Mog Concentration

I’ve been sharing my transmogs on Twitter lately. (For example, here’s my healy druid one that’s pictured to the left.) Unfortunately, 140 chars isn’t much room to show off what I like about them.

I wanted to post some more transmogs to Go Mog Yourself, but I felt guilty about posting just MogIt sketches rather than finished sets. I also felt bad because I designed my mog sets around my particular character, and I know some armors just don’t transfer very well to other races. But I wanted some place to save and share my transmogs without cluttering up my main blog here. (Not that I post much here ever since I started writing Blood Pact.)

So I made another blog with a photoblogging theme so I can show off my mogs.  For each set, I have:

  • a gallery as I around to screenshotting mogs,
  • some words about what I like about the mog / why I made the mog,
  • restrictions, such as class or profession or faction,
  • the gear itself (duh),
  • & how to gather said gear

Some of the posts up aren’t finished. I mean to keep it looking unfinished like that, as I put pieces in part by part, because it’s a place for me to put my stuff. It’s not meant to be a polished trophy case in the main hallway where everyone can notice what’s missing, but maybe my little closet in my room where dust likes to collect sometimes or maybe I put things out of order every once in a while.

If you want to grab a set, that’s fine. One of my warlock sets, in fact, isn’t my design at all. If you want to take parts of a set, that’s fine too. This is my space merely to show off what I think is cool.

Mog Concentration

Around Azeroth, Feb 21-27

Honestly, I think a lot of blog posts are fascinating, so maybe weekly.  Like the one at the Blog Azeroth forums!  Except much longer.  Because you should know by now that I’m excessively verbose.

Because I know some of you probably don’t read the whole thing / TL;DR: roleplaying things, warlock things, fun things, philosophy things, and a really touching (at least for me) goodbye post by Pike.

Roleplaying Things

I roleplayed on a medieval fantasy forum back around 8th, 9th grade ish.  The forums more or less died to inactivity, but I had fun stretching my writing skills.  Looking back on it, I was entirely too flowery, and, well, you know, I write a LOT when I write.  My sentences were UBERMASSIVELY LONG.  With lots of commas.  Hopefully I’m better now. At least with the long sentences deal.

While my guild was dying and after I’m now somewhat removed from it (I swear, I’ll always be a Robe at heart), I kept thinking a lot about Poneria as a character and her life with the Robes versus my, Meg’s, life with the Robes. I recently realized those times I reinstalled Windows I essentially erased all my screenshots from my early Robe days.  Equivalent to falling asleep and accidentally setting your house on fire and realizing all your only photo albums of past days are now completely GONE.

So I got my writing urge back.  Except I don’t terribly know how to real-time roleplay. I’ve done roleplay by forum boards, and I’ve written Star Trek fanfiction.  Oh, you won’t find that stuff, I think deleted my inactive stuff a long time ago.  I hope, anyway. It’s still there.   If you like reading dumb fantasies of a fifteen-year-old.  That stuff makes me…wow, just wow.  It’s laughable to me, anyway.  But yeah, that’s what my writing was kind of like back then.

I want to roleplay a priest.  I don’t know why.  For one, I’m atheist, so I don’t really know how I would roleplay the religious aspect or if the Light is even supposed to be religious (as opposed to merely spiritual).  I’ve been told I’m highly spiritual despite being atheist, but I think it would be a bit of a challenge anyway.  For two, I’m enjoying my disc priest.  Maybe make this one holy?  Maybe.  Or another disc.  For three, I started one, and I was having trouble being devoted to healing and helping people and creatures, while also slaughtering Infected Moonstalker Runts for the heck of it.  Help?

Granted, I realize I probably shouldn’t roleplay every single quest, and yeah, there was no one around me because it was about 3am, but, I was trying to get into my character’s head, and my character’s head was uncomfortable (I think?) with the concept of killing animals just because.

Warlock Things

As Fuguralis points out, Nibuca is the Queen of Affliction. So I would update, but I’m not Queen.  Maybe a Lady (Lord?) of Affliction.  Though Conspiracy thinks I’m knowledge-worthy.  Which scares me.  I mean, I’ve been playing affliction since I started WoW, much like I’ve been speaking English since I was speaking, but … I’m not an English professor.  Though I do have a bit of an obsession with conlangs.  So I know what the terminology mostly means and mostly how it works, but I’m not degree-confident on the subject.

But Fuguralis, until I can find another Demo lock online, is the King of Demonology so far that I can see. I may need to go try this out, especially with 3.3.3 bringing some uber goodness to the Demo tree.  I also need to acquire more warlock blogs.  Most of my warlocking knowledge comes from self-experience and reading patch notes.  I need to mingle more with my demonic bretheren, I guess.

Fun Things

Jaedia’s Scavenger Hunt reminds me of an event I did in TSR.  I did heroic racing, where you get two groups of 5 and some heroic dungeons and you see who finishes first.  And we had rewards by guild members like flasks and frozen orbs and fish feasts.  Sadly, it only happened once, because the very next DAY Patch 3.3 dropped, and everybody went scattering to go through the random dungeons.  But I’m sad I didn’t continue doing it.  Maybe I’ll pop back on an alt & ask some Robes to do it.

The Elder Blogging Event…yeah, you’ll see that post later.  Hopefully this weekend.  Maybe.  I have to go screenshotting since my aforementioned screenshot folder is diminished due to many OS reinstalls.

Life in Group 5’s post: Point three happens a lot.  I want point fourPoint six…I’ve scheduled leaving for break around raids.  Point seven, WoW is usually one of the first topics, if not links.  All I’m going to say about point eight is this would be the only way I would ever play that one ninja tag game you play in public where you have to hit somebody with a spoon or whatever.  I can’t think of the name.  Point eleven…I think I got it covered.

Philosophy? Well, thinking about the way you play the game…

I think this is another post. Half of the links I saved I liked because it made me think about some aspect of the game in the “why?” region of thinking.  Plus, it gives more chance for Righteous Orbs to come back up.  It keeps coming up with some php-looking errors whenever I try to access it outside a feed reader.

17 links, I counted.  Om nom thinkage? You can wait till the weekend (it is the weekend? Shut up).  Nobody posts on the weekend it seems.

I never knew Pike, but she gets her own category of linkage.

I feel like I’m still a newb in the WoW blogosphere, so I don’t exactly know all these bloggers putting down the pen/keyboard.  But I love the last part of the goodbye post (is it really goodbye?).  Especially the answer “I’m never alone.”  I think it made me tear up a bit (yeah, it did!) mostly because of my last logging onto Poneria on Eonar, just before I left TSR on her.  I couldn’t really type out /gquit.  It took me a few tries.  “Oh no, I have more stuff to put in the bank.”  (P.S. I hope you guys saved those 40some Frozos I gave you!  Sell/Use them later!)  But that line–“I’m never alone” plus the owl coming along–just kind of hit it home that while I don’t have the guild tag <The Scarlet Robes> over my warlock’s head, I have Bheezem the felpuppy, I have Robes on Facebook and still yet on Eonar, I have Conspiracy and I feel like I’m settling in more there, and I have my hordie guys on Ursin.  So being unalone isn’t confined to a guild tag.

Possibly that’s all inelegant bullshit but it means something to me in my core.

Around Azeroth, Feb 21-27

Secrets, Owltrees, & Mages

Before I go into post of textwall, I’d like to thank some people.  Firstly, there’s the whole reason we even had a little romp around the blogosphere — Dristanel of The Physician’s Log.  She thought up this whole thing and gave it a whirl.  Amazing job!  Secondly, there’s Gypsy of Mischief, Magic, & Rocket Science for admiring me!  I really enjoyed the Romeo adaptation; I was ever so tickled by it. 🙂

My stalkee, on the other hand, was a hoot. I laughed for a solid minute upon reading my Secret Admirer assignment email.  I’ve been following Lissanna at Restokin ever since I began to adventure as a treeb (that’s tree n00b), and just a week ago, I joined her guild after TSR exploded.

I am horribly bad at being subtle, and even worse at being concise.  I also fail at spellcheck and kept facepalming that I misspelled Lissanna on my first note.

I’m a Latin nerd, so I figured I’d go with Catullus for my inspiration for love poetry.  Of course, I forgot that most of his love poems are sex poems and the other love poems are really love/hate poems, but I still had fun in the end.

Lissanna guessed it was me on the first go due to my notorious writing length.  But hey, I tried.  That was one of the short Catullus poems!  Well, I mean, yeah, Catullus 2b is really short, but that would have be so terribly awkward…

HEY YOU! Don’t you want to learn some Latin?!  Oh I know you do.  Have some Latin…

“Fel For You” adapts Catullus 5

Vivamus, mea Lissana, atque amemus,
All those rumors of those stern old raiders,
Let us value them at mere EP!
Daily quests are finished and reoffered, but
Us, with our soulbound love, can be finished only once.
That lunar eclipse which procs is one forever lagful buff.
Give me a thousand souls, then a hundred.
Then, another thousand, and a second hundred.
Then, yet another thousand, and a hundred.
Then, when the meter has tallied the many thousands,
Shake the abyssal bag, so that no raid may know the number,
And become jealous when they see
How many shards we have shared.

Catullus would forgive me for this libel if ever he /focus’d such downy elegance as you.

CATULLUS 5 | Famously known from its first line, “Vivamus, mea Lesbia, atque amemus,” or “Let us live, my Lesbia, and love.”  Lesbia is code-name for Catullus’s lover; scholars say she was Clodia (Claudia) Metelli.  Supposedly there were rumors of Catullus having an affair with a senator’s wife, hence the urging of the poem to forget rumors of old men and just love each other.  The poem is also somewhat famous for its metaphorical imagery of a sun setting into forever night, like eternal love through life & death.

MY NOTE | Yeah, at 13 lines, it’s a short Catullus poem.  Well…although Lissanna guessed it based on length, it’s still rather obvious it’s me.  I mean, the other obvious Latin-lover is a dwarf priest & this is clearly a warlock’s work.  I tried to incorporate the sun rising & setting with daily quests & rollover.  And then the obvious raiding references.

“Enchanted by You” adapts Catullus 13

You will have [Fish Feast]s at my house, Lissanna,
In a few resets, please the RNG Boss,
if you bring with you [Musselback Sculpin] and plenty of [Nettlefish],
not forgetting such soft amber [Tree of Life] form,
and [Nourish] and [Swiftmend] and all [Rejuvenation].
If, I /say, you bring all this, my [Lifebloom]ing friend,
you will have [Fish Feast]s; for the backpack
of your Secret Admirer is full of [Iceweb Spider Silk].
But OTOH you will have from me love’s very soulstone,
of what is greener or more purple than love, if pinker there be,
for I will give you some [“Enchantress” Perfume] which
the Eonars & Peddlefeets gave to my avatar
and when you receive its buff, you will pray to the RNG Boss
to make you, Lissanna, nothing but a /focus.

May the [Celestial Focus] make generous haste to bring us into the same party together, so that I may be touched healingly by your everlasting [Tranquility]. 🙂

CATULLUS 13 | My favorite.  It’s also rather playful, errrr, more so than most of the other love poems.  Catullus is actually inviting his friend, Fabullus, to dinner, and it’s to his lady or Lesbia to whom the perfume was given by the gods, but I adapted it a bit.  Catullus lists off things you need for a party — a pretty girl, wine, wit, and lots of loud laughter — but he can’t provide these things, because he doesn’t have money to spend (purse of cobwebs).  But he can give you this amazing perfume!  It’s the thought that counts, right?

MY NOTE | While professing my warlocky admiration on the first go, I forgot to mention all Lissanna’s wonderful attributes.  I particularly have been reading restokin for the tree info, so I chose to mention all the wonderful healy things.  Since this poem asks the friend to bring things, I figured I would use the in-game bracket notation, but I didn’t want to actually link things in case the comment got spammed.  Although the purse is actually full of cobwebs in the poem, I’m a tailor, so I do actually have a ton of Iceweb Spider Silk.  My warlock is also an enchanter, so the “Enchantress” Perfume was excellent being a spellpower buff & a reference to my other profession.  Also slight hint of Eonar, my warlock’s former realm.

“Your Love is an Unstable Affliction” adapts Catullus 11

Creepy?  How would a warlock love otherwise?  Oh, but the silly dwarf does not understand our Soul Link!

Pwneria and Aspida, who will be my fellow-travellers,
whether I make my way even to distant Theramore,
where the shore is beaten by the far-resounding
eastern wave,

or to Gilneas and soft Dalaran,
or to the Arathorians and seadogs of Kul Tiras,
or those orchards which the hidden Elwynn Falls
dye with their floods,

or whether I will tramp through Valley of the Heroes,
to visit the memorials of great Turalyon,
the Hushed Bank or the formidable Lordaerons,
remotest of men…

I wish you would join me in Stormwind in the Magic Quarter for a picnic lunch.  Should you not wish the commotion of wanton staring your presence will definitely incur, you can leave a note with the bartender, Jarel Moor.

CATULLUS 11 | I was torn whether I should go with the Sappho imitation or the sparrow poem (y’know, those other famous Catullus love poems), but I finally settled on this, remembering I should be hinting my identity, not just having fun with things.  I adapted the first half of the poem; the second half is an expression of love/hate & the breakup.  The part that I adapted?  It’s more or less just imagery of how far Catullus travels and the wonderful places he goes.  Ooooo old ancient epic stuff.

MY NOTE | Well, the first part before the poem is a reply to a comment below my 2nd note.  Yeah, it’s possibly creepy if you didn’t know this was a blogging event, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for another warlock pun, y’know.  Anyway, the two friends Catullus refers to in the poem are Marcus Furius Bibaculus (a poet who wrote about eveyday experiences in the Forum) and Marcus Aurelius Cotta Maximus Messalinus (a senator and consul in the 1st century).  Yep, Roman names are a mouthful.  Go geneaology!  So naturally I picked a bank alt name for Furius and my pally for Aurelius, an upstanding member of the community who’s slacked off & stuck at level 20.  Then, as a final clue that I’m a human warlock, not a belf one, I proceeded to switch out the names of the places with some of the seven human kingdoms and lore.  In order, by Catullus/WoW: India/Theramore, Hyrcania/Gilneas, Arabia/Dalaran, Sacae/Arathorians, Parthia/Kul Tiras, Nile/Elwynn Falls, Alps/Valley of the Heroes, Julius Caesar/Turalyon, Gaulish Rhine/Hushed Bank, and Britons/Lordaerons.  I tried to match it up some, but with my little knowledge of human lore and really, WoW lore in general, it was mostly fudged.  Finally, Jarel Moor is the bartender in The Slaughtered Lamb, in the basement of which are the warlock trainers for Stormwind.

Well…I had tons of fun with this whole commenting thing, anyway. 🙂

Secrets, Owltrees, & Mages

Nibuca pwns & other link love

Forget whatever I was about to do with my Affliction Lock Endgame Basics thing.  Nibuca at Mystic Chicanery just completely owns affliction warlocking and said everything better in just one post.

Though I might post a “raiding etiquette” or something, concerning warlocks.  I’ve been told I’m a good warlock by guild healers as opposed to other warlocks who life tap at odd times or whatever “not so cool” things they do.  Unless Nibuca just completely pwns that category too.

There’s been a string of awesome WoW blogposts I’m read recently.  Before I spam the trackbacks field, here’s my favorite of late:

  • Brajana’s perfect post about GS.  Honestly, THIS is how GS should be used.  Don’t blame the addon for idiots, please.
  • Miss Medicina’s right again: standing up when you did bad.
  • Ironically, I think Miss Medicina and some others got trolled by a goblin when the Spitfire post came out on World of Matticus.  But she posted this just before the fire sparked.
  • A friendly reminder from Lissana about account security after a guild hacking.  My guild got hacked several times in a row, all with officer who had access to a fair chunk of the guild bank.  We’ve even watched hacks-in-progress online.  Fortunately, it was before the care package requirement and people managed to get their stuff and the guild’s stuff back.  But go get a keyfob or app if you can.
  • Tam explains against WoW “addiction.” This really struck me since I had to essentially do the same thing and completely give up on a friendship because she degraded my WoW friends/guildies over my “real” friends.  Friends are friends, to me.
  • The Guildwatch column, now called “The Classifieds,” at is now dramaless! Honestly, with all the group hate and distrust that 3.3 suddenly brought out of the shadows, I’m ecstatic about this.  Yeah, the drama column was kind of cathartic in a way, but I’m glad it’s gone.  Especially loving the shout-outs for awesome pugs at the end!
  • Raiding is band class all over again!  Angelya plays the cello, I play the clarinet, but we both agree.  I particularly learned from band class that you may not hear the clarinet’s particular voice, but without it, the trumpets sound all brassy and rough (and half of them didn’t know the part without us, anyway).  You don’t need to stand out to help the group succeed or fail, raiding or orchestra.
  • If Cass ever finishes all the not-in-game instance maps this way, I might just ditch Atlas once and for all.

Some of the comments on these posts are also excellent in advice or pure opinion.  I try to read all the comments on posts, especially since other WoW bloggers I like read each others’ blogs.  Yeah, sometimes, like on the WoM Spitfire post, it takes about 2 hrs to read them all, but it’s worth it most of the time.  Happy reading! 🙂

Nibuca pwns & other link love