Second Warlock

I have two druids.  I’ve had two druids for quite some time.  Amadruada used to be cat with the intention of tree at endgame when she leveled, then she became bear/tree at 80, and when I moved to Elune, I rolled another druid in Cataclysm so I could have a feral druid and a caster druid without having to keep up with the drastically different gearsets.  Except, I still keep two different gearsets for each druid, though my moonkin/tree one overlaps more than my feral sets (I’m anal-retentive about my reforging).

But I’ve not had a second warlock.  I’ve tried to have a second warlock; I remember reading about Keeva’s six, seven, eight bazillion druids.  But every time I rolled another warlock, I’d get excited about things I’d be doing later at cap level, so why don’t I just go log onto my maxed out warlock?

Our guild is only a few race/class combos short of the 8th guild bank tab.  (Half of the combos are mage.  LOL)  One of the missing was a dwarf warlock.  An officer –who has five bazillion alts himself — asked me if I’d be willing & able to level up a dwarf warlock, since I’m a bit of a beast at leveling alts (relative to my guildmates, at least).

So that’s what I’m doing.  Chobole (χοβολη — “ember” / χοβολεις — “embers”) was intended to be a destro warlock.  And I kept him destruction.  Until level 32 or something.

I wanted to know if affliction leveling had changed since I last leveled an affliction warlock.  That was back in the last year of Burning Crusade.  Quite a while ago.


Same old fun. It was like finding an old friend, cliche as that is.  I don’t have all of my bar set up yet, but everything was just instantly and thoroughly familiar.

This switch happened around the time I was getting annoyed by the Blood Pact column not reading beyond the skin of sims and Cynwise exploring motivations.  It only confirmed things, really.  I love affliction.  So I play affliction and I make it work where other people say it shouldn’t or doesn’t.

I’m contemplating making an affliction warlock leveling guide when Mists comes out.  There’s not much to it now — and, probably, there won’t be much to it in Mists — but I love affliction, so it’s going to happen.  There will be talent discussion for which is better at level 15.  There will be gearing guides later on.  I also figure that instead of the pet PvP or Destro toon I originally intended Chobole to be, he’ll become my just-dinged gear project.  I might even completely delete him and then reroll him exactly the same, just to do the whole leveling process again.

As I try to gear up old alts mid-expansion — that is, after the blues of heroics become forgotten by the general populace — I keep wanting to have a quick ding-to-raid gearlist, or gear progression list, along with some expectation of what DPS to pull with what gear tier.  As a career warlock, I can eyeball stuff on my own, but it’s refreshing on my moonkin or mage or rogue to know that my seemingly low DPS is just fine for my vastly outdated gear.

But I never kept all my heroics stuff on Pon, nor do I really have space to start.

The other thing Chobole might become is a bank alt.  Maybe.  I like the leveling gear list idea better.

Anyway, he’s level 50 with a total /played of just under a day (23 hours, 25 minutes, 34 seconds, if you really want to know).  No, I’m not addicted.  I can stop anytime I want to.  (Don’t want to!)

I am somewhat “cheating” with a couple heirlooms — which is fine by me, because the end goal is getting to 85 (& Honored with the guild) ASAP.  I call it “cheating,” since I normally do no heirlooms and no guild until the 30s-50s when the time between levels starts to lengthen a bit.  I don’t mind heirlooms when I’m out for speed leveling.

A Tip for First-Time Afflocks 

DoTs are for chain-pulling.

Once had a friend level a shadow priest and said that DoT classes are boring to leveling, because you DoT the mob up and then you just sit there as it finally draws its last breath and dies.

If you’re single-pulling mobs as affliction (some elite/tricky pulls excluded), you’re doing it a tad wrong.  Or maybe not “wrong,” persay, just “unfun.”

Really, once you get you full complement of DoTs — Unstable Affliction (10), Corruption (4), Bane of Agony (12) — you’re set to pull multiple mobs at once.  If you want to be safe about it, you can wait until you’re 2/2 Siphon Life (Corruption’s damage heals you), which is level 25 to fill that out.

Actually, my rule is once your pet can comfortably tank the mob for you, you’re set, and that happens right at level one.  During leveling, even the DPS pets will overthreat you, at least for a long while, and you can easily drain-tank it via your pet using Health Funnel.  I’m level 50 and my felhunter still largely holds threat on me.  Of course, once you hit a mob with about 2 shadow bolts + a full 3 DoTs, you’ll earn threat, but the mob should be about dead by then.

Also, Agony when leveling, not Doom.  Stuff hardly lasts long enough for Doom to pop once, let alone all 4 ticks.

This has nothing to do with DoTs. I just wish there were more puzzle quests like this one.

How many mobs can you pull?  Three is my number, though it’s not a full three most of the time.  By the time you start to DoT up the third mob, the first one should be under half health if not already about dead by your pet.  Only every once in a while — due to your pet changing targets prematurely via the AI of the Assist pet function — will you actually have all three mobs trying to kill you.  And even then?  You can drain-tank with Drain Life, or you can have some fun by Fearing one (or two with Howl / Death Coil).

During your leveling, you’ll find your comfort number of pulls, and really, it can vary by mob.  There are some mobs I’ll pull five of and not care; there are some I’d be careful about pulling two.  Some you can DoT up and forget about and your pet will finish them off.  Some you go back to DoT a second time (which gets into great practice for multidotting).

If you’ve played a tank before, you can even get into that mindset again.  Your pet becomes the faithful DPS, who can be directed to attack a mentally-marked Skull, while you keep threat on (i.e. DoT up) other mobs until your pet is ready.  This is especially true with ranged mobs.

Once you get the hang of chain-pulling without dying, you become aware of pats and order of clearing, which becomes at least somewhat useful later in dungeons when dungeons are moderately difficult for you.  It also becomes gloriously useful in efficient dailies, when you can path out the most efficient kill + loot path for you.  Later on, you can apply it to multidotting in raiding, even if Blizz wants to kill multidotting in Mists.

You’re a clothy — a tad fragile when mobs get up in your grill.  You’re a DPS, though, as affliction, you have a fair bit of self-healing behind you.  Sure, you can be careful and pull mobs one by one, carefully DPSing them down by the EJ Book, and that’ll do you good.  But that’s the unfun way.

Remember, you wield the forces of Fel and Shadow.

Live a little, c’monnnnn.

Second Warlock

For Your Fel Intel

After reading Beru’s post on multiple sources and the comments that followed, I’ve decided to take a bit of a plunge.  It feels largely like a plunge because I’m going to label it like a guide, and then I’ll cross my fingers until my knuckles grow white that I’m not guiding new locks in the wrong direction.

No Nose Snubbing Here

I don’t like untentionally annoying or pissing off people.  Pffft, okay, nobody does, but I seem to have a particular knack for it in the eye-arr-ell.  (Yes, I’m aware saying “in IRL” is like saying “PIN number.”  Sssssh!) Today’s culture also seems, to me at least, to take things very personally without or with very little context, and there’s always a contest of some sort, and people won’t drop things until they “win.”

However “win” is defined.

I’m tired of competing to “win.”  So I’m trying to convince myself to do this for myself, which usually ends up being my scratchbook for figuring things out.  Because that’s what I do in my free time, I fiddle with things and do puzzles without the box.

I really don’t mean to sound like an ass by saying, “I solve puzzles without the box,” or “I level without heirlooms.”  There’s no mental or hypothetical “/flex” at the end of those statements. It’s just what I do, and I feel like I have to add on “without the box” or “without heirlooms,” because otherwise people just go on about heirlooms or how those murder-solve puzzles where the box picture isn’t the puzzle picture are so annoying, which I really really don’t care about.

“Lemme ‘splain.  … No, there is too much.  Lemme sum up.”

I find playing the way I do as fun.  I’m up for trying things, but if I don’t like a way, I won’t do it that way. I encourage the same.

I personally found affliction fucking awesome to play when I first tried it as I leveled.  I still find it fucking awesome to play.  I don’t dual-spec myself affliction just to snub my nose at the other two specs.  I dual-spec affliction because I love PvE affliction and affliction PvP made me not hate PvP so much.  (Well, affliction PvP and a podcast episode.  Okay, mostly the episode and some really cool BG maps.)

If you don’t like affliction, if affliction makes you scream at your computer screen in blinding rage…then…don’t…play it.  I won’t hate you for it.  There’s this demonology lock in UR who is BAD ASS in my opinion.  Ridiculously good.  AKA “Dude, I might go try demo if it’s THAT cool.”

My aspiration is set at doing that for someone else.  Maybe it’s a bit too high of a star to gaze at, but stargazing’s fun, right?

For Your Fel Intel

I was looking at Keeva’s 4.0 Druid Healing Guide, but mostly the icon, because I’ve not played my tree in so very long and I don’t know when I’ll pick her back up again. I’m not sure if I’ll make an icon or just leave it as a text link on the side. Icons are fun! But FYFI is what I’m planning on calling it.

Because I thought it was at least half-punny on FYI.

Because I figure “information” is a better way to put it than “>> HEY, DO IT THIS WAY OR YOU SUCK <<“.  Not that any guides I’ve seen on the blogosphere do that (well, except those “Keyboarders are slow” ones), but like I said earlier, I have a knack at coming off in that rude way by accident. Information can be collected and then later rejected if desired.  It’s not a do or die thing.  I’m not going to be offended if you decide to use someone else’s way of doing things or even if you make your own.

Wiki-d Setup

(Reading that as “wickeed” just ruins the pun.  Gosh.)

For Power Auras and macros, I’ve already started to experiment with a wiki-style format, since freebo WordPress doesn’t give much options for hiding humongous blocks of code (aura import sets, e.g.).  Instead you just get textwalls of non-formatted code, maybe in little code boxes, but nevertheless…blwaaahhhh.  It looks bloated whenever I try to do it just on the blog.

I found a freebo wiki (I like being a cheapo!) that I can set up, and it’s already cool because a) I can change the CSS of the whole wiki if I want, for no charge, and b) the wiki lets me use little widgets like those really cool collapsible blocks of text (+ show / – hide toggles and such).  So you can go grab the import code you want, but it doesn’t look BLWAAAHHHH on the page.

Now that I’ll be jumping into this expansion as a raider, I might even start putting up boss guides for warlocks.  Raiding, but also instancing, because with raiding you do get a certain kind of consistency going, but in 5mans, especially through LFD, sometimes you have to switch tactics depending on your groupmates, be it class or gear that’s the difference.

This Ain’t Math Class

I’ve been told in the past (specifically by a healer) that I was a “good warlock.”I think at the time it meant I didn’t life tap myself to death or pull threat just because I could or sacrifice group utility to the meter gods.

So realize that I’m not out to theorycraft my way to the best DPS numbers I can output.  Besides, judging by the last time I tried to read EJ’s Theorycrafting 101, by December they might have it updated to patch 3.0.1.  (Oh! Burn! But it’s SO TRUE!)

I’m out to present how not to drop your fel ass in the bee pit. Also how to find yourself some demonic aloe if you do happen to step on the wrong side of the Dark (Bee) Portal.

So here’s hoping I won’t be blogospherically Hellfiring myself by accident.

For Your Fel Intel

Rerolling Around

Serious question at the bottom. 🙂  (btw, Xeny is now 80.)

Sphaira, the Original

Her name means “bubble.” Please don’t make me tell you that it also means “sphere.” (OMG NO WAI)  I would have to facepalm at that moment.

Sphaira was originally a blood elf and she got to level 54 through the Dungeon Finder and the Battlegrounds.  I stayed in a city when I was not doing one of those thing because she was on a PvP server, and I suck at world PvP.  Especially when it’s some asshole level 80 rogue ganking my level 28 butt that is questing and MINDING ITS OWN GODDAMN BUSINESS in Dustwallow.  >.>  Jerk.

She no longer exists, but that’s okay, because the person I was playing with on her, pretty much exclusively, doesn’t play WoW right now.

So I’m rerolling her — she was a disc priest — as a shadow priest (maybe disc offspec…when I get there), and she’s on my “home” server, Eonar, which is PvE.

So I can quest without dying for no reason. 🙂 YAY

Also, I’m going Horde because death knights are boring, and the whole “first Horde toon of mine on this server” pretty much cuts me off from heirlooms and free gold.  So I get the raw experience, like when I leveled Poneria.

Spha’s Trollin’

Trolls rock. 🙂

I feel sexy as a female troll. She looks powerful yet graceful to me.  She could totally smirk and melt your face off, I think.

(I dance like the female troll.  I sleep like the female troll.  I have hair like the female troll — except it’s not dyed a funky color.  I might just be a female troll IRL.)

Call me cliche, but I love the pale blue troll with lots of white boob-length hair.  Way closer to my own hairstyle, except mine’s not braided, just straight.  (Clue: I once cut off 13″ for Locks of Love and my hair was still shoulder-length.  I need to do that again soon.)

The chick troll hairstyles aren’t as awesome (though I bet they’ll grow on me), but the COLORS, oh man, I LOVE the troll hair colors. I can’t pick one!  (Well, okay, I’m picking white…for now, anyway…)

I remember enchanting making Pone broke for most of leveling.  So tailoring and…I don’t know what else.  Tailoring is for BAGS…mostly.  And a carpet.  But I’m still going enchanting / tailoring.  I’ve been selling a bit of the things I make (*cough* bags *cough*) and random non-DE’d loot and white items I pick up while questing (like meat, or herbs / ore / leather from chests, or elixir rewards I won’t use).  Hopefully I won’t go too broke from leveling enchanting.

Priests Don’t Get Osteoporosis

Being out in the sun all day in the Barrens, plus drinking all that Ice Cold Milk.  Don’t have energy, though, since I haven’t been eating many carbs or meat.  Don’t have any rage either because I’m shielded from conflict.

Perks of a healing class, I guess.

I was level 15 and I’d drunk 187 beverages.

132 of them are Ice Cold Milk.


Get those priests on some old Got Milk? ads.

I managed to pick up Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain, and I picked up the Spirit Tap talents, because I don’t want to drink after every pull.  Which is what was happening before I got those things.  I don’t want to hear it about how I’m picking the wrong leveling spec; this is the way I level.  I just go with how I think it should go and see how close I get to the theorycrafty version.

But only once I’ve dinged 80.

It’s more fun that way. Kind of like one of those mystery puzzles.  Y’know, the ones where the box cover totally doesn’t match the actual puzzle, but you need to solve the puzzle to get the final clues for the one-to-two-page mystery story they include in the box.

Yeah. Like that.

Though, I will admit, I have looked at in the Newcomer Forums to look at the rotation *ahem*, I mean, priority system, to see exactly which spells are pretty cool even if they’re “ehhhhhh” right now.

Class Forums — In or Ex

The mage and shaman communities have been excited this past week to watch the beginnings of their own communities, a la Tankspot, PlusHeal, The Warlocks’ Den, and  While I don’t have a mage, I have a shaman, and she is electrified by playing elemental (also resto).  I have a bunch of shaman blogs in my feedreader, much like I acquired the buttload of druid and healer blogs when I leveled Ama (& Xeny added some moonkin blogs!).

I’ve branded myself a warlock.  I am a warlock, though sometimes I’m a bit too nice for my fellows to handle.  This is a warlock blog. My main will always be a warlock, and I’ll be into that theorycrafting the most.  If I were to only raid on one toon (which I do at the moment), it would be my warlock.

Can I join the other communities?

I feel like maybe this is a stupid question, knowing that the mage & shaman communities were set up by bloggers, whom I already read, and if the SAN community is any indication, the answer is “DUH OF COURSE YOU CAN.”

I’d still feel a bit of an outsider.  I mean, I’m not a shadow priest or a tank or a shaman at heart.  It’s not part of my identity.  Warlockery feels like it’s part of my identity in WoW.  I can’t not like warlocks.  Bad warlocks can make me facepalm, but I can’t hate them.  (Mages…I can hate mages. =P)

I lurk for the most part, as well.  Even in guild forums.  On blogs, even.  You’d think I was a rogue, maybe, but I’m a warlock.

I’ve been lurking for a bit in the official WoW warlock forums.  I don’t feel like the Uber Theorycrafter, because while I do know the insides and outs of affliction PvE, that’s … I mean, I don’t even know affliction PvP very well, nevermind the other two specs.  I’m not super wicked, I’m even nice some of the time.  So…I don’t know if I’ll ever show in WoW forums, really.

So I’m curious.

Do any of you readers belong to class/spec/role communities other than your main’s, or are you pretty much your main’s spot?  I know Keeva has five million druids, whereas Psynister has pretty much one of everything.  I know that you could be in a shaman community while also in PlusHeal, if you’re a healy shaman, but I mean for classes/specs/roles that are different enough.  Even beyond things like Tankspot has some healer things (Aliena comes to mind).  Like a dual-enh shaman also contributing to PlusHeal.

Do you contribute equally (I do, I lurk in all of mine =P) or are you a newbie in one while an expert in another?  Are you a lurker, like me, or are you a regular poster?

If I do poke my head in on, say, Totemspot (because no way am I going to Magespot), do I sign up as Poneria, since that’s most recognizably me?  Or should I stick to my shaman’s name, Astrape? Do you have different names for different communities, or do you just have one, universal handle/nickname?

I told you, I’m curious, so please discuss. 🙂

Rerolling Around

4th 80 & Bits

(nnnnnngggg Multishot fudged the screenshot. >.>)

Yeah, it’s kinda weird that I have more druids than I do warlocks, but maybe that’s an indication of how much I love affliction how it is.

Also, the new warlock beta talents look way better than they were!  Some new abilities in there, though I’m sad that Dark Pact is gone from talents (maybe in abilities??? please???).

But I have plans.

Next Toon to 80

I’ve figured out that I love casters.  I don’t know why, but I figure if I really do love casters, I ought to have one of each of the DPS and maybe some of all the healers.  Out of DPS I’m missing a mage and a spriest, and out of healers I’m missing the priests and a pally.  I figure I can level priests like I did for druids — two of them — and either have a heal/dps x2 or a pure heals & dps/whatever.  Mages…

I’ve tried mages.  Really, I have.  I can’t get past about level 14 or so because they go oom just staring at mobs.  Which is totally ANNOYING when you’re questing.  Like, not even the orange quests.  And priests, they go oom too, but I had luck on the belf priest by dungeoning & healing.

I think a priest is next.

Yes, I know Cataclysm is “coming,” but it won’t be here for a few months, and I can definitely level something in that time.

Blog Cleaning

Uhhh, my categories and tags, that is.  So if stuff moves (not that feedreader people can tell), don’t worry, it’ll get settled at some point.  I don’t know if this is my occasional UI twitch at work or if I’m doing some weird nesting gig in order to get ready for Cataclysm guide posting.

Because, y’know, everything’s changing, so I can actually do a leveling guide or a talents guide or something dealing with warlockery advice without repeating what the rest of the blogosphere has been saying for 3 expansions.

4th 80 & Bits

Leveling a Roleplayer

Many topics & events are popping up in the SAN forums. One of them was since a good majority of the bloggers rerolled a brand new toon on a strange server rather than transferring, we’re all back at square one level-wise. So why not blog about leveling whatever toon you picked?

Well, I figured I’d pick a warlock and name her Poneria so there was no confusion. And despite leveling a warlock demo this time instead of affliction, it’s still really the same. So I thought, hey, why not learn to RP, too! Except that Poneria is firmly stuck in my head as my main, and while, yeah, I figure I could just write another story with the same name, it feels…dirty and wrong. For one, I can’t remember all the stories I had with The Scarlet Robes. Yeah, I would have to include TSR adventures because it feels like a part of my main.

But the TSR I knew isn’t on Argent Dawn. So…it feels wrong to roleplay my old warlock anew.

New toon then? But what? Though I have an urge to play a male dwarf (I normally play female toons & I don’t like the female dwarf model, hence, no dwarven toons for me), possibly a paladin, I have several qualms.

  1. A male dwarf is cross-gender for me, and I’m not terribly confident that I understand a guy’s personality beyond the stereotypical protector personality.  So go figure, a paladin.
  2. My other favorite stereotype personality to attempt roleplay is an evil character, though I would sincerely try to justify his/her evilness whether by logic or personality or history.  However, evil characters are either DKs (reformed evil or perhaps not so reformed) or warlocks (see above for dilemma of persona).
  3. I can only think of stereotypes?  Or are these archetypes, I can’t tell.
  4. I’m not too sure I have the Scottish accent down, or hell, even writing accents in general. So I feel like maybe I ought to just stick to a human, where I can get away with not having a specific accent.
  5. My experience has been either event-based (forum-RP) or it was my own fanfiction, so given a prompt, I believe I can RP well enough.  It’s the LARPing I’m afraid is hard.
  6. My previous written characters were so totally Mary Sue.  This is bad.
  7. I want to hang out with SAN, but also I want to try RP.  Which would be kind of weird to explain why my WoW character is in a guild called Single Abstract Noun.  Of course, the obvious solution is to leave my baby Poneria in SAN and then RP elsewhere, whether it’s on AD or not.

Although this feels like I’m ripping off Psynister and creating my own notebook of leveling a roleplayer, it’s what I would like to do.  It’ll give me space to ask for out-of-game feedback or to experiment or to gather my research together or whatever purposes.

I think my first step is to explore the forums and blogs surrounding RP in WoW and then my second step is to develop the basics of a character to play.  Musings to come!

Leveling a Roleplayer

LF guides: leveling as pvp disc

It’s what I’ve been doing all spring break.

First off, I don’t quest on my priest.  Why?  Because she’s on a PvP server and the last time I quested on that server (on my defunct warlock), I got ganked by this one skulled rogue that just one-shotted me repeatedly while I’m trying to do a quest, not even bothering him.  I mean, seriously?  THE FUCK?  LEAVE ME ALONE, BUTTERCUP.

Go figure, I prefer to play on PvE servers mainly.

So my leveling experience consists entirely of LFD or BGs. The 0-3 bracket in BGs consists mostly of dying, which is not fun, so those four levels get spent in LFD.  Then when I hit 4-6, I’m okay so long as I tag alongside my favorite warrior.  Or if he’s gone off to do some BG achiev, which he’s been doing recently, I go find a nice 7-9 who will take care of me.  When I hit 7-9 I guess I don’t get raped as much by the paladin/rogue/warrior/spriest so I can be stupider bolder and venture out of the flag room.

Warriors & rogues & paladins were “OMFG GET IT OFF ME KILL IT KILL IT KILL  IT WEAKENED SOUL & MY FEAR ON CD KILL IT NAO k thnx vm I’m cool now, here, have a fort buff as a token of my gratitude. /omnommana.”  They still are but…

Spriests. My Gawd. They are now kill on sight. Friggin dispelling my buffs & stuff BWUH.  WSG, the Alliance had in the bag.  So the twin spriests decided to come and rape me ANYWAY for the last of it while mocking me with emotes.

I’m so sorry your self-esteem depends on having to outnumber, outgear (I know what the staff looks like now), & outlevel me in order to defeat my solitary non-heriloomed healing-specced clothy.

Anywho.  Enough with the dickwaving. Onward to the quest.

I’m dinging a little slower now, and each one comes I go look in my talent spec and go “BWUH WHICH ONE” and just kind of pick with my gut.  But I still feel like maybe I’m sucking at which talents are awesome for PvP and which aren’t.  This is my first real PvP toon.

So I’m trying to find guides for leveling as a disc PvPer, but most of the PvP guides I find are level 80 arenas.  Help?? I currently have this spec after getting my bubbles & buffs blown off by spriests in BGs, plus an empty major glyph slot (glyphs are tiny bit expensive for a mid-level AH tard).

Any PvPing priests out there that can help a lowbie out?

Also, I just realized the next BG bracket will include DKs.  Sooooo not looking forward to being Death Gripped & Strangulated.

LF guides: leveling as pvp disc