[fic] Boots

This snatch of story has been stuck in my head, but only pelting me with pieces at a time.  Never the same piece twice, too.  Yeah, it’s small, but it’s been warped a bit from its original slices.

Xeny poked her head around the stone pillar.  The Temple Gardens were one of her sister’s favorite places to go.  Sometimes the elder druid would walk in the Temple of the Moon, since it was so quiet and peaceful, but many a feline nap was spent in the small grassy room off the Temple grounds.

Four stepping stones in knelt a night elf with pale blue skin and a long mane of dark blue hair.  Beside her was a massive polearm wedged into the ground by its blade.  The gold-trimmed weapon was easily as tall as the elf herself.

“Ama?”  Xeny asked in a timid tone, unsure that it was her sister and not a meditating priestess.

The elf turned to look behind her and flashed the young druid a smile.

“AMA!”  Xeny bounded in, soon covered in downy purple feathers.  The blue night elf stood up, gripping the polearm around its shaft for support, to meet the moonchick.  The familiar red shadow markings soon disappeared into her feathery girth.  She soon heard a purring noise followed by a tickle directly on her tummy.


The moonkin fell backwards and rolled around, trying in vain to get the black cat to stop tickling her.  The cat continued to press her nose in and blow the feathers playfully back.

“HAHAHAHAHAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAAAA stop it! HEEHEEEHHEEEEEHEEEEEE!”  The moonkin continued to curl up and giggle after the cat jumped off.  The cat rolled over, belly-up and curled around backwards as she shifted out to face the moonkin.  The long dark blue mane of elf hair splayed out over the soft garden grass.

“So, enjoying the winds?” The elder druid smiled and picked a flower off the ground.  She brought it to her nose on top of her chest and breathed in the fragrance.

The moonkin’s laughter subsided and she too rolled onto her side.

“Flying?  It’s…better now.  I still prefer the ground, though.”

“I’d hoped I’d caught my verdant sister before she came back oaken strong.”  The elder druid laughed, though came out more like a bark.

Xeny folded her feathery arms and tried hard to glare at her sister.  A giggle escaped her beak and she clamped her hands to it, muffling the second and third chuckles.

“Come on, Moonchick!  Let me see your boots.”

“Oh, these?  They’re old and worn.”

“Good thing I brought you new ones, then.”

“New wo–” Xeny shifted out startled and jumped to her knees.  She turned to see armor laid out on the grass where the elder druid had previously been kneeling. “Wait, no, Ama, I can’t!  I don’t know how to heal yet!”

“Relax, moonchick.  Don’t get your feathers in a spitswad just yet.  Spells can come later.  I’m just giving you new leather for it.”

Xeny spotted the boots lying in the middle of the armor set.  Below the ankle they were black like tar, with an extra layer of dark gold leather over the toes for protection.  Bulbous around the calves, the golden tops met her kneecaps.  The golden design swirled around her shins on the black leather.


“Mmmm so was the friend who gave them to me.  The old tabard matched better, though.”

“Old tabard?”

Ama stood up and yanked the polearm out of the ground.

“Never mind.  I just live in a different part of the forest now that I used to.  That’s all.”

Xeny pulled out her set of frostweave bandages and tore off a scrap.  She hocked up a swig of saliva from her throat and spat into the torn bandage.  She then took the bandage in hand with the intent to clean the boots a bit better.


Xeny held the wet cloth back and looked up at her sister.

Ama bent and grabbed the gold and black boots with a hand.  She peered at the dirtied gold design and smiled.  Shaking her head she patted the boots and hoisted them up on a hip under her arm.

“Nah.  You can use these ones instead.”  She kicked at some newer knee-highs that were a tarnished color of gold.  Xeny pulled one over with her four fingers and the heavy leather weight fell onto the grass.  It looked quite brand new to her.

“But, Ama, you’ve barely worn these!” Xeny protested.  She pulled up the boot by the shin and wiped off the soft soil.

“Yeah,” the feral druid replied.  “They just don’t have the same kick t’ ‘m as the old boots did.”

[fic] Boots

Felpuppy Love

So…since Blizz buffed the felpuppy, I’ve been using him more instead of the imp.  Except in certain cases like Keristrazsa where he dies in the first few seconds because the AI doesn’t jump.

Seriously, Blizz needs to fix that. Or at least let all pet-owning classes get an instant-cast summon pet spell like the DK’s.  It’s really retarded when I get chewed out for not dpsing trash due to having to summon my idiot felhound for the billionth time.

So, I finally decided to give up Dark Pact and go for Improved Felhound.  I’m trying this spec out in my 1st random (UK) and it’s cool, but my stupid Life Tap buff Power Aura wouldn’t show up.  I was about to ask for a sec to /reloadui but then I realized…I forgot the glyphs.

>.< /facepalm And go figure, there were no Glyphs of Life Tap anywhere to be found on the AH.  Luckily, a guildy did a mats to glyph trade via the gbank for me.  So now my armory’s stuck with two 56/0/15 affliction specs.  I swear they’re different!

What I miss from my old spec (which I’ve had since the beginning of 80, practically)?  Dark Pact. I press (-) too much and then realize I should stop Health Funneling to a 100% health pet.  Yayyyyy keybinds.  Also, I feel like I have to LT more.  It annoys me. Every other rotation or something, life tapping, even when I have 20s left on the glyph buff.  With the 2/2 Imp. Life Tap…you could basically go the whole 40s and be okay mana-wise.

Felpuppy Love

Gear Jerks, Part 2

Need, Greed, and DE

As an enchanter myself, I was originally annoyed that enchanters would be outted in a group by the DE button. On my warlock enchanter I used to not say anything, take the items I luckily greeded and DE’d them later.  Once I was outted as a DE’r in the previous LFG system, it was like I got to have these mats waved in my face as I DE’d them and then watch them be given away, even if it was a fair roll that won it.  Enchanting is a profession that requires other people to help me get my raw materials, and it felt both right and wrong that I’d give away these raw materials to those people who helped me.  But I’ve tried it, and frankly, it’s a lot easier. Especially since most people aren’t needing things from UK or VH or HoL, unless they’re new, and then it goes to good use.  And Abyssal Shatter?  Holy crap, the amount of dust and essence I get from that is amazing.  When I run out of mats I…go LFG some more. To get more abyss crystals.  Which helps out people who want emblems, people who want abyss crystals for Berserking, and newly dinged 80s who want gear.  Win-win, I think.  I love the DE system now.

The Need & Greed/DE are apparently the problems.  People who can wear more than one armor class are annoyed they can’t roll on clear upgrades because it’s not the highest armor class.  They propose switching to a Main Spec / Off Spec / DE system OR letting Greed not share the same level as disenchanting.

That’s dumb.  Don’t be a lazy tard, but look up what upgrades for you drop in a dungeon and ask if people will pass before the party gets started killing things.  Really, is it so hard to do?  If it’s a regular instance and somebody is vying for a piece you also are, offer to run it again so you both can get it.  It happened all the time in ToC5 pugs because of the Black Heart or Mercy’s HoldAnd people were nice about it! People would talk it out while rolling.  Yes, the others who had no interest would pass if there was a DE’r present or roll greed if there wasn’t.  Which becomes a problem now if you are stuck not being able to Need something.  But…dude…you waited through all this trash and after the first boss before saying something?  I might feel bad for DE’ing something you could have used, but I don’t feel horrible since you didn’t give any heads up that you wanted something.

When you ask for people to pass on a lower armor class for you, ask for a specific item.  A resto shammy saying, “Hey, pass all leather/cloth pieces so I can look at them” is just begging for a ninja label. What, you want me to pass so at the last minute you can roll need/greed?  PFFFFFFFFFFT.

My Comments on Comments

Also, some of my thoughts on some comments from BBB’s thread:

Myrx:  * Make it impossible to vote-kick between the time that a boss fight starts, and the time that all loot from that boss is distributed.

This is a good idea. I personally haven’t been kicked or part of a kicking effort during a boss fight.  I think I was in a group that kicked a guy because he zoned in afk and continued to be afk for five minutes.  But there are nasty stories going on about being kicked like this.  I can’t yet find a flaw within this.  Readers, can you?

Myrx: * Allow toons with higher armor grades (Plate or Mail) to roll need on items of lower armor grades – but ONLY if a) it fits their current main spec, b) there are no toons present and rolling need who can only wear cloth (or leather, etc.).

He’s using his resto shammy as an example.  Point A has one major flaw: out of combat, you can change your spec.  So say an enhancement shammy contributes to killing a boss and notices a nice cloth healing piece drops.  He switches his spec to his resto healing set, and thus can roll need, because it’s now his MAIN SPEC.  And then he can beat out the priest or warlock or mage or whichever clothy actually wanted and could have used it in the spec they were performing.

You can’t make it so that you’re in combat while looting or just before looting, because then how will you resurrect people who die?  A delay in changing your spec, maybe?  Doesn’t sound really plausible to implement.  The game takes notice of your “main spec” as that which you enter the fight as?  I could see people starting the spec-switching cast just before entering combat as somebody else pulls.  Unless entering combat could break the cast.

Point B has its problem too. What if you have an Enh shammy with a resto off-spec rolling against a Resto shammy who healed the fight?  No toons of the cloth or leather restricted are present, so they both roll if the Enh switched into Resto for the loot roll?  So the Main Spec Resto shammy can lose a healing piece to an Off Spec Resto shammy.

I think this could be solved better and more permanently by walking in saying, “Hey, I could use Tattered Glacial-Woven Hood for my resto set.  If it drops, will you guys please pass if you don’t need it?” than lazily relying on game mechanics to fix people’s manners for you.

Ninja looting is not a disease of the game.  It’s a disease of every game.  Why?  Because it’s a disease festered and spread by people, not by programming.  Treating the game but not the people doesn’t solve anything.  It’s like needing on Frozen Orbs.  I greed.  Even as I watch you needing it like a jerk, I’m pressing greed.  Blizzard can’t “fix” it by defaulting Frozen Orbs to Greed, because then you WOULD see people being kicked just before the Orb gets looted.  And then what, Orbs just won’t drop at all.  Because the children won’t play nicely with each other.

Play nicely, people.  That’s all the game really needs to be “fixed.”

Gear Jerks, Part 2