Breakfast Topic: Why do I love Affliction?

Inspiration from WoW Insider.

First there’s the DoTs.  Lots of DoTs.  I like spreading them around.

I love multidotting.  I don’t really love multidotting for the damage — though, that’s great, too! — but for the activity you do.  It’s a common complaint of people leveling DoT specs for the first time that stuff takes too long to kill. You cast a DoT and then…you wait for it to die.

Well, if you pull one mob at a time, and you’re sitting around with a full health bar, you pulled too less.  Affliction is almost made for chain pulling.  Spread the love around town!  Affliction warlocks are like delusional, demented care bears.  Haunt Hug Everybody!

I love the fluidity of health and mana on the affliction warlock.  It’s even more so than shadow priests, who just return a tiny AoE bit for damage.  We can burn our health away and then get some back.  We can burn some mana away and then get some back.  My mana bar is my health bar is my mana bar.

It also provides a great tandem with healers for me, and I feel like I respect them a bit more than other damage specs.  Other damage specs are merely being kept alive; I’m being handed more fuel for my resource bar.

I love the Fears.  Especially in battlegrounds, oh man, I love the Fears.  I really don’t care about being an Ironman or being the lead demolisher.  I love being the chaos-bringer, the distracter, the assist in battlegrounds.  There’s nothing more satisfying than running into a horde of Horde and fear-bombing all of them off my FC.

I love the various curses, and will be sad when they all get combined into a few.  It makes sense, game-mechanic-wise, considering I have Exhaustion and Tongues in the same macro anyway, to make them into one Enfeeblement in Mists.  I love putting conditions on people and watching them squirm their way out of it.  It’s just “Not Fun” to watch a curse disappear off in a dispel.

I love using mobs to spread my DoTs.  It’s almost like Warlock Chain Heal.  Almost.  Soulburning a Seed and watching the mobs (or players) pulse in numbers as Corruption is now everywhere is supremely satisfying.  Jinxing one player and seeing the debuff elsewhere makes me smile.  Soulswapping immediately is almost like personal Pong.

I love the felhunter because I believe it fits most with the affliction warlock, roleplay-wise.  The imp shoots fire, the voidwalker protects, the succubus plays off someone’s lust and emotions, the felguard is a demonic brute, but the felhunter is a predator of magic.  They seek it out and they seek to consume it.  They use your own magics against you.

What’s the difference between a shadow priest and an affliction warlock?  Roleplay-wise?  I think shadow priests are focused on the mental self; they have so much Mind things, anyway.  Although faith for the Light (or whatever Light you have) is generally assumed from the heart, the defectors come from the mind, most often anyway.

Affliction, on the other hand, deals with corrupting your soul.  Affliction deals with fear and curses and…afflictions.  What’s an affliction?  What does it mean to afflict someone?  I think of afflictions as eating away at you.  They might start as something not very powerful, and they might not do much damage to you in a single instance, but over time, they wheedle you down until you can’t overcome them.

Afflictions eat you from the inside out.

It’s that satisfaction I get when I die in a boss fight but my DoTs are still going.  Or when I die in a battleground and get a Killing Blow notification while I’m a ghost.  Or when I’m doing Tol Barad dailies and have 5-6 mobs beating on me.  I don’t really care that I’m not dominating now.

I’ll just kill you later.

Affliction to me is playing with your food.  Oh, you’re going to die, there’s no doubt about that.  But I’m going to twist and torture you before I snuff you out with a DoT tick.

Why kill you now when I can have fun now?

You know you’re an affliction warlock at heart when there’s people (or mobs) screaming about you, but it’s an otherwise pleasant day, and you start giggling.  Not laughing — laughing is for destro.  Destruction warlocks also love chaos (it’s why we love them, too), but they end up ruining the view in the process.  Charred Forsaken is just not delectable.  (Okay, Charred Tauren is delicious.)

Your mirth is in proportion to your damage dealing.  Destro locks have great thundering laughter in spurts.  Aff locks giggle endlessly, and sooner or later end up rolling on the floor an hour later about it.  It’s good for the lock’s soul in the end.

There’s an almost childish levity to it.  Giggling, but also the playstyle of affliction.  Demonology feels bulky and RAWR SMASH.  Destruction feels fully loaded and firmly locked on the ground.  Affliction is frolicking among the fears.

I love affliction. ūüôā

Breakfast Topic: Why do I love Affliction?

[fic] Boots

This snatch of story has been stuck in my head, but only pelting me with pieces at a time. ¬†Never the same piece twice, too. ¬†Yeah, it’s small, but it’s been warped a bit from its original slices.

Xeny poked her head around the stone pillar. ¬†The Temple Gardens were one of her sister’s favorite places to go. ¬†Sometimes the elder druid would walk in the Temple of the Moon, since it was so quiet and peaceful, but many a feline nap was spent in the small grassy room off the Temple grounds.

Four stepping stones in knelt a night elf with pale blue skin and a long mane of dark blue hair.  Beside her was a massive polearm wedged into the ground by its blade.  The gold-trimmed weapon was easily as tall as the elf herself.

“Ama?” ¬†Xeny asked in a timid tone, unsure that it was her sister and not a meditating priestess.

The elf turned to look behind her and flashed the young druid a smile.

“AMA!” ¬†Xeny bounded in, soon covered in downy purple feathers. ¬†The blue night elf stood up, gripping the polearm around its shaft for support, to meet the moonchick. ¬†The familiar red shadow markings soon disappeared into her feathery girth. ¬†She soon heard a purring noise followed by a tickle directly on her tummy.


The moonkin fell backwards and rolled around, trying in vain to get the black cat to stop tickling her.  The cat continued to press her nose in and blow the feathers playfully back.

“HAHAHAHAHAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAAAA stop it! HEEHEEEHHEEEEEHEEEEEE!” ¬†The moonkin continued to curl up and giggle after the cat jumped off. ¬†The cat rolled over, belly-up and curled around backwards as she shifted out to face the moonkin. ¬†The long dark blue mane of elf hair splayed out over the soft garden grass.

“So, enjoying the winds?” The elder druid smiled and picked a flower off the ground. ¬†She brought it to her nose on top of her chest and breathed in the fragrance.

The moonkin’s laughter subsided and she too rolled onto her side.

“Flying? ¬†It’s…better now. ¬†I still prefer the ground, though.”

“I’d hoped I’d caught my verdant sister before she came back oaken strong.” ¬†The elder druid laughed, though came out more like a bark.

Xeny folded her feathery arms and tried hard to glare at her sister.  A giggle escaped her beak and she clamped her hands to it, muffling the second and third chuckles.

“Come on, Moonchick! ¬†Let me see your boots.”

“Oh, these? ¬†They’re old and worn.”

“Good thing I brought you new ones, then.”

“New wo–” Xeny shifted out startled and jumped to her knees. ¬†She turned to see armor laid out on the grass where the elder druid had previously been kneeling.¬†“Wait, no, Ama, I can’t! ¬†I don’t know how to heal yet!”

“Relax, moonchick. ¬†Don’t get your feathers in a spitswad just yet. ¬†Spells can come later. ¬†I’m just giving¬†you new leather for it.”

Xeny spotted the boots lying in the middle of the armor set.  Below the ankle they were black like tar, with an extra layer of dark gold leather over the toes for protection.  Bulbous around the calves, the golden tops met her kneecaps.  The golden design swirled around her shins on the black leather.


“Mmmm¬†so was the friend who gave them to me. ¬†The old tabard matched better, though.”

“Old tabard?”

Ama stood up and yanked the polearm out of the ground.

“Never mind. ¬†I just live in a different part of the forest now that I used to. ¬†That’s all.”

Xeny pulled out her set of frostweave bandages and tore off a scrap.  She hocked up a swig of saliva from her throat and spat into the torn bandage.  She then took the bandage in hand with the intent to clean the boots a bit better.


Xeny held the wet cloth back and looked up at her sister.

Ama bent and grabbed the gold and black boots with a hand.  She peered at the dirtied gold design and smiled.  Shaking her head she patted the boots and hoisted them up on a hip under her arm.

“Nah. ¬†You can use these ones instead.” ¬†She kicked at some newer knee-highs that were a tarnished color of gold. ¬†Xeny pulled one over with her four fingers and the heavy leather weight fell onto the grass. ¬†It looked quite brand new to her.

“But, Ama, you’ve barely worn these!” Xeny protested. ¬†She pulled up the boot by the shin and wiped off the soft soil.

“Yeah,” the feral druid replied. ¬†“They just don’t have the same kick t’ ‘m as the old boots did.”

[fic] Boots

[RPish] To Northrend

Zeppelin Leaving For Northrend
“It be…flat.”

Sphaira’s tusks twitched to either side in a frown. ¬†This zeppelin wasn’t like the others. ¬†The netting was sparse, like ropes tied to balloons rather than rigging on a ship. ¬† Even the gasbag envelope seemed to float above instead of resting on a sturdy column at aft. ¬†The lack of big wings in the back made the zepp look…empty. ¬†But emptiness wasn’t the problem.

“No goblins be sailin’ zepps wifowt no gold sinkas!” ¬†Sphaira stepped onto the zeppelin and waved her wand about in deep disappointment. ¬†The pink crystals bonked a goblin shipman in the head. ¬†He retaliated by slamming his hammer into her shin.

“Shadra SPIT on you!” ¬†The priestess pulled the goblin up by the hammer and dangled him over the side of the zeppelin, fully prepared to drop him overboard without a levitating spell. ¬†The shipman flailed about, kicking with his legs and threatening further injury to the troll. ¬†Sphaira stretched to arm’s full length and smiled.

“Cut it out!”

A green finger thrust its way onto her person, jabbing into her thigh.  Sphaira jerked her arm inwards and grasped at the already-sore spot on her leg.  She let go of the hammer, and his momentum sent the goblin flying onto the deck starboardside.  The tool rattled across the deck and the goblin stuck it in the floorplanks in an effort to not tumble off the other side.  Sphaira rubbed her tender thigh and glared at the zeppelin master, to whom the finger belonged.  She spit in the direction of the shipman, giving him one last glare.  Withdrawing to the fore of the ship, she settled on a spot between the two huge foglights to sit for the journey to Northrend.

This story just has to come out of my head so I can do other things. ¬†Calling it [RPish] because I haven’t actually really in-game RP’d, but it’s not a journal, so…I don’t know what to call it. ¬†Comments are totally welcome. ¬†(Yes, my graphics quality is crap.)

[RPish] To Northrend

I’m a Linebacker…Sorta…

Larisa started it at the Pink Pigtail Inn  At the very end she talks about how account-wide achievements might detach us from our character avatars, pretty much diluting or even destroying the point of an RPG.

I agree with this…sorta. ¬†More or less, the gist of it. ¬†I love my characters, they are parts of me and I can’t bring myself to delete most of them because they’ve become friends in a sense. ¬†But that’s not really a great comment to leave — “Hey, I agree with you,” — so I didn’t leave a comment.

Then Borsk posted on it. ¬†His post is interesting and steps off from Larisa’s; a move I think we all ought to do a little bit more, instead of having 20 similar opinions running about. ¬†Hopefully, I can do it this time. ūüôā ¬†I’ll sum his up (since he sums up Larisa nicely):

As a carpenter opens his tool box and sees a hammer, a saw, and a drill, I see my Shaman, Rogue, and Warrior. At the end of a job, one doesn’t appraise the individual accomplishments of each tool (nails hammered, walls painted), but that the house was completed and looks fan-damn-tastic.

…Looking at it from a sporting perspective, an NFL owner is the RTS player, the Linebacker on the field is the RPG player. Where the owner can show his management genius by piloting both a successful NFL and NBA franchise, the Linebacker gains nothing by trying to also be an elite Quarterback. The skill sets and traits necessary for both are very different and some may say the same about DPS vs. Healing. To me, it‚Äôs all playing WoW (going back to the Carpentry analogy).

…I guess it comes down to how you view yourself as a player. Are you a Linebacker or a Carpenter?

My first reaction was I am a Linebacker. ¬†I do care about my characters separate from each other. ¬†Each toon has a different “personality” to it, if only slight differences. ¬†Even toons of the same class differ; Ama feels more aggressive and feral (which is why I may switch her to a kitty-bear) whereas Xenychte is still a bit child-wonder and happy and peaceful and caring (she’s going to be a boomkin-tree).

But within my guilds, I feel like a Carpenter.  While I prefer to play my warlock, I will switch over to my druid if we need a tank or heals.  This is actually what got Ama her experience in raiding; we needed heals for the regular group and tanking for the B-Team 10-man, rather than more DPS.

So I said to myself, “Screw it, I’m a Goalkeeper.”

So What’s A Goalkeeper?

I’m going to use personal experience here. ¬†If you’ve read some recent posts of mine, you’ll remember I love soccer, and I most often identify with the goalkeeper position, even though I’ve done almost every position. ¬†If I were a complete Linebacker, as Borsk puts it, I wouldn’t try to play any other position, since running a lot like a Midfielder doesn’t really help me in goal, and kicking like a Forward isn’t that necessary since GKs tend to have big foots anyway. ¬†A Defender might be the closest position that would help me, but even then, I have a unique tool — my hands.

But I didn’t stay a Goalkeeper. ¬†(But I wanted to, I admit.) ¬†I wasn’t a Goalkeeper to begin with, either. ¬†I was a Defender. ¬†Then I became a Goalkeeper. ¬†Then I got pushed up front to be a Foward / Striker. ¬†Then I slid back to Midfielder and spent almost equal to GK’s time in that position. ¬†And finally, I reached out to become a Referee. ¬†All these positions made me more like a Carpenter. ¬†I honed different skills for each, and each position has its own purpose. ¬†The four player positions still have to work together, like the carpenter tools, but the Referee, I guess, is like the safety goggles or dust mask you use when putting together a wooden treehouse. ¬†Yeah, you could build the treehouse without using the safety goggles or dust mask, but you might poke your eye out or breathe in some wood dust and life would suck a little more after that.

I still identify most with Goalkeepers. Despite having played three other positions and performing one outsider position. ¬†Though, you could almost split Referee into Center and Line, since they have different jobs, but we’ll keep them the same.

You could say I love my warlock because it was my first serious toon. ¬†Goalkeeping wasn’t my first position, though.

You could say I love my warlock because I’ve spent the longest time on her. ¬†Goalkeeping probably spent a little less time than Midfielding, though.

I love my warlock because she feels closest to me. ¬†She is my avatar, a human female with long brown hair that’s mostly straight but still has the remnants of years of French-braided-for-soccer waves. ¬†Unfortunately, she’s not an engineer, and if she were, I would definitely have her wear some blue goggles to get closer to my real glasses. ¬†She has no piercings and I like it that way. ¬†She’s kind (I hope), generous (I think I am), maybe a little brash (I probably am), a little naive (duhhhhhhrrr), and loves to not suck at what she does.

I love Goalkeeping because if you let me choose which position to play, instead of saying “We need a Striker,” I would pick GK and I would feel most comfortable being the GK. Not just playing the GK but BEING the GK.

However, I do realize that the positions are tools to win a game.

So I’m a Linebacker Who Does Carpenting On The Side

When I was bumped up to Striker, I used the previous skills I had learned as a Defender and a Goalkeeper to improve my Striker performance. I knew the ways Defenders liked to defend, herding you out to the sides instead of down the middle. ¬†Defenders don’t like to kick the ball across the goal & center, since that exposes the goal for a prime shot. ¬†I knew on corner kicks a defender or the GK will be at the poles, and then rest will mark up a player.

I knew as a Goalkeeper on penalty kicks that where the standing foot got planted, the direction of the toes told me the direction of the ball (except the hips & how you hold your weight tells it better).  I knew what moves faked me out as a GK.  I knew the corners of the goal were the deadliest places to shoot a ball (though, everyone knows that).  I knew that rushing a striker early sometimes caused them to flub the kick and I could catch it or deflect it.

So when I was a Striker, I wasn’t uber aggressive, nor was I the best dribbler, nor was I ridiculously fast, but I knew where to strike. ¬†And from being a GK, I had a big foot, so people got out of my kick’s way, generally. ¬†As a goalkeeper getting slammed by strikers with momentum, I was good at holding my own against defenders, even guys. ¬†I was deadly on penalty kicks, since I knew the toe trick. ¬†I’d purposefully plant my foot in the other direction and I learned to kick differently. ¬†After hundreds of goal kicks, getting the ball to curve on a corner wasn’t that hard to do (still a bit tricky).

And when, on occasion, I’d return to guard the goal box, I had the Striker tips to help my goalkeeping. ¬†I knew Strikers would come at me to fake me out. ¬†I knew they would dawdle on the box edges to draw me farther out ¬†I knew they would watch for my legs to spread apart wrong. ¬†I knew to watch for the last-second cross. ¬†I could almost see them coming down the field and see the passing strategy unfold before me. ¬†I could direct my defenders a little better than before.

I’m a Goalkeeper in WoW, Too

I was a solid warlock for a long time. ¬†A year and a half, actually. ¬†Then I leveled my druid and spent at least all of Ulduar and most of ToC being a tree or a bear. ¬†I still warlock’d around, but I was mostly learning healing and tanking.

When I finally did go back to full-time warlocking, everything changed. I felt more aware of my surroundings. ¬†I felt like I could do more to help the tank out, either by positioning differently or by adjusting my rotation for climbing threat. I felt I could help the healers out more by timing my Lifetaps or Haunts better (sometimes I would clip my Haunt specifically to get the health return now rather than later). ¬† I would drop the summoning stone earlier before being asked, and then I would drop it when the raid was almost full, so that I wouldn’t have to resummon the stone as everyone chain-AFK’d. ¬†I learned the good classes to put a SS on, and even to ask the RL or healing lead whom he preferred it to be on (sometimes a tank got it or a DPS who died a lot).

I’m still learning things I can do to help the raid as a whole. I originally hated the Dreamwalker encounter because it was so frenetic and chaotic. ¬†Now I love it, because it requires the DPS and tanks to work together while the healers do their thing. ¬†(Much like raids normally are having the tanks and healers work together while the DPS does their thing.) ¬†I learned that as an affliction lock I kind sucked at killing things right away. ¬†While I still switched to the Blazing Skeletons when they came out, they were nearly almost dead by the time my DoTs got around to ticking. ¬†The geists were always more efficiently killed by the melee DPS.

But I was good for the Aboms, since my DoTs combined with the tank whacking away would kill it just in time for the next Abom to come (until it speeded up later, anyway).  My Rain of Fire circle combined with a DK D&D or a pally Consecrate was perfect for killing the Rot Worms.  And I helped kill the Zombies while the hunter kited them, even grabbing some of the back ones and kiting them to him as the previous one died.

I wasn’t topping the meters, I bet. ¬†But I did my part, and I felt surprised and happy when I accidentally died to a Zombie melee hit once, and the RL immediately asked for a battle rez on me. ¬†Me? ¬†Really? ¬†I’m essential? ¬†Wow, gee, thank you! ¬†It’s more probable that we needed my DPS to add to the rest instead of asking everyone to pick up my dead slack, but I still felt good after that.

Enough Rambling, the Conclusion, Please

If I had to choose one, I’m a Linebacker. ¬†I get into my characters, I prefer casters over melee, I give them personalities. ¬†I go after different mounts and pets because it will suite this toon better than that one. ¬†I give them names with meaning as opposed to what sounds cool or gets generated. ¬†I go for questing by the raw quest log before I turn to Wowhead to get it done. ¬†I like taking screenshots because the world is pretty, not just because we killed a guy.

But I realize the merits of being a Carpenter, and I think branching out into Carpentry improves my Linebackery.  Which is a bit of a Carpenter thing to do, I guess, but the purpose is a Linebacker thing.

So I’m a Goalkeeper. ¬†A Linebacker-Carpenter.

Whatever I am, I like playing WoW.

My Stance on Account-Wide Achievs

I like Borsk’s suggested hypothetical achievements.

Citadel Siege Master- Complete the requirements for The Frozen Throne (25 Player) as all 3 raiding roles.

Surgeon General ‚Äď Defeat the following encounters while playing as a healer.

Alt-Aholic ‚Äď Have 4 characters at level 80 of different classes.

Things that suggests what you did as a Carpenter in the game. The achievements as they are now are how Linebackers like them — each toon works for his own. ¬†Carpenters can bend the system through using Bind-on-Account items, since you can use your main tool to upgrade your newer or lesser used tools.

But having an achievement like Surgeon General would help with forming PUGs. ¬†It proves you’ve at least done the encounter (though, I would point out that doing it from one POV doesn’t mean you automatically know how to do it from a different POV).

Having Alt-Aholic means you might even know what you’re talking about when you’re on your shaman telling the rogue off for doing low DPS. ¬†Even something like “Crisis Quartet” indicating you have one of every healer at 80 or “Pew Pew Pew” indicating you have all the caster DPS (warlock, mage, moonkin, spriest, ele shaman…am I missing any?) at 80, would be okay with me.

What would not be okay with me would be taking Linebacker achievements and making them account-wide. Like reputation achievs — that’s a lore-like thing. ¬†Basically lore-like things — things you would use if you were to go and roleplay your toon with — aren’t okay for account-wide for me. ¬†Defeating a boss is a lore thing, but defeating a boss as a certain role as opposed to another role isn’t. ¬†After all, bosses aren’t supposed to respawn in a story if you kill them when you play a healer. ¬†Dead bosses are dead, at least until they become Undead, then maybe it’s okay to go an tank the Undead boss, and then they’re Dead Undead, which is generally dead enough.

Gods forbid we ever get a feline Scourge boss.

So, if you could turn to your toon and ask him or her about an achievement and it would make sense to your toon (“I’m exalted with the Argent Crusade” or “I defeated Arthas” or “I’ve maxed out 4 weapon skills”), then leave it alone, let it be character-wide. ¬†But if your toon would go, “Wha?” when you ask whether you’ve done it as a tree druid or a warlock, then that’s okay for me to be account-wide.

So what kind of WoWer are you?

I’m a Linebacker…Sorta…

Roleplaying Realms Rundown

Ooooo, alliteration.¬† I’m so clever. ūüėČ

Jaedia & Gazimoff both beat me to the punch on posting a bunch of RP resources.¬† That’s cool.¬† I’m still compiling.¬† I think I’ve got the writing part down, since I’ve had some practice via forums, but…I still feel unsure.

Where, realm-wise, is the right fit for me?

Who else, guild or otherwise, can I roleplay with?

So I set out to research the roleplaying realms. Here’s some simple stats.¬† There’s 23 realms you can pick from.¬† Eight are Pacific time, ten are Central, and four are Eastern.¬† The only Mountain-time RP realm is PvE.¬† Four of the six PvP realms are Central time.¬† Shadowburn and Whirlwind are the battlegroups with the most RP realms, clocking it at 4 each, closely followed by Emberstorm at 3.

That may or may not help you in your picking of the realms.¬† It barely helps me.¬† Except maybe as a way to unbiasedly organize them in a post.¬† I’m more interested in what the realm is like as a player. So what am I looking for when I pick a realm? Is picking an RP realm any different than picking a non-RP PvE or PvP realm?¬† The only reason I’m on a PvP server is because I know some people over there IRL, not because I’m terribly awesome at PvP.¬† I picked my PvE servers…well, because I knew someone over there.¬† Eonar was because my friend John already played there (my trial toons were on a completely different battlegroup, too), and Elune, I was applying to a specific guild.¬† Argent Dawn, I was joining specifically to join SAN.

Obviously the key component for me is community. I’m also in it on a RP realm for the roleplaying action, so I don’t want to pick an almost-dead-for-RP server.¬† The toon I have in mind is a dwarf paladin, so I’m leaning on picking Alliance — but!, I think I can adapt his personality well enough to the Horde.¬† It will just require more lore research.¬† So to “research” the RP realm for me, I’m going to want to know what the atmosphere — RP, leveling, raiding, PvP, whatever — is like.

I’m pretty sure nobody wants to see a couple huge paragraphs per realm for 23 realms in one post, so I’m’a split this one up into three pieces by timezone — Pacific, Central, and Eastern & Mountain.¬† That way it’s all unbiased to whatever opinion I might have, but also unbiased to time.

Currently my research consists of looking at the realm articles on WoWWiki.¬† Yeah.¬† I know, LAME.¬† Because people may or may not keep the wiki updated or plump with information.¬† Which is why I don’t want to post quite yet.¬† I plan to continue to gather more info, specifically by browsing the WoW realm forums and also by reading some of the archives and sites the various communities have.¬† I’m also plenty open to advice from readers & other bloggers; feel free to drop me a comment or an email about your realm if you want.¬† If you bloggers have some kind of “In Character” posts on your blogs, I’m probably going to read it to see if I can find out what YOUR realm is like.¬† But also just for good readin’. ūüôā

When I do post them all, I’ll probably give you the abbreviated stuff I’ve learned / taken notes on from my sources, maybe links to bloggers & some quotes from people who leave notes (if y’all leave me anything), the realm’s sites & archives if they have any, and the general impression I gathered from all that.¬† So yeah, some paragraphs per realm. I predict the Central post will be HUGE. <.< >.>¬† But I intend this to be a resource post, not a my-opinion post.

Hopefully I’ll get the first post up Sunday.¬† Monday at the latest.

Roleplaying Realms Rundown

Leveling a Roleplayer

Many topics & events are popping up in the SAN forums. One of them was since a good majority of the bloggers rerolled a brand new toon on a strange server rather than transferring, we’re all back at square one level-wise. So why not blog about leveling whatever toon you picked?

Well, I figured I’d pick a warlock and name her Poneria so there was no confusion. And despite leveling a warlock demo this time instead of affliction, it’s still really the same. So I thought, hey, why not learn to RP, too! Except that Poneria is firmly stuck in my head as my main, and while, yeah, I figure I could just write another story with the same name, it feels…dirty and wrong. For one, I can’t remember all the stories I had with The Scarlet Robes. Yeah, I would have to include TSR adventures because it feels like a part of my main.

But the TSR I knew isn’t on Argent Dawn. So…it feels wrong to roleplay my old warlock anew.

New toon then? But what? Though I have an urge to play a male dwarf (I normally play female toons & I don’t like the female dwarf model, hence, no dwarven toons for me), possibly a paladin, I have several qualms.

  1. A male dwarf is cross-gender for me, and I’m not terribly confident that I understand a guy’s personality beyond the stereotypical protector personality.¬† So go figure, a paladin.
  2. My other favorite stereotype personality to attempt roleplay is an evil character, though I would sincerely try to justify his/her evilness whether by logic or personality or history.  However, evil characters are either DKs (reformed evil or perhaps not so reformed) or warlocks (see above for dilemma of persona).
  3. I can only think of stereotypes?¬† Or are these archetypes, I can’t tell.
  4. I’m not too sure I have the Scottish accent down, or hell, even writing accents in general. So I feel like maybe I ought to just stick to a human, where I can get away with not having a specific accent.
  5. My experience has been either event-based (forum-RP) or it was my own fanfiction, so given a prompt, I believe I can RP well enough.¬† It’s the LARPing I’m afraid is hard.
  6. My previous written characters were so totally Mary Sue.  This is bad.
  7. I want to hang out with SAN, but also I want to try RP.¬† Which would be kind of weird to explain why my WoW character is in a guild called Single Abstract Noun.¬† Of course, the obvious solution is to leave my baby Poneria in SAN and then RP elsewhere, whether it’s on AD or not.

Although this feels like I’m ripping off Psynister and creating my own notebook of leveling a roleplayer, it’s what I would like to do.¬† It’ll give me space to ask for out-of-game feedback or to experiment or to gather my research together or whatever purposes.

I think my first step is to explore the forums and blogs surrounding RP in WoW and then my second step is to develop the basics of a character to play.  Musings to come!

Leveling a Roleplayer