne of the Tides

After a guildmate commented about the drop rate for the Unstable Corruptions and Lovely Charms, half my guild was out trying this yesterday. He did mention the minor note of in order to get to the hallway, you need to solo (or duo) the first boss at least as well as her trash.  This guildmate, a hunter, managed to do it, so I was intrigued when our shadow priest could not solo it.

I mean, isn’t that the best non-warlock analogy for an affliction warlock?  A shadow priest-hunter?

That, and I poked at Glow to see if he’d done the place solo yet or not.  On my 380-ilvl bear, the ICC 5man heroics are now pretty solid to do; Halls of Reflection’s Lich King gauntlet still requires me to pay attention to down it.  I figured the next challenge might be Wrath raids with a partner, but I don’t have one of those, so Cata regulars are next.  I usually do solo attempts on my bear first, but with mogging, I might expand it to my other alts, especially my warlock.

If you click on the pictures, I swear they’re not that crappy a quality (still crappy, though).

So, here we go, Throne of the Tides on regular for a warlock. Continue reading “Charms: Warlock Soloing Regular Throne of the Tides”

Charms: Warlock Soloing Regular Throne of the Tides


I feel like I oughta be writing some “real” post that discusses, oh, I don’t know, talents or gear or boss strats or whatever.  I am supposed to be a warlock blog, y’know, not some random blog that rambles on and on and drones on and on, oh, and, by the way, I play a warlock.

But I’ve been doing things in WoW.  Various things.  Things I’m a bit proud of (some of them), but things I understand if you’re a bit “eh whatever” about them.

Mostly involving Acheesements.  I don’t know if people use that word to mock achievements or what; usually I think an Achievement is something you do at the intended level, whereas an Acheesement is something you go back and do.  Like reputations from two expansions ago.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Outland lately. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, and a Bottle of Rumsey Rum…


CC Tips

Okay, yeah, yeah, more like “CC Essay.”

I’m a warlock.  I’m going to talk about warlock CC.  But I’m pretty sure it could apply to any form of CC.

Epeen Points | I’ve gotten a whisper thanking me for my CC, that I “healed” as much just by doing my CC stuff.  I told the bear tank guildy I’ll go anywhere with him since he’s a great tank, and he said ditto back.  So, /flex, I’m good at what I do in instances.  Maybe not topping the charts in DPS (it’s a dungeon, who the flip cares about your DPS number so long as you get it done with the least pain possible), but I help out well enough.

Once, the tank mentioned he loved Fear because it never broke.  I was a bit sad to tell him I was just refreshing it before the duration expired.  Then it’s amusing when melee dps try to hit a Banished target and it just sits there immune to everything.  It’s highly annoying when I pull out my succubus to seduce something only to have someone run over and break it immediately.

So let’s talk about complete CC: the beginning casts, the refreshes, and breaking CC. By “complete CC” I mean something that prevents the mob from telling off your party members for wearing such horribly clashing outfits.

Textwall Crits for 9001 Damage | I’m going over four warlock CCs in detail (jump to: Seduction, Enslave Demon, Fear, and Banish), for either non-warlocks or warlocks who want to refamiliarize themselves with the spells.  If you want to skip to the part about executing warlock CC in party, you can.  Yeah, okay, it’s maybe two articles together, but I felt like going into the specific spell mechanics was still important.

Play on, Poneria…

CC Tips