Back in business? Maybe

Sorry for the … uh what shall we call this. I don’t want want to say this blog is dead, though it rather was for a while. When your warlock blog becomes a series of writing rants or posts about how your guild is recruiting, it might fit the bill of mostly dead. It’s not all-dead, because there’s only one thing you can do with all-dead.

Speaking of recruiting, my guild is 5/12 N on 25-man as of last night. We finished off T14 as 4/16 25H. We’re a bit full at the moment, though being full never lasts for long. At this point I think we’re looking for an awesome mage or warlock to fill it out. We’re trying to add a third night to our 25man schedule, so being able to raid at least 2 of 3 nights — Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday — is something you need to be able to do. Preferably a Sunday night since that’s the added day and our raiders are already used to showing up for W & Th.

I should update our kill pictures and other things on my guild page, but I have other things I’m doing. Have a screenshot.


Back to the blog.

Writing Blood Pact basically just meant that everything I wanted to talk about warlock-wise went there. For one, it’s paid over there and not over here, but for two, I also felt a little guilty if I wanted to take a topic over here, even if I thought it was too long/big to discuss over there. I just kept telling myself that it was writing practice, to work on my tendency to filling space with needless words.

But, writing for Blood Pact is highly public, and since I am The Warlock Columnist with all the capital letters of importance, any misstep I make is blown out of (or just into bigger) proportion instead of what happens when a random blogger missteps in her own corner of the internet. There’s not much room to learn, unless I try to do it with the creative side instead of with the actual facts.

Also, hi, I’ve been the warlock columnist at WoW Insider for a year now and I haven’t died yet. Go me. Insert joke about knocking on a tree druid without somehow sounding perverse.

Moving on, I’m trying to learn from my lessons there. I’m going to explore doing fun projects or topics, researching before I write this time, and then trying to not sound/read like a school paper summary on the topic. But to support that, I need space to muse and go in the wrong directions of the maze despite all the hate the internet gives you when you dare to do something suboptimally. Learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Well, OK, you can read textbooks all you want and do experiments by yourself, but I think you get more out of learning when you do it with someone else, conversing about it.

Doing my own little projects is a thing I having really done since high school. Oddly enough, my depression and anxiety issues really started get in my way around then, too. Maybe coincidence — I’m sure I haven’t been taking care of myself as well as I should now that I’m on my own and have no parents to schedule things for me. But I have found myself less angry and less agitated in general when I create outside of pure research writing, which is what most of Blood Pact and boss guides for the guild have been. When I creatively write, whether fiction or poetry, or when I draw or when I try to organize gear or strategies or transmogs together, then I seem to find my inner peace more often.

So I’m going to go in that direction and hope it takes me closer to my mountain. I feel like I don’t know where my mountain is. Some days I’m surrounded by trees, so it’s a nice view, but I can’t see my mountain. Sometimes, much like last week and rather most of 2013 so far, those trees are thorns and I’m all out of swords.

So here’s to CFN and  some theorycrafting pursuits that are hopefully not as incorrect or misled as I think they probably will be. (Maybe some toon roleplay? Maybe.) FC is going to stop trying to be fancy pants warlock who is always perfect and just go back to being my personal space, where often warlock things will happen.

Back in business? Maybe

The Last Week

*agony* re: Attendance Boss

37 Essences to go.  The minimum 25man drop # is 7.  That’s 5.28 bosses.

For a 25man, killing the 6 bosses from whom you can siphon off essences,plus the Rag kill on 10 or 25, will guarantee Dragonwrath for me.

Go figure it’s US Thanksgiving next week.


Fucking agony.

Now…the question is, what to wear?  (It’s important.)  Here’s your choices.

Classy or Goofy?

Black Embersilk Gown or Super Simian Sphere?

The Last Week

Hallow’s End: UR Costume Contest

Last year, Halloween fell on a raid night, so the guild had a costume contest in between bosses.  This year, it’s not on a raid night, so we decided to do it this week instead.

We killed Alysrazor (almost forgot to do loot!), which was actually a bunch of running around talking about raiding naked and discussing the stupid Dev Q&A questions that were being asked.  Also there was a mention of not giving Mindy assist since last night she accidentally kicked one of our rogues from the raid during Heroic Alysrazor, which was hilarious in a good way.  Several jokes were made about the differences between snooze-mode Alysrazor and heroic Alysrazor.

Then we moved on to go kill Domo, except as we pulled the Unstable Magma trash in front of Baleroc (that still, for some reason, spawns even after you’ve killed Baleroc), someone tripped the bridge cinematic, and several of our healers got stuck in the cinematic!  Fortunately, only Amowrath died.  (Poor Amo!)

We killed Domo after we had a derp pull of Domo.  Derp pull = “Whoops, too many people ran out on Seeds, so he flipped Scorpion-Cat-Scorpion real fast, and now he hits like a truck, and we still have half his health to go.”  We actually survived a while; we got a 2nd Orb phase, which was 4 Orbs, and we would have survived it had we enough people left alive to switch him to Scorpion.   We’d stacked up, but he stayed in Cat, meaning we didn’t have enough people ALIVE to switch him to Scorpion.

After Domo was dead, we used his stage area as the costume contest stage.  As always, click for a larger picture.

The raid + Sexiest Lineup

The first category — as our guild master-raid leader Ranico put it, “Let’s just get the obvious one out of the way,” — was Sexiest.  Several people got into several categories, as it was all in fun anyway.  Maerdred won Sexiest as a gentleman with a romantic picnic and a sheep.  (The sheep is an old joke from last year.)  Though, I did like Aesa’s costume — I think it was supposed to be a mummy.  I thought that was well-done.

Scariest was next, and, well, required some imagination for some people.  Juvenate said he was scary because the druid tier is ugly.  Lissanna was a snowman, and when asked why snowmen were scary, someone interjected, “Well, winter is coming, and we all know that’s bad.”

Amo ...and Amo in Drag!

Beefbus and Amowrath had an entertaining set of costumes.  Beef was Amo, and Amowrath was himself in drag.  Ranico tallied the votes and said, “Oddly, Amo, people are more scared of you, than they are of you in drag.”  Beef won Scariest as Amo.

Animals, all of 'em!

Cutest was the next category, and originally, no one leapt up on stage.  After some prodding, we got an entirely animal-themed stage.  Juv as a snazzy blood elf dancer counts as an “animal,” yeah?  Liss got a turkey on biscuits to go with her boom-turkey self.

Last was Most Original, and I leapt up on stage immediately, as this was the only category I figured I fit into.  I was originally the only one up there, and again, after prodding, the stage filled itself as I was about to win by default.  So Ranico said, “Okay, if Pon gets more than half the votes, that is, 13 or more, then she wins.”

Most Original Lineup

The ready check poll went out, and “Pon got 19 votes, so she wins.”

Don't you dare close your eyes!

I went as Aladdin this year; last year I simply wore tier 8 to go as Putress.

Due to being able to mount in Firelands all the way up to Rag’s hallway, I had my “Genie” and carpet with me.  Compare: Dressing Room crop vs. the Google-searched reference picture.

It’s a simple set (just 3 pieces!), though the pants are hard to find.  The pants are either a rare BoE or from some low level quests; I used Unbound Leggings (“quests”).  The chest is the Runecloth Tunic and the belt is the Deathsilk Belt, both of which are tailor-made items.  I recut my toon’s hair to a black waved bob to Aladdin’s hair style.

Sadly, I couldn’t find a genie-lamp offhand; just lots of lamp offhands.  I also couldn’t find a red hat that didn’t totally cut out the hair.

The “Genie” is my voidwalker, Ormmon, and the carpet is, of course, the tailor-made and tailor-usable Magnificent Flying Carpet, one of my favorite mounts.  I figured I’d use “the Seeker” as a title, since I was looking for a Cave of Wonders at the time.

I also pulled out the Green Wing Macaw in raid as Iago, but he mostly hung out in the threads of the carpet, so my guild probably never saw it.

Our last “category” is the winners of the categories and a poll for the ultimate winner.  I personally voted for Maer, because his costume (this year and last year’s) always makes me giggle ridiculously, but apparently I won by a slim margin.  So I got a 26-slot bag for my reward.

Then we moved on to kill Rag after our break.  After a few attempts (even with some newbs in the fight!), we killed him on 25 for the 2nd time, earning some people their kill achievement.  But we also managed to get the Ragnar-O’s achievement as well; we know it’s something with the lava waves and meteors, but it was totally by accident.

Accidental Achievement, LOL

That’s Undying Resolution for you.  (We’re looking for a resto shammy and a few caster deeps, if you want to join in the silly.)

Hallow’s End: UR Costume Contest

Progress: Legendary & Heroics

My guild, Undying Resolution, has been making some awesome progress in Firelands.  Since the nerfs made most of the fights stupid easy on normal, I figured doing a bit of legendary raid work would break up the monotony a bit.

So Tuesday, 9 other peeps bared with me during a night of wiping while I gathered the foci while also saving the bosses for the 25man.  Last night, in the full 25man, we did the mini-encounter with Volcanus and then downed Heroic Shannox — all before break!  I’m also already a quarter of the way to the Runestaff. 😀

So have some pictures / captions of those things (sorry, my graphical quality is the suck).  Of course: spoilers for the legendary’s questline if you don’t wish to see the inclusive parts between Delegation and Time Grows Short (3 quests). Continue reading “Progress: Legendary & Heroics”

Progress: Legendary & Heroics


Maybe you remember these three posts.  Maybe you don’t.

I got to watch a guild exodus again.

Except this time, I was on the other side. The leaving side.

Split Ends

The GL had actually been gone for a bit.  He was taking a break until Cataclysm because the game just wasn’t interesting anymore.  That’s totally understandable.

On my level — granted, I didn’t log for much more than the raid times — I hadn’t really noticed anything splitting off.  But apparently it had been brewing for a while.  Long enough that before the actual spin-off, the new founders had been preparing a guild websites and guild bank and Vent server among other things.

So unlike my tattered Robes, this was a bit more planned and expected.  I was also told about it beforehand; though, I admit, I was still caught off guard because I didn’t think the announcement would happen the following raid night.  Especially since that following raid night was only a day later.

But I feel mostly surprise, not really shock. The surprise isn’t really bad surprise, just  “Oh! … well, okay.”  I have a feeling that had I been around as long as, say, Lissanna, I’d be having some more emotion about it.  I also might be having some more emotion if I had thought of the guild as a place to call home.

I’d mostly been there for raiding. I was still too hurt from the Robes and Real Life to really start trying to bond into another family again.  I mostly cared about how I could get up to Conspirator or Renegade rank or just not hug the bottom of the meters rather than just being Accomplice all the time.

Just as the summer ended, I was not really caring what my raider rank was anymore.  I could have been switched to Family & Friends and probably would not have cared or noticed.

Tonight in raid, I managed to get up on the visible portion of my Skada window several times.  Tonight, I didn’t come to down bosses, I didn’t come to try again for uber DPS, I didn’t come to wish my socks off that I could maneuver quickly in 5 fps.  Tonight, I came to play with 24+ other people whom I’ve now found are really fun to play with.

<Conspiracy> is still there, of course.  Amadruada is still in Conspiracy, but I haven’t logged on her in forever anyway.  I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with her.  If ever she becomes actively raiding again, she will probably come over to UR.

UR.  <Undying Resolution>.  That’s my new tag.


Now that I’m on the opposite of the exodus, I feel like I need to reflect.  Not just to make some blog post about it, or even to rage it all out. More to sort out where I’ve been, where I am, where I’m going. There’s change in the winds for the entire game, so I might as well.

As they quit the guild, they keep telling you they still love you.

So part of me wants to go, because it realizes I might not be happy here.

I don’t want to hurt the friends still here.  Because I would be saying I’m leaving and still loving them, but leaving doesn’t feel like loving at all.

Lines from a wall I wrote a while back on saying goodbye.  It still expresses how I feel about leaving.  These lines still stick out at me, over half a year later. But then I read the whole thing again.

I even cried some.  Again.  I also smiled some.

I still use my Dreadsteed.  Even when idling in Ruby Sanctum, everybody pulls out their awesome mounts. The Zulian Tiger.  Rivendare’s Horse.  Grand Ice Mammoths and Traveler’s Tundra Mammoths.  Motorcycles.

I’ve tried pulling out things like the Talbuks, my Zhevra (eww, its butt is STILL too big), but I always come back to my Dreadsteed. It just doesn’t feel right otherwise.

I also drool over the Twilight Drakes of guildies.  The Twilight Drake is my favorite flying mount in the game.  It’s SO PRETTY.  I’d still ride my Carpet, though, and save the Drake for special occasions or when it’s Special Mount Idling Time.  Actually, a guildy with the pretty drake reminded me tonight.

I was flying around the basement of Wyrmrest Temple after a Halion kill and found this guildy on the pretty drake.  I flew up to her (well, it’s a she draenei toon) and did the /drool emote.  She said in /say that she wanted my carpet like I wanted her drake. Thanks, Richochet. 🙂

Remembering my carpet and my dreadsteed reminded me of what I wrote a long time ago.  It’s the other part that sticks out now, but I had to really pay attention for it to pop out.

Well, it took me a while to figure out that raiding is not the actual end-game.  Not to me, anyway.  My guild is the end-game. Playing with people I care about, even though I’ve never met them beyond their online avatars.

That’s why I jumped ship.  I want to raid, and I love to raid with the people who left, so I’m going with them.  I’d already said how the RL (who is now my new GL) was one of the few RLs I’m comfortable asking stupid raid questions when I think of them.  Considering my current mental/emotional issues, that’s means a lot to me.

So no, I don’t terribly care if I kill the Lich King before Cataclysm drops.  It’s not the kills that I raid for.

The Road Goes Ever On

As the RL was explaining the about-to-leave situation on Vent, I noticed Murf was online via my RealID.  I told him I was finding myself at another guild exodus, except this time I was on the opposite side.  I told him it was mostly the raiders splitting off, and that the split seemed to originate (at least, from my perspective) from the officer core.

He told me that’s how the old Vanilla Robes split began. Not the split I witnessed, but one that happened before I even bought WoW.  One that a fair bit of the Robes I knew were present for.

I told him that I hope the friendships in <Conspiracy> and <Undying Resolution> are just as strong as the Robes’ were. Consider how the Robes survived for five years — FIVE YEARS under ONE guild tag — with multiple ex-Robes leaving and coming back again and again.  It still survives, I’m sure of it, if maybe not under that exact tag anymore.

So here’s to friends, old and new, same or different tag, playing or not.

Notes of Silly

I got my birthday entered right on the forums this time. (Last time, I switched the month & day by accident since the forum does it Europe-style.)

I’m still wearing my old Red Linen Shirt. Except during Gunship, of course.  Mothafockin Goblin Rocket Pack, gettin’ in my way.

The sad part is, my new guild tabard is TOTALLY CLASHING with my Red Linen Shirt. Blue?  Blue’s a really cool color, don’t get me wrong, but red is CLEARLY a better color for a tabard.  The gold?  Oh, the gold is just perfect.

I opened out with telling my guild about my blog. Previously, I’d just been sneaky and putting it in my guild signature.  But it’s obvious now.  (Also, ‘sup, Maer!)

I’m going to have to redo my toon/guild pages, again.  Oh, I’ll have fun, but just so you know when it changes on you.  I think I want to go back to emphasizing my realm-guild relationship. I was explaining to Lissanna on Twitter when I had a kerfluffle on Feathermoon that I’m pretty monogamous on servers when it comes to guilds. My alts are either in my main’s guild or they’re unguilded.  Even cross-faction; Sphaira, on Eonar, is guildless, because so far as I know, <The Gods of Eonar> don’t have a Horde doppelganger guild.  So if I ever say I’ve left a guild, but you know my toons haven’t moved from yours, you know it’s a whole ‘nother server that I’m talking about.

I’m quite aware that I posted yesterday about our Sindy 25 kill, and it’s got Conspiracy written all over it.  Well, Conspiracy totally did it, not UR, so it’s staying Conspiracy on the image forever.  The only other prettified kill shot I have for Conspiracy is Dreamwalker 25.  So here’s to great memories of killing Internet Dragons!

I’ve been talking more and logging on longer on Elune. I’m starting with just helping to stock the guild bank, mainly because I don’t find fishing as horrendously boring as my other guildies seem to.  I’m being social and liking it.  ZOMG!


Ye, Gods, That Was Fun!

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic

It’s my first one published.  I have drafts chilling somewhere of others, but this one…this one needs posting.

This one is important to me.

What Has WoW Taught You?

I almost wrote about confidence, since I’ve gained a fair amount through learning to tank and heal and even leading a raid event.

I almost wrote about teamwork, since my Robes often pugged people for raiding, and I’m quite comfortable with pugging.  Except for the jerks.  But I try to set an example.

I almost wrote about my virtual identity and whether my toons are separate characters from me or part of me or parts of me or separate from and part of me together.  How I relate to others on the internet and when the person begins and the character ends.

I almost wrote about gamer stigma, and how I basically ended a friendship because the other person wouldn’t respect that WoW friends are real friends, too.

I almost wrote about the brink of Cataclysm, how it will change warlocks as I know them, and how warlocks as I know them contribute to my identity.  Wondering what new transition and experience the new expansion will bring about.  When I started WoW, I was leveling Poneria in late BC.  Pone was my only toon.  Then Wrath hit, and I began raiding for the first times.  A year ago I began my first alts, Ama and a pally.  Now, I’m finishing off a 4th 80.  What is next?

But then Saturday came.  An event that was truly amazing and awesome and ridiculously happy and funny.  I realized I wanted to just capture the moment.  Forget the commentary on the various philosophies going on in sequence.  Forget the politics, forget the self-consciousness.  Just show the joy experienced.

If you need a name to call it by, I’m going to show you friendship.  It’s totally virtual, online.  I’ve never met any of these people face to face in my life.  So they’re not “real life” friends.

But they are REAL friends.

The Druid and the Dwarf

…got married. In real life, not quite yet, I think they have a week to go, but tonight they got married in WoW in a raid of friends.  As she asked later in the Blue Recluse, “How crazy is it that we’ve been playing with you guys for four years?”  I’ve only been playing with them for two, and then I left to raid elsewhere.

I love where I raid now for the raiding.  But I miss the Robes.  Though they are the Gods of Eonar now.

Whatever, y’all are Robes to me.  You’ll always be Robes to me.  I don’t know that I can word how the Robes make me feel.  Maybe when I’m older, I’ll finally put the words together.

I want to share a little bit of what the Robes mean to me.

(The videos were fraps’d & edited by the groom, Balthamus.)

(The videos sometimes aren’t loading when I try to refresh the page, so here’s the two links: The Ceremony, The Afterparty.)

The Ceremony

We met up at Fort Wildevar in Howling Fjords.  Most were Gods, though a few were former guildies and friends now wearing a different tag.  We even had the Murfs show up and return to the guild!

MURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRF! 😀  I love Murf!  Daring, dearly kind, and goofy, that’s how I see him and many Robes.

Wedding Vows

I felt a twinge of longing when we were making sure everyone was there before starting.  I was always the warlock, Poneria, and I always made sure everyone was there by going ahead and putting up the summoning stone.  But now Pone is on Elune, with only Astrape the shaman on Eonar, at 80 anyway.  Astrape is a different person, and yet she is the same me as Poneria.  Astrape is a new Poneria, the Gods are Robes anew.

I knew where we were going; I was helping the bride plan it when she thought of the place.  (I’m the fem-draenei in green.) I felt deeply honored to be the maid of honor. My first wedding ever.  I hope the rest are just as joyful.

The pet eagles were an awesome touch by our hunters. They went to go tame the eagles in the Fjord, just before the procession began.  The Druid and the Dwarf IRLly work/volunteer at a bird clinic, and for four years or so, they’ve shared with us a megathread of pictures and lessons about the birds.  The Druid said they’ll even have an eagle at the IRL wedding!  So the eagles were a fantastic touch to the altar.

We had an in-game priest, my favorite one of all, to do the ceremony.  She made a great macro’d speech to wed the two.  The vows were ridiculous yet beautiful.  I laughed and I cried a bit.

We celebrated with all kinds of toon abilities.  I popped Heroism, and Murf and I set up our totems to make the aisle.  The Hunters shot special shots and set an ice trap off to make the pathway special and to throw “flowers” on the bride as she walked up the aisle.  I do think it was great that the groom fraps’d the wedding, because you get to see the trading of the rings.  People brought kegs and flowers and sparkles and everything.  We got all dressed up, some of us, anyway!  It was fantastic!

The Afterparty

Perfect song!  The song wholly explains how I feel about the Robes / Gods — we’ve got a Good Thing Going And I Don’t Want To See It End.  That should explain the heartbreak I had when the Robes split and the pure happiness I felt when I finally rejoined the Gods.

We jumpstarted the afterparty by levitating / jumping off the mountainside.  A guildy jumped before getting levitate and smashed early on, and others jumped, but had levitate wear off before they reached the bottom!  I managed to survive with 15 seconds left.

The wedding party managed to not have a mage, so we all hearthed and reconvened at our traditional Robes meeting place — The Blue Recluse in Stormwind.  Partying commensed. Heroism, Consecrates, Death & Decays, D.I.S.C.O. balls, eagles!, kegs, cakes, pies, throwing of torches (because the bouquet was soulbound!)…

But the party was just getting started!

We had Gnomerathon without the gnomes.  We ran through the streets of Stormwind naked, yelling HAPPY WEDDING to the city.  We ran all the way over to King Wrynn and danced naked for him with a D.I.S.C.O. ball.  We then ran over to embarrass the High Priestess in the Cathedral.  From there we ran to the Tram and packed the trains, partying all the way to Ironforge.  We even had a stranger straggler, wtf’ing at us being naked.

But wait for it!  Here’s where the unexpected fun began!

When we arrived in Ironforge, we had just arrived in the Military district when the Local Defense channel broke out with shouts of Ironforge under attack!  So we ran to defend the King Magni Bronzebeard…


We don’t know if it was the other non-wedding-party killing the Horde properly or the OMGWTF AM I LAGGING GUYS? THEY’RE ALL NAKED surprise of our party bombing the assassination.  But the Horde were foiled! I even got a whisper to resurrect a guy, which I did, though I almost missed his whisper in all the excitement.  We then ran out to the bank, killing straggling Horde in front of the bank and things.  We finished our run around Ironforge at the behest of the bride, playing in the water and dancing in front of the Tram.  We ran like traditional Gnomerathon to Kharanos and there the party broke up, for the Gods had an ICC raid in half an hour.

I Will Remember This Always

This goes in my Youtube Favorites Folder.  This goes on here in my blog.  A Favorite Post, not because it’s spectacular writing but because it was a spectacular event that I always wish to remember and cherish. I took 458 screenshots throughout the night, and I’ve got a folder of 77 that tell the story, which I will remember to backup all 458 of them and keep forever and ever.

Congratulations to Fernleaf & Balthamus! I wish you many adventures and epic legendary happiness!

Ye, Gods, That Was Fun!

Probie speaks

Now, I know guild hopping is generally frowned upon … but when is it guild-hopping and when is it just natural movement?  – Tamarind

The Scarlet Robes were my first home.  I grew up there, meaning I leveled my first toon there.  Really, it does feel like growing up.  Y’know, when you think climbing on top of the monkey bars was SO BADASS when you were eight, and then you come back when you’re eighteen and you realize everything is shoulder-height or shorter.

Once I got comfortable and felt like one of the Robes, I started to see drama.  I probably created drama at some point, I don’t know.    Maybe I was one of those “nice” teenagers.


But when TSR self-wounded, I sat there trying to justify why I was transferring off to Elune.  To the Robes, but more importantly to myself.  I hated the abrupt leaving that so many did.  I didn’t want to just pour some more salt in an already badly wounded guild.

As I started to get comfortable in Conspiracy but also still visiting ol’ Eonar, it hit me while thinking of spring break.

<Conspiracy> is like college. I like the people there and I like being there, but it’s kind of like college in that most of my friends are also in one of my majors.  Or at least in my classes.  Or maybe friends of friends.  I like the peeps in Conspiracy because I like to raid, and so do they.  We raid.  I got recruited there, but it’s still a big pond of people I don’t know.

<The Scarlet Robes> is still home, though.  I go back there and log on, and I still get “Hey Meg” as opposed to “Hi Pon” or “Hey Poner(y/i)a.”  I can still remember old times, and it feels like…home.  Really that’s the only word that I can describe TSR with.  Home.

So…Tam’s question.  How can you tell whether your wanting to change guilds is guild-hopping or natural movement?

Is typing /gquit emotional or even painful to you? If it isn’t, you’re guild-hopping.

This is only my opinion, of course.  I could be just naive to the world and spouting off horse manure.

But guild-hopping is generally the ends justifies the means. I.e., you really don’t care that you’re in this particular guild.  You’re in this guild to get better gear or to get attention and praises or whatever it is you are hopping for.  So the /gquit for a guild-hopper is just another chat command advancing the ultimate goal.

For the rest of us, no matter whether we’re joining a guild for social solidarity or raiding, you join it for the community that is verbally abbreviated between the angle brackets.

I’m not going to sit here and define what types of “community” a guild can be.  That’s unique and personal, I think, so I’d be sitting here all day trying to cover it all.  But it’s definitely a community, the togetherness of the world. And like in the “real world,” there’s different circles of friends, you lose some friends, you gain some friends.

Particularly I remember a line from my favorite show, “Bones.”  Season 3, Episode 11, “Player Under Pressure,” if you want to know.  Here, I’ll quote it for you.

Bones: Even Cutler knew you were lying when you said you treated women like that under the bleachers.
Booth: Oh and you believed him?
Bones: Yes! Because you still remember that first girl’s name…*she finishes her shake* Let’s go.

So the point?  Bad memories, good memories, okayish memories, whatever…if you still remember the guild after you left, and not for the reasons of leaving or joining, it’s natural incompatibilty, possibly fixable possibly not, that was the reason you moved on.

Forgetting what the reason for leaving was is a better indication.

Probie speaks

Farewell, TSR: you were fantastic to me

I applied to Lissanna’s guild, <Conspiracy> on Elune-US and they’ve given me a go-ahead to try to prove myself.  Conspiracy, I plan to transfer tonight after I’ve said my goodbyes.

And I posted my goodbye post on the TSR forums.  Probably the last post I will ever make there, but I really hope that isn’t true.  I’m leaving some toons on Eonar, taking mainly my raiding ones to Elune.

I’m saying goodbye to TSR in-game tonight.  They’ve been my family, I can’t just leave it with a forum post.  It doesn’t feel right.

I figure an update to my about page will occur at some point.

I’m so sorry, Robes,

– Meg, HoT Furry Meg, Ele-Meg-Tal, Undead Meg, Pone, the firecracker, flaskmaker, bad punner, Tig’s college buddy, “she used colors in her app”

Farewell, TSR: you were fantastic to me

Saying Goodbye

It’s all I really want if you’re going to leave.

I don’t care if you’re leaving because you want to raid or somebody threatened you, but don’t you dare say you still love me and then just leave with a stupid obligatory goodbye forum post or one-liner in-game.


I don’t really know what the problem was that started the schism or what brought it about.  Thrax, the guy that called me a n00b the first time I saw Shatt on a friend’s computer screen in Chem lecture, was demanding some communication about the ICC25 raids and why he wasn’t invited.  He’s a dick half the time but he’s a competent raider, at least, I always thought.  He’s a dick, but I can ignore him, mainly because I know half the time it’s because he’s angry or he doesn’t mean it.

It’s like crude jokes in-game or with my guy friends.  I let them pull sexual innuendos out of everything I say and I go back and forth with them on it, but only because I know they don’t actually mean anything by it.  They would never actually hit on me or treat me dirty.  The same with Thrax.  I don’t really know, but I feel like despite his ability to be a complete asshole I felt like he would never actually go through with a lot of things.

Other people didn’t think so, I guess.  Whatever, people got pissy in the forums, Thrax said somebody threatened him in private, so he did it in public, in the thread.

Did I ever mention I was on the young end of the guild?  Yeah, Thrax is 30-something, he acted like he was 3.  Other people involved are as old or older than him, they acted like they were 3.

I thought it was going to be another drama llama and then we’d all just laugh about it 2 weeks later in some Naxx alt raid for kicks.


Every day I log on, my loading screen takes forever.  Probably because I have so many addons.  But I go visit the guild forums every day during that loading screen or when I just wake up.  Every day.  It’s often the first site I go to every day.  I mean, Google is my homepage, but before I hit up Twitter, before I hit up Facebook, before I open Thunderbird, before I go to Blackboard to find out I forgot to do X Homework…every day the first thing I do on the internet is TSR.

So I pull up the forums and there it is.  Cat-fight.  Omfg, wtf, geezus guys, I log on expecting to go wtf? and get a oh, it’s just drama again, /angry, words, /sigh, okay I still love you guys, what was I thinking, lolwut.

I got “Ed has promoted Rob to be the new Guild Master.”  [G][-Ed-]: I’ll see you guys on the forums. Ed has left the guild.”



This is ED. ED!  Mr. Cool.  Complete one-fucking-eighty for him to leave, in my mind.  I swear, the amount of shit he put up with in raids and Vent and guild and he still kept a cool head.  Only after raiding with him for a long time could I begin to tell when he was getting frustrated.  Actually, it was only after I took a stab at raid leading.  He was Mr. Cool, my role model for keeping a level head while dealing with drama in the game.

And he fucking left. Supposedly due to Thrax, who is known for his asshattery.  I say supposedly because it really doesn’t feel like it was just because of Thrax.

For the rest of the day I got to watch as forum and in-game /gquits commenced.  I didn’t want to log off or afk in fear that I would miss saying goodbye to someone. Not that they really said goodbye.  Steve, Mary, Ed, Sean, Dave, Daniel…all gone.  They all have five bazillion alts, too.  Do you know what that looks like?

Once, Kel-Greg got hacked.  Kel has like five bazillion alts, mainly because he’s been around since TSR was born, I swear, so half of them are almost bank-alts reborn.  The day he got hacked we were waiting around for a healer or something to finish out a raid, and boom, he logs on.  Hey! Kel! Come heal for us! etc.

But he never answers.  Switches toons even.  Kel?  Kel, man, come on, come heal for us.  No answers.

The sleezeball logged on and off Kel’s various alts for about two hours, selling off his stuff and mail the gold to somewhere else.

And we got to watch.  And couldn’t do anything about it except watch and take screenshots hoping Blizz would give Kel his stuff back.  Though, I’ve never been raped personally, after watching someone be hacked in WoW, it’s the closest I can get to feeling like I just watched someone get raped.

When half your guild leaves, and they remove all their alts, you get to watch.  Helpless.  You can’t do squat.  They keep telling you it’s not your fault, but, omg, it totally feels like it.

As they quit the guild, they keep telling you they still love you.


The day/night before this, I had been engaged and listening to the Twisted Nether Blogcast with Miss Medicina guesting.  I took notes and figured I’d do sort of my commentary on her interview.  One of the questions asked was what was your Greatest WoW Achievement ever.  Hers was putting together a successful ICC 10man that raids two hours a week (in the same night) and is up to Festergut.

Yeah that’s pretty awesome.

My Greatest WoW Achievement ever was getting my Dreadsteed of Xoroth.


Why?  I got it done when it was still a quest.  I solo’d my way  “growing up” in WoW.  Aside from sharing green text with TSR, I didn’t really feel part of TSR, just kind of Tig’s RL friend who happened to joined and could read about adventures in Kara.  I knew the dreadsteed quest involved a crapton of mats, only some of which came from my professions of tailoring and enchanting.  It also involved a few dungeons, including the culminating step.

I needed people.  So I asked on the guild forums for help.  Small, shy, I know you might point me toward the mats, but I’ll need to get them myself.  I might have to badger people into going to get the dungeons done, because, pfttt, who does Dire Maul anymore?

Within a couple of days, my guild practically dropped everything I needed for the quest in my lap. No questions asked.  Although you HAVE to complete the quests for the ritual items, we used Roliat’s old items.  I think we even did the pally charger quest at some point during the dungeoning.

I still remember riding on my felsteed up through the Burning Steppes on my way to complete the final final final step.  Y’know, the Alliance flightpoint is down in the southeast corner of the map, and the warlock dude is way way way up in the northwest corner, and no, you can’t just fly like the crow riding over there.  It was epic.  I felt epic. And then I handed it in.  And had plenty of laughs involving as many sexual innuendos as possible involving fire, reins, steed, thrusting, etc. with Thrax in guild chat.

When I feel down in Wrath of the Lich King, one of the ways I still cheer myself up is to look up my Dreadsteed of Xoroth Feat of Strength achievement.

My guild helped me get it.  My. Guild.  My. My guild.

My Greatest WoW Achievement EVAR was the day I felt like a Robe and a Warlock at the same damn time. Chest pieces are pretty, but I wear my tabard with pride, and talbuks are pretty, but my Dreadsteed is the one on my mount macro.


My tabard is my WoW blanky.

I started WoW because of a Robe RL friend.  I was born in the Robes.  I’ve grown up in the Robes.  I matured in the Robes, as a Robe.

It’s so old and stained and patched up.  There are tears in it, laughing ones and sad ones.  I’ve sneezed on it.  I’ve wiped blood off my felpuppy’s cheeks with it.  I’ve held it over my head when it rained AGAIN in Duskwood.  I’ve used it as a fan while grinding Cenarion Circle rep in Silithus. I wore it when I dinged 70, I wore it when I dinged 80.  I criticized gear appearance because it made my tabard look bad.

I wear a Red Linen Shirt ever since I’ve been able to make Red Linen Shirts, because isn’t that what a proper Scarlet Robe should wear under her tabard?

Y’know when you ding the real life 16 or 17 or 18 or 31 and your parents tell you it’s time to throw that old thing away?  And you totally can’t.  At first you totally can’t because it’s your BLANKY, enough said.  Why can’t they get that.  And then it’s because you KNOW it’s old, its time is gone, and you SHOULD just throw it away or donate it or whatever…but you can’t.  Because it’s a part of you.

My tabard is a part of me, goddamnit.

And yet, I realize maybe I should put it away.  I want to raid and see some content.  The people who are left in the Robes, well, they’re awesome people, and yeah, we could raid, but the majority just don’t.  Some of them, Patrick & Leah, were top-end, yes.  Some others, not so much.  It wasn’t that they didn’t try, but it just wasn’t the right attitude.

So part of me wants to go, because it realizes I might not be happy here.

Might not.  Well, it took me a while to figure out that raiding is not the actual end-game.  Not to me, anyway.  My guild is the end-game. Playing with people I care about, even though I’ve never met them beyond their online avatars.  Right now, my end-game feels scattered to the winds.  There, but not all together.

But my tabard is still my blanky.  I still have memories of the Scarlet Robes, some of them with the people who left and some still with the people still tagger <The Scarlet Robes>.  I don’t want to leave.  I don’t want to say goodbye.

I can’t even phrase goodbye, right now. And I know how it hurt that people never really said goodbye, except in a forum post or one-liner before “___ left the guild.”  I don’t want to hurt the friends still here.  Because I would be saying I’m leaving and still loving them, but leaving doesn’t feel like loving at all.

Lost Puppy

I feel like a lost puppy.  Originally I felt, to rephrase Leah, like a puppy in the middle of a divorce.  Both sides saying, “C’mere, girl, c’mon!” and using me as proof the other sucked.  And me, sitting, panting in the middle of the room, switching form looking at one to looking at the other, with that sad face on my face that says, “But, why can’t I have both?  Why this now?”

Now that the one parent left, I don’t want to diss the parent I have left by saying you’re not good enough.  Because you’re not.  You’re amazing.  But it doesn’t feel the same anymore, and I want that family bond back.

An old Robe comes back on the forums every once in a while, and as this all went on, he posted a little bit about What Are the Robes?.  He said a friend of his, an ex-Robe of long past, had been through 14 guilds since.  Fourteen.  And not once has he encountered a bond in a guild as strong as The Scarlet Robes.

So, here’s one lost puppy, LF a Robe-strong WoW family.  She likes to play catch in demonic portals, pick Lifeblooms, and Maul unsuspecting skeletons.  She might go home with you, or she might stay with her Tattered Robes as they rebuild.  She really doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Saying Goodbye