All Things Soulburn

Edit: The reason I didn’t know there was a SB: UA is because there isn’t one and the Wowhead comments aren’t updated. GG.

Recently, the guild chat conversation turned to beginning a warlock.  One of my guildmates started a new warlock, and had said earlier in raid that she could never get one above 20, to which I jokingly said I’d teach her.

So now we spent the next 20 minutes or so talking warlock stuff in guild chat.

She’s only 12 or so right now, but we got into what exactly soul shards and soulburn are and do.  She had a warlock back in Wrath, but it’s different now in Cataclysm, especially the whole soulburn mechanic.  As she put it, you have to relearn it all over again.

So I hit “Save Draft” on my glyphs post, and put it aside as I pulled up a fresh blank post.  Let’s talk about soul shards and soulburn.  Hold onto your cowls! Continue reading “All Things Soulburn”

All Things Soulburn

My Gearsheet

Inspired by the Blueberry Totem post about how much BS is in “BiS lists.”  I agree, so I’m going to show you my own Excel spreadsheet of items for my own PvE gearset.  It’s not really a BiS list; in my view, it’s more of a source list than anything.  I encourage you to make your own; I’m just showing you mine (& possibly how I make mine).

I double-checked with people (via Twitter) whether uploading my own Excel sheet would be useful or not.  General consensus was people will use it just to tweak their own sets, so it’s meh if not useful.  I then commented the crap out of my Excel sheet, so putting a minimal FAQ (by worksheet) here.

If you have questions or comments, just comment on this post. More-tag time.

My Gearsheet

LF guides: leveling as pvp disc

It’s what I’ve been doing all spring break.

First off, I don’t quest on my priest.  Why?  Because she’s on a PvP server and the last time I quested on that server (on my defunct warlock), I got ganked by this one skulled rogue that just one-shotted me repeatedly while I’m trying to do a quest, not even bothering him.  I mean, seriously?  THE FUCK?  LEAVE ME ALONE, BUTTERCUP.

Go figure, I prefer to play on PvE servers mainly.

So my leveling experience consists entirely of LFD or BGs. The 0-3 bracket in BGs consists mostly of dying, which is not fun, so those four levels get spent in LFD.  Then when I hit 4-6, I’m okay so long as I tag alongside my favorite warrior.  Or if he’s gone off to do some BG achiev, which he’s been doing recently, I go find a nice 7-9 who will take care of me.  When I hit 7-9 I guess I don’t get raped as much by the paladin/rogue/warrior/spriest so I can be stupider bolder and venture out of the flag room.

Warriors & rogues & paladins were “OMFG GET IT OFF ME KILL IT KILL IT KILL  IT WEAKENED SOUL & MY FEAR ON CD KILL IT NAO k thnx vm I’m cool now, here, have a fort buff as a token of my gratitude. /omnommana.”  They still are but…

Spriests. My Gawd. They are now kill on sight. Friggin dispelling my buffs & stuff BWUH.  WSG, the Alliance had in the bag.  So the twin spriests decided to come and rape me ANYWAY for the last of it while mocking me with emotes.

I’m so sorry your self-esteem depends on having to outnumber, outgear (I know what the staff looks like now), & outlevel me in order to defeat my solitary non-heriloomed healing-specced clothy.

Anywho.  Enough with the dickwaving. Onward to the quest.

I’m dinging a little slower now, and each one comes I go look in my talent spec and go “BWUH WHICH ONE” and just kind of pick with my gut.  But I still feel like maybe I’m sucking at which talents are awesome for PvP and which aren’t.  This is my first real PvP toon.

So I’m trying to find guides for leveling as a disc PvPer, but most of the PvP guides I find are level 80 arenas.  Help?? I currently have this spec after getting my bubbles & buffs blown off by spriests in BGs, plus an empty major glyph slot (glyphs are tiny bit expensive for a mid-level AH tard).

Any PvPing priests out there that can help a lowbie out?

Also, I just realized the next BG bracket will include DKs.  Sooooo not looking forward to being Death Gripped & Strangulated.

LF guides: leveling as pvp disc